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Project Engineer Dec 2014 – Current
Portage Technologies, Toronto ON

Working as a Project Engineer, my main role is to design, program and implement logic for Portage Advanced Regulatory Control (PARC) for various control systems. PARC is supervisory control for flotation cells developed by Portage Technologies. Created and exported PARC control modules for DeltaV and provided remote support for Metallurgical Engineers during site commissioning.

Minera Boleo, Santa Rosalia Mexico
Control System: DeltaV

o Provided DeltaV support for Acid Plant commissioning, support including but not limited to Control review and modification, Interlock and Alarm programming and review, HMI updates.
o Performed loop tuning for Temperature, Pressure, Level and Flow loops. 2 Element boiler level control tuning.
o Installed and configured DeltaV Executive Portal at site.
o Configured AB PLC for communication with DeltaV using Ethernet VIM.
o Configured Communications and landing modules for connection to AB PLC connected on vendor packages.

Imerys Talc, Timmins ON
Control system: Allen Bradley L64 PLC and FactoryTalk View SE HMI

o Converted existing RSView32 HMI to FactoryTalk View SE HMI.
o Installed and configured FactoryTalk View SE at site.
o Provided support for PLC connection with Portage Advanced Control system.

Controls Specialist July 2012 – Dec 2014
Coast Automation, Coquitlam BC

Ainsworth Engineered Giben Booksaw Upgrade, High Level AB
Control System: Allen Bradley L71 PLC and Wonderware HMI

o Performed FAT with plant operator and PLC programmer
o Imported HMI program into customer HMI database
o Assisted in wiring modifications and hardware installation
o Assisted in Servo Motor tuning
o Performed IO check with plant electricians
o Commissioned new control system
o Created Operation and Programmers manual for new control system

Highland Valley Copper Optimization, May 2013 – Feb 2014 (Logan Lake B.C)
Control System: Modicon Quantum PLC, Unity Pro 6.0 (Programming software)

o Created and tested base logic for motors, valves and PID blocks for bulk logic creation.
o Created various device lists for bulk logic creation.
o Studied and reviewed control narratives.
o Created and modified existing DFB’s and DDT’s
o Created format for bulk tag creating.
o Assisted during commissioning of pebble crusher building
o Performed IO checks as a part of pre-commissioning
o Verified and corrected instrument range and units using HART
o Troubleshoot wiring issues for various instruments
o Programmed logic for new Floatation Bldg.
o Assisted in FAT for Floatation bldg. with customer
o Created and maintained programming related documentation for Floatation bldg.
o Communicated information to customer’s HMI development team for seamless field installation
o Performed pre-commissioning for floatation bldg. which included but not limited to, IO checks, onsite and online program edits, troubleshoot, PID tuning
o Installed Fiber patch cords between MCC and PLC Panel
o Programmed Hirschmann switched using HiDiscovery software
o Programmed Auto logic for IsaMill

Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation, Barrick Gold Mine July 2012 – May 2013 (Dom. Rep.)
Control System: DeltaV

o Created control modules for analog, digital, Fieldbus and DeviceNet signals.
o Programmed and Tested automatic sequencing logic.
o Commissioned, configured and troubleshooting for Fieldbus and HART instruments using AMS Suite.
o Created reports for Fieldbus devices using AMS Suite.
o Commissioned and tested DeviceNet devices.
o Setup DeltaV communication with Allen Bradley PLCs through Ethernet I/P, created landing modules for Virtual I/O signals.
o Updated and downloaded revised programs for Allen Bradley PLCs as per customer requests.
o Configured and performed functional checks on PID control for Speed, Flow and Level control.
o Performed loop checks with Field Technicians
o Programmed and reviewed Interlocks and Permissives for Motors and Valves.
o Reviewed and corrected vendor DeltaV logic for copper plant on offline DeltaV database and downloaded into live database.
o Performed software upgrades on controllers and IO cards during shutdown and online on less critical areas.
o Verified and cleared controllers for configuration errors.
o Assisted customer during commissioning of copper plant at the mine site
o Performed startup, logic troubleshooting and performed fixes on the fly during commissioning.
o Performed tuning for PID loops using DeltaV Tune.
o Performed cleanup on the DeltaV and AMS database.
o Installed and configured new DeltaV operator stations.
o Reviewed and corrected panel wirings.
o Reviewed and corrected vendor drawings and provided markups to field engineering.
o Created and modified graphics, faceplates and detail displays.
o Provided HMI support during pre-commissioning.
Controls Programmer Feb 2011 – June 2012
Xebec Adsorption Inc, Blainville QC

