Lucas Ast

Lucas Mathew Ast
23058 Loma Vista Dr. Warsaw, Mo 65355 | 660-525-0539|| AWS CWI Certificate # 14060991

To oversee and insure the highest quality and safety while still being productive

• OSHA 10

• AWS Certified Welding Inspector
• Skilled with all inspection tools, interpreting film, building packages, and performing hydro testing
• Layout and fabrication
• Certified welder SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding), FCAW ( flux core arc welding), GMAW ( gas metal arc welding)
• Knowledge of all welding discontinuities and defects, and how to fix them
• Trouble shooting
• Weld mapping, as-builds, redlining, and documenting
• Knowledge of computer programs ie: Excel and Word for documentation and reports
• Meticulous about small details
• Hard working, dependable, punctual, highly motivated, and eager to learn
• Reading and interpreting ISO’s and P & ID’s and isometric drawings
• Knowledge of coatings inspections, how and why they are used
• Smith Driving Certified
• Scissor lift, JLG man lift, confined spaces, fire watch, HAZWOP, MSDS
• Good understanding of major NDT processes and how to read film
• Drug free, can pass any drug and alcohol test any time

• VT welds, finding, interpreting, and using welding procedures, NDE request forms, finding, interpreting, and using bolt up procedures, ordering correct materials and amounts for packages, management, control, storage of materials, and weld mapping.
• Have worked under API 1104, ASME sec IX, D.O.T part 195, AWS B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, and D1.1
• HDPE piping, welding, installing and QC’ing
• Hydro testing and dead weight testing

• May 2015 STS Consulting (company) Outrigger Energy (client) Chief Welding Inspector, Inspector (project) crude oil gathering. Inspect 100% of all mainline, tie in, and pre fab welds according to API1104, B31.4 and DOT part 195 . Inspect and over see ditching, lowering in’s, clearing right of way, Holiday testing , Hydro testing, and over all safety of the project. Coordinate when, where, and what with NDT crew. Keep track and sign all daily NDT report forms. Sign and audit T&M forms. Test all welders. Inspect all tools for up to date calibrations. Inspect all bolt ups.
• July 2014 STV|GWD (company) FLAT IRON (client) Senior Construction Manager Level 4(pipe line inspector), (Project) gas gathering system. Oversee day to day construction of new main line, tie in’s, pad tie in’s. Inspection, handling, and storage of all incoming material. Oversee the safety of employees of contractors. Oversee trenching and back filling operations. Oversee installing of pipe into to trench including location, jeeping and separation. Inspect coating and protective wraps. Oversee pigging and proof testing. Fill out daily reports. Visually inspect all welds done under API 1104 and prepare paper work for NDT.
• June 2014 Titan Contracting,(company) Yellowstone Electric(client) Lead QC
Inspect pipe welds according to B31.3 and ASME Sec IV and structural welds according to D1.1 and D9.1, Weld Map, Create weld travelers for all welds and line drawings, Review Iso’s prints, Control storage and handling of all incoming materials, perform WPQ’s tests, Inspect and review all WPS’s, Inspect bolt up for piping and structural connections, Control storage and handling of welding rods and filler wire, Perform and interpret PT”s and PT Leak tests , over see pressure proof testing, perform turn over to client.
• March 2014, TMS| Pipe Fitter: Review iso prints, p&id’s, and engineer drawing. Insure material is correct grade and size to engineered bill of materials. Pull measurements and verify that it will work. Redline and redraw lines that wont work. Cut, prep and fit pipe for welding. Install piping according to engineer standards. Bolt up and hydro test.
• January 2014, Mid States Mechanical| Pipe Fitter: review iso prints, p&id’s, and engineered drawings. Insure all material is the right grade and size to all engineered bill of materials. Pull measurements and verify the drawing will work and redline and redraw lines that wont. Cut ,prep and fit pipe for welding. Install according to engineer standards. Bolt up and Hydro test
• May 2012, ASRC energy services (company)| Pioneer Natural Resources (client) North Slope Alaska| Lead Pipe Welder: Weld pipe according to AWS 1104, B31.1, B31.3, ASME SEC IV and other codes 100% NDE, Find what procedure to be used and interpret according to material to be used and stay with in those parameters while welding, Verify correct material and filler metal to be used according to spec. Ordering correct material and correct amount, Control material as it comes onto project and by storing it properly and color coding it. Weld map all welds. Write NDE request forms. Interact with NDE techs. Get correct work permits, Bolt up according to specs. Make sure that all bolt up tools such as impact wenches and torque wrenches have been inspected and are up to date for calibrations. Hydro test according to specs, And insure 100% safety
• March 2012, Wyatt Field Services(company) Valero (client)| Pipe Welder: Weld pipe according to procedures qualified for particular material being used , Help demo old lines, Help Fit new lines being built, use cutting torches and saws, 100% safety
• January 2012, 3TSI (company) Terra Chemical (client)| Pipe Welder: Weld pipe according to procedures qualified for particular materials being used, 100% safety
• September 2011, ASRC Energy Services(company) British Petroleum(client) North Slope Alaska| Pipe Welder: Weld pipe according to procedures qualified for particular materials being used to 100% NDE, Cut ,install and weld jacket’s on pipelines, Set and level new well houses, Bolt up new piping to well heads according to engineer specs, Hydro Test all to 100% safety
• May 2011, CH2MHill(company) British Petroleum and E&I (client) North Slope Alaska| Pipe Welder and Fitter: Weld pipe according to procedures qualified for particular material being used to 100% NDE, Make Monitored welds , Cut, prep and fit pipe for welding , Hydo test according to specs, all with 100% safety
• October 2010, Fagen Inc (company) Southern Company(client)| Pipe Welder
• August 2010, ASRC Energy Services (company) British Petroleum (client)| Pipe Welder
• May 2010, ASRC Energy Services (company) Petrostar (client)| Pipe Welder
• February 2009, Missouri Welding Institute| Welding Instructor
• October 2007 Fagen Inc| Pipe Welder
• May 2005, Duke mfg, Welder

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