U.S. Citizen
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Cell: 517-410-1172

Seeking an opportunity for full time employment, interested in building a career with a growing
and progressive company as Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineer, Cad Designer

Exeriences and Skills:
. Strongly knowledgeable in Solidworks/AutoCad with 15 years
. My stronger skills were on 3D components designed: from concept/prototype to production.
Flexible design will change any shapes to fit a cost., Completed on detail, layout, BOM and
shown GD & T with convenient assembly and checking weigh/capacity components
A mind will be making an asset at company rules with national standard required
My words: Will do anything your request to improving a famous business
. Knowledgeable all welding symbols applying and Hydraulic system components work
. Supporting my ideas at the companies on design technology to analyze components plans.
. Fluent with complex instructions related to blue print and ANSI G.D. and T – Assembly checker
. Good with communication, organization, co-workers and problem solving skills.
. Progressive sheet metal designed: From flat pattern development to formed part with typical bend.
. Extrusion profile on part for mold and die design with special slope angle.
. I knowledge on Tooling design for motion linear or Pick up the parts as Robot arm.
. Knew all Tooling machine – Forge machine with hydraulic components
. Electrical system: Enclosure control with circuit board on diagram details
. Get along with team work and flexible communication processing

**Notes: I came back to school on 1995/1996 and repeated UG
Studying UG/NX10 on internet at the present
I owned Solidworks 13 at home to designing special project in my minds

Work Experience:
1. Roush company: Allen Parks, Michigan from 11/3/2015 to 4/15/2016 (6 months contracts only)
Senior Designer in Solidworks 2015: Performed UG – 3D surfaces to Solidworks modeling
a. Bus transportation: Working on Components assembly, Sub-assembly and parts designed.
b. Entertainment systems: Iron Man motions system: Arms, Legs, Head motions.
Stand components linear designed and Arm system motion for holding Iron Man- Controller
BOM components: parts, purchase, welding(tubes or C/L channel), Bolts/Nuts/Washer, Grips
Checking interferences fit with clearances, Tolerances GD & T (Bearing, Shaft, Motor etc.)
Sheet metal designed and working with Team group from concepts to production

2. The Armored Group, LLC, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125 – Solidworks 2015
Engineer – Cad Designer/Vehicle development: from 5/2012 to 8/27/2015
Completed design BATT vehicles: From bumper to bumper/exterior to interior components
To be working: from Concept/Prototype – Design, Layouts, Details, BOM, Instructions
Sheet metal designed: internal/external – Completed components assembly with checking
Smart on 3D components Design/Assembly with BOM – Exploded views/Details/Layouts
Designed for SWAT, Army vehicles, Government/Private cars with special ideas – Ballistic steel
Chassis: Changed I-Beam/C-Beam to Square/Rectangular made 2” High were 5” for BATT/CIT
All new designed: Hood, Bumpers, windshields, sides,fenders, roofing, gunports, running board…
Special designed Turret Rotation w. Gunport and protected person by double Round guards panels
Interior rooms updated walls, head radio control, partitions,lights, seats and flexible gunports return
Sheet metal designed them from external to internal after these completed components assembly
And then checking them on 3D solid model to find out a fault on part w. tolerances
Sending informations to Laser/CNC – Amada for cutting: flat pattern development to formed part
Using Calipers ID/OD for checking plus GD&T, Shown special Weld symbols – Notes on blue prints
Giving all informations on blueprint for easier assembly with Jig figures designed
Saving on material cost, schedule time and labor etc.
A. For CIT (Cash In Transmit): Worked on Concepts and performed completed designed
Such as BATT-S (Ballistic Armor Tactical Transport) depends on Purchase order
Designed Partition panels with Flex. drop box deposit door, flex. Laptop desk (Body guard)
Motion chair inner/Driver back wall/door protection etc. – New CIT designed
B. For MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected): remodeling Turret gunport/Cap
Turret motion – 360 degree – Changed top plate/bench seat/ flexible rear running board
Both sides engines protection and attached front motion racks components/Hydraulic system
(by Dearborn Heights Police Department – Michigan) – Remodeling for personnel officer’s car
C. Last worked: Went to “WEC group, LLC to worked on MCV – 8 DOORS (Mobil Control Veh.)
Pentagon/President Team Protections: Structural interior/Exterior Designer (3-1/2 months)
Shown extended F350 combined in 3D components: Bumper to Bumper /Details/Layouts
The meeting were (3) times – Pentagon team(Rep.) signed and approval on my blueprints
D. Performing design any kind of models “Armored cars” in differ countries and environments life
Why? I designed entirely armored car from concept to production – Completed components

3. Metalist International Inc., Lansing, MI 48912: Forging Machine-AJAX New and Repair
From 2/2011 to Mid 2/2012: Engineer – Measurer, Checker, AutoCad – Solidworks Designer.
. Machines: Milling, Boring, Welding, Grinding, Lathes and Drilling machines.
From AJAX 350T to 6000T and go up to 50,000T AJAX/National Forging machines.
Brake system: Clutch Hub, Brake Drum, Gears, Bed housing and more.
Back shaft, Center shaft fit with bearings tolerances assembled in Opinion, Flywheel.
All of parts above just samples for National Press or AJAX forging machines.
All shafts/Bushing/Cam shown GD & T: -.001 to -0.002/+.001 to +.002
Designed and layout component parts with BOM to supporting on shop floor.

