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Senior Software Engineer

Shoreview, MN

Kent J. Vanderwaal 647 Birch Lane North
Shoreview, MN 55126
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1. Nov 2014 – Present
Senior Software Engineer at Trane Building Automation Systems
C#/.NET/WPF Software engineering on Tracer Utility for Control Systems

Working on Tracer TU, a .NET application used for configuring HVAC controllers.
Development of new requirements and bug fixes, C#.NET and XAML. We use the Agile process and SVN for source control.

2. Jan 2006 – Nov 2014
Senior Software Engineer at Smiths Medical ASD
C++/CLI, C#/.NET, Hadoop/MapReduce/Java/JavaScript, R, D3, AngularJS, Vert.x

Installed Apache distribution of Hadoop on Linux, designed MapReduce jobs to analyze medical device data.

Used Sqoop to pull data from relational database tables and from files (xml, csv) into Hadoop either as csv input or Avro input.

Generated Java classes from Avro files for serialization of data.

Designed MapReduce jobs for data analysis for data from three different medical devices, configuration data and historical data.

Imported Lucene library into MapReduce jobs for text analysis.

Wrote code for visualization of data using AngularJS and D3 for client side and Vert.x for server side.

Designed reusable GUI components using AngularJS directives, D3 and SVG. Wrapped Angular code in Ionic’s version of Phonegap/Cordova and installed on iPad (iOS) and Galaxy tablet (Android).

Wrote an Android app that pulls data off an Axeda Enterprise Server using Groovy scripts on the server.

Assisted PharmGuard Server team with web services and SQL Server.

.NET application programming at GUI layer, database layer and communications layer for programming CADD-Solis medical devices.
Wrapped embedded C++ firmware code using C++/CLI to allow .NET clients to use it, marshalling data between managed and unmanaged code. This eliminated duplicate code bases, providing for faster and safer updates and easier maintenance.

Implemented Clinical Care Areas for CADD-Solis medical devices. – embedded C++.

Designer and lead programmer for web services client for upgrading medical devices remotely using Axeda agents. – C# Designed workflow for Service and Repair department and trained them on Axeda’s ServiceLink.

Designer and lead programmer for WinUSB device driver for medical devices. – C#.

2. Aug 1997 – Oct 2005
Contract Software Engineer at 3M on Post-it® Software Notes
C++/ATL/COM/Win32 and C#/.NET on Windows
J2EE/Java Servlets/JavaScript/JSP/MySQL development on Windows and Linux/Solaris

Server side – Post-it® Messaging Broadcast (PMB) server

Developed a Post-it® Messenger Broadcast servlet to deliver Post-it® Notes to clients. Servlet runs under Tomcat integrated with Apache on Windows and UNIX and integrated with IIS on Windows. Developed JDBC code to use MySQL as the database on both Windows and UNIX.

As lead on this project, I made the decision to use Tomcat as the servlet engine due to its deployment on UNIX as well as Windows. Also made the decision to use MySQL for the same reason. I had to download the MySQL JDBC driver Java source code and patch it in order to transfer enough data to handle large images on Post-it(R) Notes.

Implemented Note caching and database connection pooling in order to increase throughput of Notes by 1000%.

Deployed servlet on ATG Dynamo, IBM’s WebSphere, BEA Web logic and Oraclei9A.

Developed Java servlets to upload files and synchronize databases.

For a proof of concept, implemented the Certificate Authority on Windows for IIS and a root CA for Apache and integrated SSL into Tomcat both running with Apache and running with IIS.

Managed the signing of our jar and cab files using Verisign Class 3 Software Signing Certificates for our plugins in Netscape, our ActiveX control in Internet Explorer and our Java download files.

Client side – Post-it® Notes Software on Windows.

Developed Post-it® Notes Software code in C++/Active Template Library and COM.

Developed plugin and ActiveX control for Post-it® Web Notes to run on Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. Integrated design of Post-it® Web Notes in FrontPage98.

Developed Post-it® Notes Software code in C# for .NET on Windows.

Developed Post-it® Notes Software code for TabletPC on Windows.

Integrated creation of Post-it® Notes into Internet Explorer using ToolBand.

At a low level added AVI support to Post-it® Web Notes.

Ported single-byte Psn2Note to multibyte for IBM’s Transbook.

For a proof of concept
Post-it® Java midlet (J2ME) on Nokia emulator
Post-it® WML on handheld emulator
Post-it® WAP client on handheld emulator pulling down Post-it® Notes from server

TabletPC on Windows. Implemented Microsoft Ink support into Post-it® Notes for the TabletPC.

3. Feb 1996 – Aug 1997
Software Engineer at Apertus on Enterprise Integrator
C++/MFC on Windows NT and C++ on UNIX

Enterprise Integrator was an Apertus product which allowed companies with
legacy databases to merge, cleanse and integrate data.

Server side engine – UNIX
Extended and collapsed classes in the runtime systems’ framework of classes reducing the excessive compile time due to template instantiation.

Extended objects in the runtime system to collect and create reports on the errors encountered.

Modeled and created a trace class for use in runtime tracing of the integration process.

Client side GUI – Windows
Wrote a client that uses Microsoft Developer Studio as an OLE automation server.

Created a Windows NT installation wizard for the Apertus Integrator framework.

Extended the import/export versioned classes to allow the import and export of selected projects and the current version. Originally only the entire repository was imported or exported. Used MFC classes to build dialog windows for the user interface.

Simplified user entry of some OQL rules by making commonly used functions accessible by selection in the GUI.

4. Oct 1994 – Feb 1996
Software Engineer at Metaphase on Product Data Management
C++/GUI/Localization on UNIX and Windows

GUI development
Was responsible for debugging and maintaining the event loop layer of the UI code on UNIX and Windows platforms.

Extended the UI client program to provide user interface services to client programs.

Tested, debugged and built homogenous ports of the Metaphase code in Japanese on the SunOS 4.1.3 and HPUX 9.0.5 platforms.

Was the technical consultant for the contractors working on the heterogeneous port of the Metaphase code to Solaris 2.3, HPUX 9.0.5, Windows NT, Windows 3.11 and IBM AIX.

5. Jan 1992 – Oct 1994
Software Engineer at Southwest Research Institute, NDE division
Enhanced Data Acquisition System
C/C++/GUI/Localization on SunOS and Solaris.

My group, the Systems and Development group had two major Japanese clients with contracts to inspect Japanese nuclear power plants using our data acquisition and analysis system.

Developed GUI code in C and C++ and localized the analysis and acquisition systems into Japanese.

Delivered, installed and upgraded acquisition and analysis systems to Japanese clients, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Kobe and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries in Yokohama and their field sites at Genkai, Kashiwazaki and Hamaoka.


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