Juan Martinez
Hesperia, CA
juaninielgrande@aol.com – 760-617-7707

To utilize my 20 years of experience as AWS CWI welding Inspector and CWE Welding Educator and 20 years’
experience with MIG, TIG, SMAW, FCAW, SAW, OAW, pipe and structural fabrication, my NDT QA-QC, VT,
PT, UT, MT skills and work for a highly organized setting, in the fabrication and repairs of capital projects, and
to ensure the quality of work performed meets the specification’s established by Codes and Standards and or
any other Code required by the client or the Contract.
Good experience writing WELDING PROCEDURES, and TESTING WELDERS under either Code, ASME
section IX or AWS D.1 and/or any other Code requested or required by the Client.
Good experience writing daily reports, weld mapping and blue print reading, consumables control and materials
testing reports.
Willing to relocate: Anywhere
Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Zachry Group – Mount Carmel, IN – September 2015 to November 2015
As CWI, I was commissioned to verify repairs done to bottom ash, some tubes in the water walls, repairs done
to the super heater, and the final superheat assy. Repairs done to one of the main heaters in the penthouse,
the upper part of the steam generator, was also part of my job.
Miscellaneous repairs, done to coal pipe, steam pipe and water pipe, new conveyors installing and new ducts
replacements were also supervised by me.

multiprocessing structural welder
NASSCO – July 2015 to August 2015
I tested for over one week under very strict Military Standards. This type of test is needed to get a job with
NASSCO, plus NUCLEAR orientation type one.
RAPID PASS and PIER ACCESES Cards are also needed to work in here .
This job was very interesting, welding in different parts of US Navy Ships; including those big ones CARL
VINCE AND THE PEARL HARBOR just to mention some of them.
High level security clearance is needed to work in those Ships.

Zachry Group – Cheyenne, WY – April 2015 to July 2015
As CWI Started a New project: Hydrogen Unit for the Holly Frontier Refinery. Started with concrete, Inspecting
forms, rebar and verifying field dimensions as we go, with the surveyor, documenting concrete temperature,
concrete slump and concrete density. Daily reports for the customer.
Started Weld mapping utility pipes and continue with process piping.
Checking drawings for new equipment, vessels, motors and pumps alignments.
Testing welders on different welding materials and alloys for the process pipe.

QA-QC Welding Inspector I
Zachry group, in Page AZ – Page, AZ – 2015 to January 2015
am assigned to do all bolting, welding, electrical and millwright work In the BOP area of unit No. 3, eventually
if any other inspector needs to be assisted in the boiler or pressure parts area, as a team player I will be
assisting any one during the entire repair time till this job is complete and accepted by the client SRP at the

Welding Consultant and Welding Supervisor
Oxyheal Medical Systems – National City, CA – December 2013 to October 2014
fabricate ASME quality pressure vessels were full pen welds are 100% RT tested, and fillet welds are 100%
UT tested. These vessels are changed into pressurized chambers for medical treatment were pure oxygen
is utilized.
As welding supervisor I make sure that welds are done using the proper materials and welding procedures.
Our shop employees 16 welders-fabricators at the time. I manage the fabrication and welding of a medical
chamber from the creation to the end.
High tensile ASME approved materials are utilized for the manufacture of these chambers.

Welding Inspector and welding manager, Fabrication Shop. Work
Trussworks International – Anaheim, CA – June 2010 to October 2013
back to back with the Shop Manager to assure the highest quality on the fabrication of beams for Oil Drilling
Rigs, various types of skids, elevators, baskets, columns, mouse holes, and some NASA and USAF structural
jobs, where high tensile steel alloys were used, ASTM A633, 514, 240, 2209SS, to mention some.
Developed PQR’s and WPS’s as needed for the ongoing jobs. Commissioned to performed Safety
Meetings biweekly. Qualified and certified welders as needed for the ongoing jobs.
Maintained all electrical in and around the shop, 120 to 480 Voltages.

Welding Inspector, QA-QC
Zachry Industrial – Saint Johns, AZ – January 2009 to May 2011
in charge of the repair packages for the upper part of the Boiler which includes, the Super Heater Platen
Assemblies, the Front final Reheat, tubes and shields, the Rear Final Reheat, the upper Bull nose, Valves and
Soot Blowers, the Economizer Tube and the Economizer walls and shield, High Pressure Valves attached to
the Main Steam Lines. Verified all materials used for the repairs were the proper ones.
Conducted testing and retesting of new hired welders under the section IX of the ASME Code

Welding Inspector, QA-QC
Zachry Construction – San Antonio, TX – March 2008 to January 2009
on a 350 million dollar cement plant and new construction for TXI in Hunter Texas, preheater, kiln assembly,
bag houses, clinker cooler etc. Teaching at the night ZHI welding school.

Welding Inspector, QA-QC
Zachry Construction – Oro Grande, CA – January 2007 to March 2008
Worked on an 800 million dollar new construction cement plant for TXI, started with Zachry as a Pipe Fitter,
then I was promoted to a Foreman-General Foreman position with a crew of 16 people. Then promoted to
Welding Inspector.

Engineering Technician
South Cal Ship Services – Terminal Island, CA – October 2006 to March 2007
As general maintenance, assisted the engineering crew with major capital projects performed to the boat fleet,
welding mig, stick, inner shield, aluminum, brass, cast Iron, carbon steel and torch welding.

Team Leader, Welding Supervisor
Nabors Industries – January 1990 to October 2006
Pool Offshore, TIC, and
Carni Welding Inc. at the San Pedro Bay, CA
Team Leader, Welding Supervisor. For over 16 years I have rendered my services to these contractors at
the offshore oil rigs platforms: Ellen, Elly, Emmy and Eureka owned by Shell Oil Co. Fabricating, designing,
redesigning drilling tools during the drilling process, assisting the drilling crew with piping projects, after drilling
was complete, fabricating and installing low and high pressure pipelines for Oil, Gas and High pressure water
injectors, rerouted pipelines for disposal wells and reverse wells for the oil production.


Industrial Tech. In Electro mechanics

Rancho Santiago College – Santa Ana, CA

Orange Coast College – Costa Mesa, CA


September 2019

September 2017


Good teaching any subjects, Very good leadership, Team Player, Enthusiastic, Dynamic, General foreman,
Cement Plants, Oil Rigs, Industrial Construction, and Fabrication Shop. Foreman, Lead men, and Welding
Good with the AWS Structural, API, and ASME codes. Some computer skills, and limited use of Microsoft
Word and excel, good to write WPS’s, Welders Certs and PQR’s.
Electrician, good with 120 to 480 Voltages.
Good welder skills on different processes and procedures

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