. Making ECN and welding symbols shown clarity on 3D to 2D layout, detail.
Plus with GD tolerances for assembly on both systems: Solidworks, AutoCad.
Showing informations, welding components to machinist and then making a new part.
Layout wiring electrical diagram to supporting electricians.
. Designed lubricant holes and lines all of component parts assembly.
Measuring equipments:O.D and I.D. Micrometers from 1 – 56 inches
. Forging/Stamping machine components assembly shown and assembled with hydraulic systems

4. Eisen BL Fastener products – A division of Eisen Electric corp.
Supplier for Chrysler, Ford and GM: Edited geometric tolerances on part with redesigned.
Lansing, Michigan from July –Oct 2010: Assistant Quality Engineer, Solidworks designer.
. Solidworks: Switches delay electrical system designed to fix old model for detail and layout.
. Checking assembled parts from part to other and redesigned on 3D model.
. Designed vertical wing part components for Rail machine system with bill of material(BOM).
. Progressive sheet metal designing from flat pattern to formed part with contributed my ideas.
Quality Assistant: Pre Product Approval Part(PPAP). Part Submission Warrant(PSW).

**Census 2010 in Lansing, Michigan from 2009 to June 2010 & Came back school reviewed UG
. Lister: checking and updating location. Questionaire assistant center.
. Request identification on Data Census for confirming name in population.

5. Munters/Aerotech Company, Mason, Michigan: Dec. 1996 to Jan. 2009
Assistant Chief Engineer Manager-Cad Solidworks Designer:
Worked on both Soildworks – AutoCAD systems in (3) departments Engineer
. Ventilation: Housing/Fan shown section views/Surface/Solid for Mold, Die casting and Prototype
Shown 3D view rotating with updated and changed scale to fix components part.
Solidworks-AutoCad 3D dimension in layout and detail on 2D. Packaging designed for shipping.
. Sheet metal designed or fiberglass housing panel, bracket, base support by Solidworks.
Assembled components: checking and solving a problem in assembly with GD&T.
Extrusion part with angle designed: bar, frame, I-beam, hinge support, blade and cooling tank etc..
. Cooling/Air Manager Control/Curtain machine: showing 2D/3D view with assembled parts.
Cooling tank with Floating valve, Pipes with Bracket supporting updated each year.
. Testing airflow to follow up with new technology and shown 3D instruction layout.
. Shown electrical wiring details inside enclosures and Control box for airflow system.
. Engine Fan/Rotor/Electrical box controls: Cover cap motor – Rotor housing designed.
. Assisted Engineers/Designers on details, layouts and contributed my ideas on part designs.
. Made curtain machine with 72 solid models shown on exploded/assembly views
. Solidworks/AutoCad on all of component parts with Bill of material(BOM) and ECN
. Checked part designed in assembly for exactly position. All of projects scheduled on time.
. Executed Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) signed a deal for contract.
. Worked over 12 years with sharing and contributed my ideas in team designer.

6. Steelcase Company: Headquarter on 36th Street. Grand Rapids, Michigan
Assistant Special CaseCraft Designers: March 1992 to 10/1995
. Received customers order: Drawn on 3D view and chart for components – 3D Cadam system.
. Noted on order for changing scale and dimension – Reviewed and Approved by Chief Engineer.
. Performed Desk, Panel and Drawer for new product and GD&T exactly dimension scale.
With more notes and marked on welding components: Spot, Slot, Flange, Convex, Concave etc.
. AutoCAD from 3D solid/wire frame model to 2D details
. Sheet metal designed with both Cadam and AutoCAD systems.

Cad/Cam Engineer – LCC/MSU 1992 (Manufacturer – Mechanical Design)

1. Jerry Cooper: Former Vice President – The Armored Group, LLC. Tel: 248-921-2682
2. Greg Wolf: President/CEO – WEC Group, LLC – Tel.: (O) 248-260-4252 / (C) 248-321-6845
3. Daniel Hansen: Supervisor/Product Engineer – Aerotech/Munters Inc. Tel: 517-881-5883


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