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Professional Summary:
• Over 6+ year of experience in RF Optimization, performance and Design.
• Strong Knowledge in LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, Wimax and GSM network.
• OSS expert in Ericsson, ALU, NSN and Samsung.
• Strong understanding of LTE layer 3 messages and the ability to analyze and troubleshoot the issue.
• Experience in Network Optimization, RF design, Cell Definition, Cluster definition, RNC/BSC, Node B/ BTS Architecture.
• Excellent Working knowledge of network design and overlay.
• Knowledge on LTE/IMS Architecture SBC, eNodeB, EPC, S-GW, P-GW, MGW and Wireless Protocols.
• Experience of Scoping and NSB for UMTS 5C Overlay and LTE First carrier. Attending the meeting with vendor and contractor and created RFDS.
• Experienced in different phases of Network deployment. Adding new nodes to the network, upgrading a network, merging one network with another and cell site planning and optimization.
• Expertise in troubleshooting, testing and post processing of RF data acquired through RF Drive testing techniques and procedures.
• Worked on various types of Drive tools and testing like Cluster drive, SSV drive, IRAT, Single Site Verification, 911 testing.
• Good understanding of LOS Microwave.
• Good team player with excellent communication, analytical, written and presentation Skills and strong aptitude towards learning new technologies.

Professional Experience:

LCC International, Inc.
RF Optimization Engineer (LTE Multiband Project) Oct 2014 – Dec 2015
Miami, FL

• Supporting Sprint’s multiband LTE project for south Florida market.
• Responsible for the analysis, optimization, Recommendation, implementation, and enhancement of sprint’s LTE network.
• Experience in all three OEM market wide scripting for Ericsson, Nokia (NetAct) and Samsung (LSM/WSM).
• Strong understanding and knowledge of High-Cap parameter implemented and support during special event and festival.
• In charge of managing the day to day operations of the projects, and interface with Project Managers
• Working on triband cluster optimization for the South Florida market via traffic and load balancing (kept more traffic on 2500M), change HO event timers and CellOffset.
• Working on market top offender (CFR, CDR, Interference Issues, Customer complains) and drive them to resolution.
• Strong understanding of Traffic management parameter and load balancing for tri-band site, increase the tonnage on B41 as compare to B25&B26.
• Good experience of sprint database tools Tableau, PRTS (Sprint Performance Monitoring tool), SNAP, FLUX, RF Cockpit, Siterra.
• Rrun prediction on Mentum Planet before implementing any physical changes in the network, worked on model tuning and PCI collision execute in planet and MUSA (Nokia design Tool).
• Create TRAMS ticket for alarm, break-fix or performance issue of cell site.
• Performing site configuration checks, Power settings, Antenna configurations, implemented PCIs, PCI clashes, azimuth, Hand over parameters prior to the Drive test.
• Analysis of KPIs Accessibility (RACH issues, multiple RRC connection request etc.) Retainability (PS drops), Integrity, Mobility.
• Performing Coevrage anyalysis on Clearwire Wimax network as per sprint request.
• Actively done LTE Parameters audits- LAC/TAC, RET, SIB6, SI/X2 audits, Neighbor relation, Frequency relation, PCI conflict etc.

MobileNet Services, Inc. Nov 2013 – Oct 2014
RF Optimization Engineer (LTE Optimization)
Irvine, CA
• Supporting Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE Colorado market for AT&T.
• Worked on Pre and Post launch cluster optimization and preparing reports.
• Performing site configuration checks, Power settings, Antenna configurations, implemented PCIs, PCI clashes, azimuth, Hand over parameters prior to the Drive test.
• Checking and rectify PCI swap, MIMO swap, coverage and handover related issue, RRU faults.
• SSV and Cluster drive test, creating site acceptance reports, drive test analysis and recommending tilt changes.
• Analysis of KPIs Accessibility (RACH issues, multiple RRC connection request etc.) Retainability (PS drops), Integrity, Mobility.
• Providing Drive routes to DT engineer using MAPINFO and defining cluster boundaries.
• Actively done LTE Parameters audits.

MobileNet Services, Inc. Oct 2013 – Nov 2013
RF Engineer (Verizon Rehome project)
Atlanta, GA

• Supporting Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE Colorado market for AT&T.
• Provided RF engineering support for the rehoming of Midland BSC02 to Lubbock BSC02 in the Texas market.
• Developed preliminary test plans and presented them to the customer at Verizon.
• Create scripts in CACP & CPS for 1xRTT and EvDO rehome.
• Audited neighbor list and parameters on both networks.
• Collect the daily and busy hour’s OM to create KPI report for the network performance before and after the rehome.
• Generated scripts to update parameters and neighbor lists on VzW’s network.
• Created drive route and coordinated the drive team.

