Pruthvik Prakash

Pruthvik Kagganti Prakash
1400 Millersport Hwy, Apt #214, Buffalo, New York, 14221
Cell: (716)-730-1500 •

Key Attributes
• 1 year Industry experience in the Wireless field performing Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing, System
Integration Testing.
• Knowledge in Routers & Switches, Filters, Amplifiers, RF bands, GSM/GPRS, CDMA, WI-FI technologies, Network
Architecture, MIMO, LTE call flows, Real time IN Charging system, CAMEL, SS7, MAP and SIP.
• Knowledge of design of TCP/IP, frame relay, routing protocols and Protocol knowledge of WAN, LAN, IP, TCP and IPV6.
• Knowledge of Modulation techniques like ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK and QPSK, 16Qam, 64Qam.
• Currently pursuing Master’s Degree in University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.
• Obtained Best contributor to the project after joining the project team in Huawei technologies.
• Worked in various multi-cultural teams and effectively chased constricted deadlines.
• Ability to use tools such as NS-3, Wire shark, Matlab, Signal generators, Spectrum analyzers, Vector network analyzers,
Oscilloscope, Mat lab, Cadence, LTspice and RF hardware including horns, waveguides, filters, couplers and attenuators.
• Ability to adopt new testing techniques and tools in a timely fashion.
• Ardent problem solver with a knack for Leadership and tenacity.

Industrial Experience
HUAWEI Technologies Bangalore, India July 2013 – June 2014
Position: Software Engineer
Online Charging System (OCS) development project.
• Experience in Requirement Analysis, Design, Design review and rework, Development, Code Review and Rework, Unit
Testing, System Integration Testing- Implementation of product and UAT with Agile mode of product development cycle.
• Expertise in Real time IN Charging system, CAMEL, SS7, MAP and Core GSM network signaling, LTE call flows, SMS and
• In total 16 requirements were developed using the concept of SIB logic development with OOPS concepts, UNIX, SQL and
• Supported testing effort for complex features and handled the responsibility of preparing Software packages and delivering to
the SDV team and supported for site upgrades from R&D team.
• Learnt using tools such as ISCE (Integrated Service creation environment), Source Insight, EmulSSP, Auto Service, RTest and

• Best Fresher Award after joining the company.
• Best contributor to the project after joining the project team (received within the first month into the project).

Academic Projects
Simulation of a 232MHz Satellite Converter using LTspice: April 2015-May 2015
• The main purpose of this project is to design and simulate a fully functional satellite converter using LTspice software.
• Designed a symbol for MOSFET BF998 and performed S Parameter and Noise figure simulation in the time domain using a
232 MHz input signal.
• The Double Balanced Mixer was designed and also simulated using tool LTspice.
• Band pass filter design using the Ansoft Designer SV along with simulation of BPF using LTspice and Ansoft and comparing
the results obtained from both simulations.
• Simulation of the complete converter circuit along with finding the Gain at center frequency and Noise Figure of the complete
Audio Watermarking Via EMD: Nov 2014-Dec 2014
• The audio signal is divided into frames and each one is decomposed adaptively, by EMD, into intrinsic oscillatory components
called Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs).
• The watermark and the synchronization codes are embedded into the extrema of the last IMF, a low frequency mode stable
under different attacks and preserving audio perceptual quality of the host signal.
• Relying on exhaustive simulations, we show the robustness of the hidden watermark for additive noise, MP3 compression, re-
quantization, filtering, cropping and resampling.
Android based Robot Control: March 2013 – June 2013
• Developed an application for android mobile using which we can control the movement of robot.
• Implemented 3 different methods of controlling namely: accelerometer, GUI and Voice output. The robot can be used over
large frequency range and also can be controlled easily as the working range is more.

University at Buffalo, the State University of New York GPA – 3.91 2014 -Present
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
REVA Institute of Technology and Management, India GPA – 3.9 2009 – 2013
Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Graduate Coursework:
Digital Signal Processing, Mobile Communications, Communication Electronics, Antennas and Propagation, MIMO, Video
Communications, Principles of Modern Digital Communications, Principles of Networking, Detection and Estimation.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

Software Skills:
• Programming Languages – Matlab, C, Java (basics), SQL, VHDL and Verilog, NS-3.
• Operating Systems – UNIX, Linux, Windows.
• Design– Cadence, LTspice, Ansoft Designer, Wire shark.
• Office Software — Microsoft office: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.
• RF Measurement Instruments — Signal generators, Spectrum analyzers, Vector network analyzers, Oscilloscope.

Special Achievements:
Received the NATIONAL LEVEL prize from HON. PRESIDENT of INDIA in ESSAY Competition conducted by FUREC.
Represented University in All India Essay Writing Event 2012 Organized by United Nations Organization (UNO).

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