Ohkyu Kwon


Staff Engineer (IV), Software Development

Tucson, AZ


• Hands-on software engineer through the object-oriented analysis, design and development
• Complete software development life cycle of video multimedia systems, optical metrology system, and medical diagnosis application including design, development, testing, and documentation
• System integration test, user acceptance test, and customer support (MCSE)


Staff engineer, Software Development, Bruker Nano Surfaces (Tucson, AZ)

May 2011
– Present
• Develop software and hardware integration of optical metrology system with C++/C#.NET/WPF
• Design and implement measurement automation architecture and camera/stage integration
• Design and optimize software applications of panel QC system for Intel and Samsung
• Design and implement Ink Layer analysis applications for Apple
• Accelerate scanning interferometry algorithm at the highest possible speed by using CUDA/GPU
• Develop and research on image analysis algorithms for automatic surface metrology systems

Image Processing Engineer, Ikonisys (New Haven, CT)

Nov. 2007
– Oct. 2010
• Design and develop the analysis software application for medical diagnosis system based on C++/C# .NET (Bladder, Breast, and Cervical cancer) for Quest Diagnostics
• Upgrade image processing module for FDA trial applications
• Requirement/Design/Verification documentation for FDA approval process
• Optimize image analysis algorithms to execute robustly at the highest possible speed

Consulting Engineer, Accenture (formerly Corliant, Philadelphia, PA)

Aug. 2006
– May 2007
• Design and implemented Cisco’s unified communication (voice and video applications)
• System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT) for Merrill Lynch
• Consult and customer support/training

Advisory Engineer / Project Manager, Samsung SDS (formerly Samsung Networks)

Jan. 2003
– June 2004

• Design and implemented Cisco’s unified communication (voice and video applications)
• Add Plug-in application for CRM system using C++
• System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT), and customer support and training
• Project and product management with leading the team of 8 members

Lead Software Engineer, Onnet Technologies/MJL Technologies

April 2001
– Aug. 2002
Jan. 1997
– Mar. 2001
• Develop and test processes of video multimedia applications based on C/C++
• Developed web-to-phone prepaid application and multimedia solution for Telecom Company
• System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT), and customer support and training
• Project and product management with leading the team of 6 members


PhD in Engineering, University of Bolton, UK
June 2016

MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
May 2006

MS in Electronic Engineering, Sogang University, South Korea
Feb. 1997

BS in Electronic Engineering, Sogang University, South Korea
Feb. 1995


• Project Management Professional (PMP #193451)
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
• Programming Languages: C# .NET, Visual C/C++, CUDA, and MATLAB
• 3rd Software tool for image processing: OpenCV, VTK, Matrox Interface Library and Definiens (Life science)
• Environments: Windows, Android, Linux, and UNIX (Solaris/ HP-UX)

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Ohkyu Kwon Tucson AZ, 85750

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