Naidu Swetha

1701 Kenwood Ave, Apt 107 (850) 695-9079
Duluth MN 55811 SWETHA NAIDU

Software Technology, Intern Pine River Capital Management Summer 2015
Developed REST-Test, a test harness for validating Restful endpoints;
Developed Controllers: Transaction Search, Transaction Activity, Transaction Status, Referential Data,
Conducted Unit/Integration tests for various repositories in Transaction Service.

Graduate Teaching Assistant University of Minnesota Fall 2014 – Spring 2016
Courses: Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Computer Organization.
Collaborated with professors on a regular basis to individualize each student’s learning.
Duluth, MN University of Minnesota Fall 2014 – May 2016
M.S in Computer Science, May 2016. CGPA: 4.0.

Guntur, AP, India Acharya Nagarjuna University Fall 2010 – May 2014
B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering, May 2014. CGPA: 4.0.

Languages and Technologies
JAVA; C#; C; C++; PYTHON; XCode; Swift; SQL; HTML; CSS; XML; LINQTOSQL; REST; Javascript;
Visual Studio; Microsoft SQL Server; Git; Swagger; Unity 3D; Linux; Windows; MACOSX;

Course Projects
Facebook integration of GameFace Ios App(2016). The main focus of this project is to integrate facebook
with the app to enable sharing with friends. XCode, Swift, Quickblox
Unsupervised Dictionary (2015). Developed a dictionary from raw text which clusters some number of
instances of a given target word into groups where each member of a group uses target word with same
meaning. After clustering, the system generates a definition and selects a best instance as example for each
cluster. PYTHON
Planet Mars Simulation (2015). Developed a simulation of planet mars environment with design,
navigation and gesture recognition phases. C#.NET, Kinect V2, HMD, VAC, IR Trackers, FAAST, Unity 3D
Face and Expression Recognition (2012 – 2014). Developed more robust code that recognized faces
and expressions accurately in the presence of noise, illumination and time-lapse variations. C#.NET, SQL
Bank Management System (2012). Developed a Bank Management System where the user could create an
account, deposit/withdraw cash, view account summary. JAVA
Employment Projects
REST-Test (2015). Developed a testing framework that consumes a test plan in the form of Yaml file and
returns the number and names of passed tests, failed tests, tests with errors, time taken to run the tests,
failed assertions, errors. C#.NET, XML, JSON, PYTHON Swagger v1.2, Git.
Referential Data Controller (2015). Developed a controller for Referential Data repository. Also
added support for Swagger and URL. C#.NET, LINQTOSQL, Git, Swagger V1.2.
The main focus of thesis is creation of a C# application for creating Hyperbolic tessellations in Unity.
There are three main phases 2D creation of tessellations, 3D mapping, User Interface generation and
finally pushing to app store. JAVA, SWINGS, C#, Unity 3D

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