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Michael D. Homiller 3620 Chamberland Drive Arlington, TX 76014Home Phone: 1-817-468-0855

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS* Extensive software development using C++ Visual Studio with MFC, Java, Applets, Visual Basic, Borland C++ with OWL, and Neuron Data Open Interface, Install Shield and DemoShield release modules.* HTML, SGML, and XML experience. Associated web development using MSFrontpage.* Database experience using MS SQL Server and Access, Oracle, andSYBASE.* Expert in configuration management using Visual SourceSafe.* Expert in all phases of object oriented development using Booch and Rumbaugh methods and UML.* Client/server applications using MS DDE, COM, and OLE.* Former High Level Security Clearance with SBI.* Pilot, helicopter and fixed wing. Instrument rated. 1300 flight hours. COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS* Two years Windows XP. Two years Windows 2000.* Six years NT, Windows 95, and Windows 3.11, including design and implementation of DLLs.* Three years SUN OS/UNIX/MOTIF.* Two years Macintosh OS.* Six years VAX VMS experience .PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES* Ten years C++, three additional years C and Ada.* Development work in FORTRAN, Java, and Assembly Language.* SEI Capability Maturity Model: Team and individual development inLevel 1 through 3 environments.* Developed and maintained project metrics in support of level 4requirements.ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE* Knowledge Engineer experience.* Developed diagnostic system for F-16 aircraft Line Replaceable Units.* Implemented knowledge base using Neuron Data NExpert inference engine(Smart Elements).DOCUMENTATION* Authored all required contractual documents throughout development life cycle, including Software Requirements Specification (SRS),Software Design Document (SDD), Software Test Document (STD), Product Description Form (PDF), and Version Description Document (VDD).* Authored and implemented coding standards as configuration manager.

