Perry Tobias


Project Manager

Fredericksburg, VA

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Perry Tobias
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Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Mobile: 910-824-1681
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Resume Headline: Perry Tobias – Government Contractor Manager Resume Value: zcnavjzg38vvr2t5


• Program Level Management
• Sensitive Operations Management
• Logistical Operations
• Leadership
• Strategic Planning
• Operations Management
• Logistics Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Maintenance Management
• Sensitive Electronics Management


• Education
• Currently enrolled in Master of Science in Management Program at Strayer University. Anticipated completion summer 2015.

• Campbell University, Bachelor of Applied Science 2013

• Community College of the Air Force, Associate of Applied Science 2010

• U.S. Air Force
• 10 Point Veteran Preference with 10% Disability Rating

• Airman Leadership School

• USAF Field Training Courses

• USAF Aerospace Equipment School

• Computer Skills – Expert
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Office
• Adobe


• The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

• Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America



• English – Written and Spoken
• Spanish – Elementary Proficiency- Writing/Speaking


• Derik Williams – Field Engineer at CACI International

• Charles Cordova – Med Student, Columbia University, Psychology

• Antron Pryor – Senior Technician, CSC


• U.S. Citizen
• US Passport Expires 2021
• USAF Honorable Discharge
• No Criminal Record

Phone – (910) 824-1681


I am a talented program manager, leader, and inspector, with experience in managing funds, managing personnel, and technical management. I am instilled with the Air Force Core Values and use them as my own personal guide; Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All I Do.

I have been specifically selected on different occasions to help start up new programs in Afghanistan. These programs include the C-RAM phalanx weapon system and the transportable refrigeration storage units used at FOB’s and other AOR locations for food transport.

I have a Secret security clearance (renewed June 2013,) an Associate’s degree in Applied Science from the Community College of the Air Force, and a Bachelor of Applied Science with a minor in Management from Campbell University. For accomplishing and maintaining a 4.0 GPA while attending Campbell University I was placed on Campbell University’s President’s List multiple times and invited and inducted into Campbell University’s chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Management Program at Strayer University with anticipated completion date of summer 2015.


Project Manager, BRYMAK & Associates, LLC. November 2013 – Present 60 Hours Per Week
Quantico MCB/Dahlgren NSA, Virginia

Maintenance contractor Project Manager for the DoDEA schools at Quantico MCB and Dahlgren NSA in Northern Virginia. Oversee all DoDEA Equipment maintenance at Quantico MCB/Dahlgren NSA DoDEA schools. Work directly with Contracting Officer Representative to coordinate needed maintenance and PM schedules on school equipment. Create, obtain estimates, calculate price, write, and submit sub-contracted project proposals for construction/repair work on all school projects that are above Limit of Liability to COR and Army Corps of Engineers. Work directly with and advise COR on the installation of systems and equipment on new school being built on Quantico MCB, that we will maintain. Supervise and direct technicians and admin personnel to complete contractual requirements. Work directly with BRYMAK & Assoc. top leadership, Army Corps of Engineers, and Government representatives to ensure all contract obligations are met.

? Started maintenance program at Quantico MCB/Dahlgren NSA after $2M contract was won in October of 2013.
? Write and Create proposals for construction/repair projects over the Limit of Liability and submit them to COR and Army Corps of Engineers.
? Schedule sub-contracted proposal construction/repair work to minimize impact on school classes/functions.
? Balance the cost/spending to ensure maximum profit is attained while still meeting or exceeding contractual obligations.
? Created and adjusted PM and Maintenance schedule of equipment to minimize impact on school classes/functions while maintaining contract obligations.
? Report weekly to COR the status of maintenance, equipment, and work at the DoDEA Schools in my Area of Responsibility (AOR).
? Report quarterly to CO (Army Corps of Engineers) the status of maintenance, equipment, and work at the DoDEA Schools in my Area of Responsibility (AOR).
? Keep and maintain accurate inventory of all BRYMAK and Government furnished parts and tools at Quantico MCB and Dahlgren NSA.
? Attend monthly meeting with COR and construction contractor building new $43M elementary school at Quantico MCB, to advise COR on equipment systems being installed in the new school.
? On a needed basis I review resumes, interview, hire, counsel, and terminate all employees under this contract.
? Develop and enforce technician work schedules to ensure time is utilized efficiently.
? Train newly hired technicians on BRYMAK and DoDEA policies and procedures.
? Train newly hired administrative personnel on BRYMAK and DoDEA recording and reporting procedures as well as applications for record keeping such as school dude, intuit, etc.
? Create service schedule for all company vehicles to minimize impact on maintenance activities while keeping the maximum amount of vehicles in service.