Fortis Landfill Gas Upgrading Project Aug 2011 – May 2012 (Salmon Arm, BC)
Control System: Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and PanelView Plus HMI

o Designed Control System structure along with Electrical Engineer.
o Controls programming with assistance from Rockwell automation engineers
o HMI Design
o Created and maintained documentation (Functional Control Specification, IO list)

IRK and GRASYS PSA Projects Jun 2011 (Indonesia and Russia)
Control System: Allen Bradley ML1500 PLC and PanelView Component HMI

o PLC programming using RSlogix 500
o HMI programming
o Testing and verification in the shop
o Remote support during commissioning
o Documentation (Control Narrative, GRAFCETS, alarms list, interlock list)

Halla Biogas Upgrading Project Feb 2011 – Jun 2011 (Incheon, S.Korea)
Control System: DeltaV

o Finalized and tested logic programming.
o Programmed automated sequences for Startup, Shutdown and Emergency Shutdown (Sequential Function Charts).
o Updated HMI as per customer requirement
o Commissioned instruments and valves (Rosemount)
o Verified and commissioned auto logic
o Performed tuning for temperature and pressure PID controls
o Documentation (Functional Control Specification, alarms list, interlocks list, control narratives, GRAFCETS)
o Operator Training
o Remote Support after commissioning

HMI Specialist/ Training Assistant Sep 2009 – Jan 2010
Doyle Training Ltd., Richmond BC

Project: Diavik Diamond Mines Power House 2, (Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories)
Control System: DeltaV

o Reviewed and revised existing HMI with the input from the Operators.
o Provided DeltaV training for operators.
o Verified and corrected Logic.
o Provided database optimization options to customer
o Assisted creating training documents for E/I, Mechanical and Operator Training.
o Provided with DeltaV configuration settings for online training and maintenance documentation.
o Created programming and settings procedures for various devices such as Woodward 2301D Governor, Basler DECS-200, DeviceNet MCC, SR489 relay monitors.

Control Systems Engineer Feb 2008 – Aug 2009
Emerson Process Management (Power and Water Solutions), San Diego CA

Project: Seymour-Capilano Water Filtration plant (North Vancouver, BC)
Control System: DeltaV

o Created control modules for analog and digital inputs.
o Programmed and tested Control Logic for pumps and valves.
o Alarm parameters and Historian.
o Commissioned Fieldbus and DeviceNet devices.
o Created and modified Process and HVAC graphics.
o Provided HMI support during commissioning.
o Created custom dynamos for various devices.
o Created and modified Control Descriptions using MS Word and MS Visio.
o Created and maintained databases for alarms, control modules using MS Access.


Instrumentation and Controls Technology Diploma Sep 2005 – Jun 2007
Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham WA

• Electronics
o AC and DC Theory.
o Troubleshooting Electronic Circuitry.
o Semiconductors and Transistors.
• Instrumentation and Controls
o PLC and DCS systems.
o Primary sensing elements, pneumatic and electronic transmitters, final control elements
o Controllers, indicators, recorders and tuning.

MSHA Part 48 Surface New Miner Training Certification Apr 2014
MSHA Part 48 Surface Annual Refresher Apr 2015

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