EDUCATION* Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Texas, ElPaso Feb. 1986 – Aug. 1987o GPA 3.88 on a 4.0 scale, graduated with high honors.o Thesis on parallel programming in Ada.o Graduate work in telephony, computer graphics, and artificialintelligence.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEIHMA Technologies, Hurst, Texas Nov. 2004 – Jan. 2005Senior Software Engineer, Contractor* Analyzed, developed, and implemented the Extract Charges applicationin Visual C++ using multi-threading to mine data from company clientfiles in multiple formats and present it in both human readable andmachine compatible formats. This greatly reduced the man hours formerlydevoted to manual data extraction from millions of lines of text.* Used MS SQL Server to extract schemas from multiple databases, writethem out as scripts, and store them in Visual SourceSafe.* Developed custom tools to solve specific problems. Created full GUIapplication to transform text files from Windows to UNIX format. Entiredevelopment life-cycle accomplished in one day. Solved problem of readfailures on files being imported to SQL Server databases.* Designed and implemented a Visual SourceSafe configuration managementrepository consisting of five databases with automatic backup. Provideddocumentation and training to company personnel.EFW, INC Fort Worth, Texas July 2004 – Oct. 2004Senior Software Engineer, Contractor* Participated in development of the Operational Flight Program (OFP)for the Multi Purpose Color Display (MPCD) on the F/A-18E aircraft.* Used TurboCASE to develop Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and definereal-time requirements for display of flight systems to the pilot.* Integrated MPCD with touch screen technology of the Up Front CockpitDisplay (UFCD).* Used DOORS to produce Software Requirements Specification (SRS) fromTurboCASE output.* Mil-Std 1553, RS-485, and RS-422 bus experience.SIEMENS DEMATIC POSTAL AUTOMATION, L.P., Arlington, Texas June 1999 -June 2004Senior Software Engineer* Completed multiple deliverable software projects in Visual C++ insupport of company optical character recognition (OCR) products throughall development stages from requirements analysis to design,implementation, integration and test, final release, and maintenance.Some of these projects were:* Team lead for Test Database (TDB) project. This database contains therecords of thousands of test runs on company hardware and supportsanalysis of OCR errors for the purposes of reproducibility and errorreduction.o Created relational database architecture and laid out tables tosupport project back-end.o Reused Oracle Generic Interface (OGI) developed for the COARS project(below) to connect C++ code to Oracle database.o Implemented numerous stored procedures through OGI.o Environment: Visual C++ under Windows XP.* Web Based GUI. Replaced the existing COM based control system forDIOSS EC mail sorting machine with a system permitting remote operationand diagnosis over the internet.o Extensive use of multi-threading, primarily supported by MFCfunctions and semaphores.o Replaced existing COM based application with Windows socketscommunicating over TCP/IP.o Ported existing VB code to C++.o Web based client/server application hosting IE browser in a C++framework.o Java applets used to support dozens of individual controls.o Environment: Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Java under Windows XP.* COARS. Developed a centralized database for the US Postal Servicecontaining change-of-address information for all postal customers inthe United States and its overseas possessions.o Developed the Oracle Generic Interface to provide a simple, intuitivesoftware layer connecting high level C++ code to an Oracle databaseusing OLE DB.o Supported calls to stored procedures by deriving subclasses from OGIcontaining one connecting method per stored procedure.o Used sub-classing to retain all base class OGI capabilities, so asingle object was able to insert, update, select, and delete from thedatabase as well as call all stored procedures using SQL syntax in MFCCStringPlus objects.o Replaced configuration file with XML code to simplify changes tooperation of COARS.o Environment: Visual C++ under Windows 2000.* OCR Inspector/Envelope Inspector. As the lone developer responsiblefor these applications, used single document interface (SDI)architecture to create an intuitive GUI application depicting internaldata from TIFF and proprietary file formats which were previouslyextremely difficult for a user to understand.o Graphical display implemented using MFC CView class.o Used DDE to provide inter-process communication between theseapplications.o Extensive use of templates and nested classes to create datastructures suitable for storing and displaying the complexrelationships of data found in the files. Significant analysis andreverse engineering was needed to understand these undocumented filestructures.o Created the CStingPlus library class, derived from the CString MFC,which extended string manipulation and printing capabilities and cameinto general use in other company projects.o Created the CFilePlus library class, derived from CFile MFC, whichextended file utilities, particularly the ability to read and writeprimitives to memory locations in a single operation.o Created WinPath, a library class which operates on Windows path namesand improves reliability while decreasing complexity of pathmanipulations.o Environment: Visual C++ under Windows NT.* CTS Convert/RC Convert. Created utilities which extracted data froman MS Access Database and wrote to a different Access table.o Uses MFCs to activate DAO utilities which read and write the database.o Environment: Visual C++ under Windows NT.* Tool Development: Created numerous custom tools on request for usewithin Siemens Dematic. These were full GUI applications, includingHelp routines and all accessories expected of commercial software.Examples:o TLV stripper to remove company proprietary tags deeply embedded inTIFF files.o Test Mail Designer to permit rapid creation of large numbers of mailpieces for testing in company recognition systems.o SortPlan Editor. Created an editor capable of analyzing anddisplaying objects of class SortPlan. Customers use sort plans to tellthe sorting machines what mail pieces to send to which destinationbins. This editor allowed changes to be made without editing a textfile and risking syntax errors. Implemented OLE based clipboardoperations, unlimited undo capability, and sophisticated quicksortalgorithm to speed up operations.o Environment: Visual C++ under Windows NT.* Process Enhancement: Created and augmented policies and procedures tomove organization to CMM level 2.* Four years experience as Configuration Manager for the Read Softwaredepartment, using MS Visual SourceSafe.LOCKHEED MARTIN INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Orlando, FloridaFeb. 1997 – June 1999Senior Software Engineer* IMIS NT Port: Converted IMIS aircraft maintenance/diagnostic systemfrom UNIX OS SPARC workstation platform using Object Interface MOTIFGUI, to Windows NT OS on Networked PC platform using Neuron Data MSWindows GUI. Employed Microsoft Developers Studio, Insure++, VisualC++, and SYBASE database.* Enhanced Reasoning Model Project: Developed automated support systemfor F-16 aircraft using C++ under UNIX OS with MOTIF on SPARCworkstations. Project included SYBASE SQL data parsed via YACC++ toSGML flat files. Created user interface with Objectbuilder and ObjectInterface GUI systems. Employed Rogue-Wave Tools.h++ .LOCKHEED MARTIN TACTICAL AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS, Fort Worth, Texas Feb. 1994- Feb. 1997Senior Software Engineer, Contractor* Enhanced Diagnostics Aid Project: Developed avionics software for theF-16 aircraft EDNA notebook PC in C++ under Windows and MS-DOS usingBorland 3.1 and 4.5 (ObjectWindows Libraries 2.0) to communicate withembedded aircraft systems.* Developed embedded software in support of LRUs and avionics systemsincluding CEDS, AIBU, and stores support systems.* Ported CEDS code to Ada using Meridian 4.1.4 integrated developmentsystem.VOUGHT AIRCRAFT CO., Grand Prairie, Texas Aug.1987 – Feb. 1994Lead Requirements Analysis Engineer* Developed and maintained helicopter flight simulation computermodels. Extensive work in graphics and simulation.* Lead engineer experience:o Extensive work in military aircraft and helicopter requirementsanalysis.o DEC VAX utilizing VMS. CMS/MMS tools. DCL software development.o Microcomputers utilizing MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh OS.o C and FORTRAN based near real-time aircraft flight simulation.United States Army, U.S. and Europe Sep. 1975 – Feb.1986Commissioned Officer* Pilot, UH-1 helicopter. 1300 flight hours. Also qualified AH-1 Cobraand OH-58 Kiowa.* Platoon leader in charge of 22 helicopters and crews.* Intelligence officer (S2) of a combat aviation battalion.* Air defense site commander, Nike Hercules missile.* Assistant Airfield Manager, Biggs Army Airfield, Fort Bliss, Tx. Senior Software EngineerPersonal Profile Name: Michael Homiller Phone: (817) 468-0855 Email: tavenger@swbell.net Employed: Yes Home Location: US-TX-Arlington-76014 (Not Specified) Most Recent Pay:$40.00 per hourWill Relocate To: Max Commute: 35 miles Travel Preference: Up to 25% ExperienceMost Recent Title: Senior Software Engineer Experience: 18 Years Managed Others: Yes (40 others)Jobs Last 3 Yrs: 2 Last Job Tenure: 5 YearsSec. Clearance: Yes Spoken languages: EnglishHighest Degree: Graduate Degree Felony Conviction: NoCertifications: Pilot’s license – Helicopter and fixed wing, instumentrated, 1300 flight hours. Desired PositionJob Type: Full TimeMotivation: OtherDesired Pay: Shift Preference: First shift (day)InterestsEngineering (18 Years experience)Information Technology (18 Years experience)Science (18 Years experience)

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