Lead/PM, CSC Computer Sciences Corporation August 2012 – September 2013 84 Hours Per Week
Kandahar, Afghanistan – C4ISR Task Order 26

Helped Theater Lead and PM with the establishment of the new Commercial Reefer Program at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. The $2.5M program consists of the depot level repair of commercial “sea box” or “ship” container reefers, in theater, used to store and transport food, medical supplies, and other perishable items for the US Military. I filled in for Theater Lead and PM duties while they were away. These duties consist of supervising technicians, maintenance and equipment management, work order continuity, and customer interaction. I produced and implemented certain procedures and documents for the commercial reefer program, in preparation for an ISO 9001 audit of the program.

I was specifically chosen to participate in the installation of the first 6 C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Missile) Phalanx weapon systems to enter Afghanistan on new C-RAM program. Insured all power generators, air conditioners, and chiller units used to power and cool the C-RAM Phalanx gun system were installed and operating correctly. Helped FSR that will be at the C-RAM gun site establish and procure needed items, such as tools, parts, and supplies, to keep all C-RAM Phalanx systems online while they are in service.

? Lead Technician/PM on the new commercial reefer program that was just started on Government Task Order 0026 in May of 2012.
? Filled in for Program Manager Duties while PM was away for leave.
? Negotiate with and help new and legacy customers, Contracting Officer Representative, CSC Southwest Asia director, and PM arrange and create new MOAs for the Commercial Reefer Program.
? Established guidelines and programs for Reefer Program ISO 9001 audit.
? Participated in the ISO 9001 Reefer Program internal and external audit.
? Established guidelines and programs for Reefer Program DCMA audit and participated in the Reefer Program DCMA audit.
? Completed OSHA/Department of Labor 30 Hour General Industry Certification and OSHA forklift certification to implement safe practices for the Commercial Reefer Program.
? Supervise and instruct technicians on daily activities pertaining to the Commercial Reefer Program.
? Develop and enforce technician work schedules to ensure time is utilized efficiently.
? Document all work activities for the Commercial Reefer Program via Microsoft Office applications, company software programs, and government software programs.
? Keep track of completed and in progress reefers and updated daily on a status sheet for distribution to all reefer customers.
? Complete Army forms 2404 and 2407, accounting for work that is being done on the Commercial Reefer Program.
? Create purchase requests to order National Stock Number and commercial tools and parts needed for the Commercial Reefer Program.
? Diagnose which reefer units where critical to mission accomplishment to give those mission critical units a hasty turn around so that they may be put back into service without delay.
? Interact with customers regularly to provide the best possible outcome for both our shop and the customer who are having units repaired.

Lead Technician, CSC Computer Sciences Corporation July 2010 – August 2012 40 Hours Per Week
Fort Bragg, North Carolina – C4ISR Task Order 26

Maintain, repair, and account for ECU (Environmental Control Units) for AN/TPQ-36/37 Fire Finder Radar Units. Equipment custodian responsible for over 400 pieces of equipment. Report the accountability and status of all ECUs to the Site Manager via excel and word documents. Maintain and repair Power Generators for AN/TPQ-36/37 Fire Finder Radar Units. Travel to military radar sites to provide onsite electrical, mechanical, and HVAC support and to instruct soldiers on the use of Fire Finder Radar support equipment during new radar fielding.

? Reported weekly to Fort Bragg Regional Support Center site manager the status of maintenance, equipment, and work at the Environmental Control and Maintenance Division (ECMD) shop via weekly excel spreadsheet reports.
? Reported weekly to the Fire Finder site manager at Fort Bragg on the status of all Fire Finder ECUs via excel spreadsheets.
? Trained newly hired technicians on CSC policies and procedures.
? Trained newly hired technicians on the use of CSC applications such as eTES, ESS, GPARS, Concur, etc.
? Trained newly hired technicians on shop policies and procedures as well as brazing, soldering, and other repairs on military ECUs and other equipment.
? Responsible for timely and accurate submission of daily, weekly, and monthly reports to senior management, site management, and the customer as required.
? Re-started the 36K BTU Marine Corps ECU repair/reset maintenance program at the Fort Bragg C4ISR RSC Environmental Control and Maintenance Division (ECMD).
? Equipment custodian responsible for all US Army and Marine Corps equipment accountability at ECMD shop which is over 400 pieces.
? Account for and perform all necessary administrative requirements on equipment using SAMS 2407 and 2404 sheets and other data entry and record keeping platforms such as Maintenance Management System.
? Perform services and repairs on military tactical Diesel Generator Sets ranging in size (includes Generator Set Trailers); systems diagnostic testing, fault isolation to defective system component; make repairs in an established shop environment.
? Perform inspection of system components, preventive maintenance, diagnostic testing and fault isolation to specific functional group (i.e. fuel injector, governor, control panel, electrical harness, electrical circuit, engine, fuel system, etc); troubleshoots defective functional group equipment to modules, logic assemblies, mechanical assembly, and circuit card.
? Repair low voltage (24V) electrical circuits and wiring harnesses using an assortment of Test Equipment, Tools and Engine Diagnostic Equipment.
? Install approved modifications to equipment.
? Demonstrate safe work practices and OSHA and EPA compliance.
? Posses the ability to solder and remove and replace defective hardware components utilizing a variety of hand and power tools.
? Troubleshoot diesel generators (5Kw-1000Kw) and ECUs used on Q-36/Q-37 radar systems.
? Replaced major components on diesel driven generators such as, generators, engines, and fuel tanks.
? Repair 9K, 18K, 21K, 36K, and 66K BTU Air Conditioners for the US Army and US Marine Corps.
? Mount and install Environmental Control Units (ECU) on Military vehicles and equipment. Repaired on and off shelter Trojan/Prophet ECU systems.
? Convert 9K ECU systems from R22 refrigerant to 407c refrigerant per PM directive.
? Accurately document recovered refrigerant into cylinders per EPA guidelines.
? Replace major components on ECUs such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, fans, and motors.
? Troubleshoot and replace electrical components on HVAC and other systems such as relays, contactors, switches, wires, and diodes.
? Troubleshoot diesel generators (5Kw-1000Kw) used to load test A/C units. Repair/service diesel generator units (5Kw-1000Kw) used to run test and operate A/C units.

