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Nina Federbush
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Frederick, MD 21703


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Nina A. Federbush
5311 Allington Manor Court
Frederick, MD 21703
Home (407) 273-1684

Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
BSME, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1986
Majored in Thermoelectric Power Stations. (Educational credentials available upon request)

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Graduate studies, Mechanical Engineering, 1998
Completed one quarter of the required courses for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Coursework includes Mathematical Methods, Gas Kinetics & Statistical Thermodynamics, Cost Engineering.

Insight Global, Frederick, MD, US
Design Engineer, 2012
Engineer for innovative design,.built and constructed systems
? Analyzed and prepared drawings, developed assembly drawings for robot riser
??Researched and developed assembly system for X-Ray inspection machine, performed calculations.
? Developed drawings for conveyor system innovative design.

Bechtel, Frederick, MD, US
Senior Engineer, 2006 – 2009
Senior Mechanical engineer for Nuclear Power Stations and Fossil Fuel Power Stations.
? Nuclear Operating Plant Services, HVAC calculations for Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant, glycol chiller equipment replacement for Hatch Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear Power Stations clearance for Farley, Hatch, Vogle.
???UK MOD, Performed quality reviews, cost evaluations, implementation, schedule development and monitoring activities, supported project organizational and administrative activities when delegated, performed Russian-English meetings and written translations, supervised planning/scheduling activities, ensured work is completed as scheduled. Cost estimate for mechanical equipment. Government clearance for disarmament UK MOD Project.
? US EPR Project, Performed quality reviews, designed waste water treatment system, audits recommendations implementation, developed specifications, estimate, procurement support and preparation of design certification for this Generation III+ project at the Calvert Cliffs site. Performed schedule development. Cost estimate for mechanical equipment for nuclear power plant.
??Compressor Systems specifications, requirements for Sandow, US EPR Projects
? Condensers specifications, procurement support and preparation of design certification.
? Plate heat exchangers specifications, procurement support and preparation of design certification.
? Pumps specifications and procurement support.
? TXU Project Condensers: part of a team for specifications, procurement support and preparation of design certification. Cost estimate for condenser.
? Sandow, Rijnmond Pumps: specifications and procurement support.

CDI Professional Services, Orlando, Florida
Engineer, 2005-2006
Mechanical engineer for electrical generator auxiliary equipment for power plants for Siemens Power Generation.
? Farley, Oskarshamn, Fin 5 Nuclear Power Stations auxiliary equipment specifications, drawings, reviews
? Hydrogen gas cooler cost evaluations, quality reviews, specification, drawing and procurement support. Performed schedule development. Cost estimate for hydrogen coolers.
? Air cooler specification, drawing and procurement support

Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation, Orlando, Florida
Advanced Engineer, 2001- 2003
Mechanical engineer for gas turbine auxiliary equipment of combined and simple cycle power plants.
? Analyzed and solved problems with fielded equipment including compressors, rotor air coolers.

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? Responded to field action requests regarding design and installation issues with project-specific auxiliaries.
? Implemented project-specific auxiliary equipment designs, cost evaluations. Performed schedule development.
? Coordinated process controls design for auxiliaries with I&C group.
? Compiled work authorization documents and system definitions.
? Cost estimate for auxiliary equipment
? Performed Russian-English meetings and written translations

The Boeing Company, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Engineer/Scientist 2, 1997- 2001
Mechanical engineer for fluids & structures operation and design for ground support equipment projects for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station Program at Kennedy Space Center.
? Payload Checkout Unit Project (USICU) – Led test and operation of the fluids subsystems: preparation and usage of specially treated technical water, vacuum, nitrogen systems. Designed tests and wrote test procedures. Supervised technicians during operation and maintenance activities. Activities included operating vacuum pump units, operating cooling servicer and coolant mixing unit, operating gaseous nitrogen regulation panel, mixing water and chemicals to produce flight hardware coolant per specification, vacuum-filling coolant lines, sampling fluids for laboratory analysis, and supporting calibration activities.
? Anhydrous Ammonia Project – One of the team in loading flight equipment with anhydrous ammonia, providing working conditions for ammonia transfer. Test leader for ammonia leak check, cost evaluation for project.
? Hydrazine Cart Project – Designed mechanical instrumentation and control panel for use in transferring this hypergolic fuel, cost evaluation for the project.
? US Lab Emulator Project – Researched and evaluated how the ammonia refrigerant lines of various space station elements interface to a mockup of the US Lab for preflight testing.
? Ammonia Recovery Pump Unit Project – Participated in the design and CAD drawing development of this mobile unit which included refrigerant lines, control valves, mechanical instrumentation, pneumatic controls for the air motor driven pump and purging lines.
? Performed Russian-English meetings and written translations.
? Payload Cooling Servicer Project – Calculated pressure drops for R-22 and R-124 during the design of this refrigeration system to be used to remove waste heat from a payload in the cargo bay of the space shuttle. Used the software companion to Crane Technical Paper No. 410 to accomplish this task.
? Cold Cargo Transport Equipment Project – Specified air conditioning loads for payload transportation truck.

TAD Technical Services, Orlando, FL
Russian Translator & Interpreter, 1995
??Completed assignment for Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Power Generation Business Unit.

VNIPI Energoprom, Kiev, Ukraine
Mechanical Engineer, 1986 – 1991
? Designed Nuclear, Gas, Geothermal and other types of Power Stations in different countries
??Researched and defined requirements for district heating/power cogeneration plant in Petropavlovs-Kamchatskij, Russia, Erevan, Arminia, Kiev, Ukraine and Kutaisi, Georgia.
? Participated in design of district heating/power cogeneration plants in Kutaisi, Georgia, Kiev, Ukraine and Saransk, Russia. Cost evaluation for projects.
? Calculated heat transfer.
? Analyzed energy data using computer programs for cogeneration plants in Khmelnitsky and Ternopol, Ukraine.
? Assessed environmental impact of new and existing cogeneration plants in Kiev.

VNIPI Energoprom, Kiev, Ukraine
Co-op Student, Summer 1985

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? Created piping construction drawings for a district heat distribution network in Kiev.
Heat-Power Station No.6, Kiev, Ukraine
Co-op Student, Summer 1984
? Participated in maintenance and repair of district heating plant equipment.

Nevsky Steam Turbine Plant, St. Petersburg, Russia
Co-op Student, Summer 1983
? Participated in assembly of a power plant turbine.

? Bechtel University Training, 2006-2009
? Platts 5th Annual Nuclear Energy Conference, February 2009
? Women In Nuclear (WIN) Conferences: Scranton, PA 2006; Albany, NY 2007; Baltimore, MD 2008
? Siemens TXP Control System Introduction, SWPC, 2002
? Siemens TXP Control System Logic Reading, SWPC, 2002

? SAMA Diagram Interpretation, SWPC, 2002
? Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop, 2002
? Mechanical Systems, Valves and Heat Exchangers Training, SWPC, 2002
? Gas Turbines , SWPC, 2002
? Respirator Worker Training, Boeing-KSC, 2001
? Anhydrous Ammonia Operations Training, Boeing-KSC, 2001
? Hydrazine Operations Training, Boeing-KSC, 2001
? Operations Safety Training, Boeing-KSC, 2000
? Launch Pad Complex and Industrial Area Familiarization and Safety, Boeing-KSC, 1997
? Applied AutoCAD, University of Central Florida, Spring 1995
? MicroStation CAD, Brevard Community College, Florida, Autumn, 1992
? Heat Engineering Conference: Moscow, Russia 1989; Kiev, Ukraine 1990
? Translator Certificate, English-Russian, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine 1985

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