MobileNet Services, Inc. June 2013 – Oct 2013
RF Design & Optimization Engineer
Irvine, CA
• Worked with RF Central Team as an RF Design & Optimization Engineer.
• Worked (under project-specific NDA) with AT&T National design team on a UMTS Small Cell Network (SCN) design Analysis project for central market.
• Creating focus zones, computation zones, Traffic Maps and verifying the RFDS submitted by the market and making sure that they match with the existing ATOLL database.
• Running path loss, Monte-Carlo Simulations and all the predictions needed for the ATT design review.
• Optimizing the UMTS 1900 network for scaled Traffic by reducing Pilot Pollution and Increasing Ec/Io to meet the design KPI’s in ATOLL.
• Spread the traffic on Monte Carlo simulation and run prediction for EC/Io, RSCP, Boomer analysis, Mobile Transmit Power.
• Create the histogram and compare the results before and after dual carrier Implementation. Prepare presentation as client’s requirements.
• Worked on Asset to create new element in Asset Design Tool for new UMTS Carrier.
• Analyzed the drive test data (Layer 3 Messages) and generated the KPI reports with Performance and Optimization tools like Actix, TEMS Discovery.
• Creating workorder using Alcatel-Lucent WPS (Wireless Provisioning System).
• Recommendation of changes in Power (Azimuth, Power, Tilt, Cell/Node/RNC Parameters) as per drive test data/Terrain to meet Agreed KPI.
• Analysis and reporting of discrepancy between Actix and LDAT (Lucent Post processing tools) results to Actix and Lucent Software Development Team.

Avion Systems, Inc. June 2010 – June 2013
RF Engineer
Alpharetta, GA

• Experienced with ACP tools for RF Optimization and analysis on drop call, Block call, RSS connection failures and network connection.
• Experienced on Coverage optimization, IRAT handover optimization, Single cell coverage analysis, Swap sector and SC Consistency check.
• Analyzed failure events such as Call drops and Call setup failure for Circuit Switched call.
• Worked on TEMS Investigation and Agilent, Collect UE physical measurement (SC, RSCP and Ec /No) for the entire active cell.
• Verified UMTS basic functionality, Understanding layer 3 messages, KPI report generation and network performance improvement (KPIs) and optimization tasks
• Strong Experienced on Radio Network Analyses, 3G Cell Coverage Analysis, Definition, Updates, Modification and surveys (Based on Scanner/Handset data)
• Undertake BSS/RNC/Node B parameter modifications
• Generated report on RF parameters, Asset Planning Tool and TEMS kit, Antenna Serial Numbering with Cell phone numbering.

MCPS Inc. Jan 2010 – May 2010
RF Engineer
Chicago, IL

• Worked on deployment of UMTS networks of T-Mobile Wireless Chicago market.
• Create NL, run priorities, deletions and biasing and validate the site verification based on drive test data
• Generate test plans and monitor drive test teams.
• Identify the network issues by analyzing the drive test data using Actix Analyzer and perform the necessary changes.
• Analyze layer 3 messages from drive test data and find the cause for failure and drops.
• Analyze and make necessary changes on neighbor relations and thresholds.
• Create Coverage analysis report for each cluster and recommend tilts to improve coverage, reduce pilot pollution and over shooters.
• Compiled reports indicating key RF measurements and network performance Clusters.

Avion Systems, Inc. July 2009 – Dec 2009
Associate RF Engineer
Knoxville, TN

• Perform RF drive testing to carry out propagation and signal measurement using TEMS investigation 8.2.2 and Agilent E6474A 11.0 for UMTS network
• Collect UE physical measurements (SC, RSCP and EC/No) for all the cells in the active Set.
• Collect scanner data (SC, RSCP and Ec/No, RSSI) for all the detected cells.
• Verify Radio quality (BLER) requirement on several different radio services, Handover functionality performance, the network, site functioning properly, antenna positions, antenna directions or tilt and swapped feeders, neighbor relations list.
• Identify major call-related problems (dropped calls, hardware problems etc.)
• Verify Call success rate and call drop rate, UMTS basic functionality and understanding Layer 3 messages.
• Perform an audit on power related parameter settings (Max output power, CPICH power, AICH power) Export log file, Report generation for IRAT testing, 911 testing, Stationary testing, Shoehorn testing.

Tata Teleservices Jan 2007 – Dec 2007
Associate RF Engineer

• Post processing of drive test data, submission of coverage verification report including recommendations on all the candidate sites.
• Optimizing, analyzing, and improving performance of Broadband Network.
• Responsibilities for monitoring and improving network performance on cell sites to meet objectives for call drops and call blocks.
• Continuous network improvements through parameter changes, down tilts.
• Used MapInfo for plot generation to support project management.
• RF Drive-Test and optimization.
• Drive-Test data post processing and analysis
• Planning for new sites by physical survey and cluster observation.

M.S in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – University of Bridgeport, CT- 2010
Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering – North Gujarat University, India – 2007
Skills/Computer Literacy:

• OSS, MOSHELL, My SQL, T-SQL, Shell Scripting, Linux, Unix, C++
• Mentum Planet, Asset, ATOLL, iBwave, IRIS Analyzer, Actix, Windcatcher, TEMS Discovery & Investigation, EDAT,MATLAB, LabView.
• MapInfo, Microsoft Street & Trips, Street Atlas, Google Earth
• Nemo,JDSU,TEMS,X-cal,Datapro, PCtel,Wireshark,Network Anlyzer,Spectrum Analyzer.
• QXDM, QCAT, XCAP, QPST,Anritsu8870,WPS (ALU), Siterra, Glance.
• ENIQ, TABLEAU, RF Cockpit, NSN Netact, SNAP, FLUX, LCC tool Wiguru.

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