Aerospace Ground Equipment, US Air Force November 2002 – August 2010 40 Hours Per Week
Pope AFB, NC – Multiple Locations

Maintained all Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) used to repair all US Air Force aircraft on the flight line. I enforced strict adherence to technical data and management procedures and inspected technicians work to ensure correct procedures were followed for flight line maintenance and quality assurance. I performed equipment spot checks on flight line for quality assurance.

? Managed a 10 person AGE maintenance team.
? Monitored the production of the AGE maintenance team and recommended equipment and personnel adjustments to higher level supervision such as the AGE Flight Chief, Squadron Maintenance Chief, or Squadron Maintenance Officer.
? Ensured effective training programs were implemented ensuring skill proficiency as the AGE shop training manager.
? Administer training to newly assigned Airmen while maintaining training records as AGE flight training manager.
? Enforced strict adherence to technical data and management procedures.
? Inspect technicians work to ensure correct procedures were followed for flight line maintenance and quality.
? Maintained operating logs and related records according to applicable instruction.
? Review incoming and completed work orders and maintains related records.
? Manage stock and prepare requisitions for parts and supplies.
? Participated in High Importance Intelligence missions while part of the 95th Recon Squadron with zero mission failures or delays.
? Worked in Hazardous environments under high stress; Earned 4 Air Force Expeditionary Medals with gold border (gold border signifies combat zone) and Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ bronze campaign star.
? Repair and replace diesel engine and turbine engine driven generators.
? Repaired 440v hardwired electrical control units.
? Installation, servicing, repairing, and accountability of equipment according to applicable technical instructions.
? Consult other mechanics in diagnosing and repairing equipment for operating efficiency and safety factors.
? Perform equipment spot checks on flight line for quality assurance.
? Lie out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment according to wiring diagram, using electrician’s hand tools.
? Reassemble equipment and start unit to test operation.
? Adjust system controls to setting recommended by manufacturer to balance system, using hand tools.
? Inspect inoperative equipment to locate source of trouble.
? Study equipment schematics and blueprints to determine configuration of equipment components and wiring.
? Cut and drill holes in floors, walls, and roof to install equipment, using power saws and drills.
? Performed preventative maintenance of generators, compressors, hydraulic, and A/C equipment and controls.
? Made repairs and adjustments to associated equipment, such as compressors, pumps, ventilating fans, burners, diesel generators, and diesel engines.
? Replaced major components on diesel driven generators such as, generators, engines, and fuel tanks.
? Replaced sub-assembly units in small and large equipment.
? Checked v-belts, lubricated fan bearings, replaced air filters, and purified media on equipment.
? Perform A/C system reclaiming and servicing procedures according to technical publications and EPA/OSHA Standards.
? Performed daily flight line operations such as runway crossing, delivering equipment to aircraft, and storing equipment on the flight line.
? Maintained radio contact on the flight line with maintenance personnel including flight line supervisor, maintenance operations control center, control tower, and command post.

Experience BACK TO TOP
Job Title Company Experience
Project Manager BRYMAK & Associates, LLC. – Present

Additional Info BACK TO TOP

Desired Salary/Wage: 80,000.00 – 100,000.00 USD yr

Current Career Level: Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)

Years of relevant work experience: 7+ to 10 Years

Date of Availability: From 1 to 3 months

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

Active Security Clearance: Inactive Clearance

US Military Service: Yes

Citizenship: US citizen

Target Job: Target Job Title: Government/Contractor Manager

Desired Job Type: Employee

Desired Status: Full-Time

Target Company: Company Size:

Industry: Aerospace and Defense
Government and Military

Occupation: Building Construction/Skilled Trades • Site Superintendent
Business/Strategic Management • General/Other: Business/Strategic Management

Target Locations: Selected Locations: US-VA-Richmond

Relocate: Yes

Willingness to travel: Up to 50% travel

Languages: Languages Proficiency Level
Spanish Beginner

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