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Raleigh NC, 27607
Seasoned professional looking to provide expertise and leadership to solve complex
problems in systems and product engineering, analytics, algorithm development, machine
learning, statistical analysis, and database design.

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin – January 2002­December 2005

• C/C#/C++/C++­CLI, Matlab, VB.NET, Java, PHP, Javascript, JSL, SQL
• Object­oriented programming, multi­threaded programming, distributed
programming, database design, generic Programming, machine­machine interfaces
(MMI), GPGPU, UI (WinForms / Qt)
Algorithms / Numerical Methods:
• Machine Learning, Classification, Digital Signal Processing, Image processing,
machine vision, optimization, parameter estimation
Mathematics / Engineering:
• Linear systems, regression (linear, constrained linear, multiple / multi­variable,
nonlinear, logistic), Statistical analysis, Six Sigma Methodology, Differential

EMC Corporation Senior Software Engineer 05/2014 ­ Present
• Developed Java code for EMC Storage Analytics to extend capabilities and
integration with VMware vCenter Operations Manager.
• Developed distributed big­data solutions with Java, REST­APIs, and SQL.

LipoScience, Inc. DSP Software Engineer 05 / 2011 ­ 05/2014
• Developed C# code for: analytic software framework, assay software for NMR
spectral analysis, and WinForms­based real­time visualization and analysis tools.
• Designed signal processing algorithms, linear and nonlinear regression algorithms,
digital filters.
• Developed high­speed linear algebra library leveraging vector instructions and move
semantics in C++ and C++/CLI.
• Maintained and upgraded legacy code in VB.NET, C#, and C++.
• Performed statistical analysis of characterization and performance data for Class II
IVD Medical Device product development and 510k submissions.

Cree, Inc. Process Development Engineer 04 / 2010 – 05 / 2011
• Wrote in VB.NET: real­time software for operating automated metrology machines;
WinForms­based GUI applications for managing factory­automation data, tracking
products in the manufacturing line, graphical data entry, and project management,
hardware interfaces via TCP/IP, GPIB, USB.
• Used SQLServer Management Studio to design database schema for tracking
product build and performance data.
• Managed a team of engineers to qualify and deploy new machines and upgrades.
• Used statistical analyses in JMP for: product development, troubleshooting;
constructing multivariate models to predict product performance under varying
• Qualified new machines from individual components through final measurement
accuracy and precision.
• Used signal analyzers to troubleshoot hardware problems and manually test
electronic components.

Zebra Imaging Software Engineer 04 / 2009 – 04 / 2010
• Wrote C++ software for: hardware control, configuration, characterization, and
tuning; a Qt­based dynamic GUI­based application; high­speed image processing.
• Created communication protocols to control remote distributed systems and client
• Developed optimization algorithms.
• Developed machine vision algorithms, including edge detection, segmentation,
component identification, and multivariate regression surface fitting.

Tres­Ark, Inc. Software/Controls Engineer 04 / 2005 – 04 / 2009
• Led engineering team in developing semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
• Created C++ framework for control and automation on embedded systems
including: proprietary and standard optimization algorithms, spectroscopic analysis,
device communication and control GUI, data logging and extraction, recipe
management, automated fault­detection and control, real­time charts.
• Interface with hardware via RS­232, RS485, TCP/IP, Java & C++ APIs.
• Designed equipment plumbing, instrumentation, and operational schemes.
• Developed multiple patented multi­variable model­based control, adaptive control,
and signal analysis algorithms.
• Wrote documentation for experimental procedures, data analysis, and software.

Ignite! Learning Software Develo​ per Mar 2004 – Apr 2005
• Wrote in Java and PHP to Integrate information gathered from multiple sources into
a database, analyze product usage data, display data in both graphical and tabular
US 07363114: Batch mixing method with standard deviation homogeneity monitoring
​US 07363115: Batch mixing method with first derivative homogeneity monitoring

Happily married father of two; I enjoy cooking, visual arts, and audio DSP software.

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