Raymond Underwood


Instrument & Construction Engineer

Fairfield, OH

ADDRESS: 4468 Whitmore Lane, Fairfield, Ohio 45014 PHONE: 513.600.5813 EMAIL: trueblazze@aol.com



Highly strategic, performance-focused, and results-oriented professional, offering more than extensive experience in managing construction engineering projects within the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil, and mining industries. Exemplify competency in handling process controls engineering as well as in designing computerized process systems. Possess exceptional knowledge in valve sizing, specification writing, panel development, cost estimation, and bid analysis. Demonstrate proven capability to accomplish projects on time and within budget specifications. Display outstanding problem solving skills; combined with adeptness in formulating solutions, translating action plans, and resolving complex issues.


Instrumentation and Electrical Design | Operational Streamlining | Work Safety and Regulatory Compliance
Quality Management | Risk Administration | Planning and Documentation | System Troubleshooting


Senior Process Controls Engineer 1996–Present

Project Name: Ammonia Production Improvement
Project Description: A multimillion-dollar expansion project to increase annual plant production of ammonia by 110,000 tons per and urea by 80,000 short tons per
Role: Construction management of instrumentation
Company: POTASH PCS Nitrogen • Lima, OH, USA
Main Function:
 Assumed full responsibility in monitoring and upgrading instruments for work which include cooling tower, KRES, HRU, mix feed coil, various compressors, steam reboiler, LTS separator, Methanator Feed Effluent Exchangers, and steam generator

Project Name: Project CAP
Project Description: A multimillion-dollar project to enhance production and modernize control and equipment
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: SABIC Innovative Plastics • Ottawa, IL, USA
Main Functions:
 Facilitated the demonstration of all existing electrical and instrumentation.
 Updated measure control-command (MCC) with new buckets, new motors, and variable frequency drive (VFD) as well as replace control valves and Emerson DCS with new PLC for ESD system.
 Took full charge of lockout/tag-out (LOTO) for the whole project.

Project Name: Project K
Project Description: A project to remove 14 ice cream packaging lines which involved the eradication of 7 packaging lines and reestablishment of 7 packaging lines in new locations, and one new ice cream packing line.
Role: Writing scope of work for demolition and reestablishment of packing lines
Company: Unilever • Henderson, NV, USA
Main Functions:
 Held accountability in drafting the scope of work for the packaging line demolition.
 Captured pictures of each equipment, control, and power panels for the reestablishment of packing lines.
 Secured accurate documentation of all processes for future reinstallation reference.

Project Name: Oil Production Improvement
Project Description: A project to improve processing capacity of crude oil by 170,000 barrels of crude oil on a daily basis
Role: Construction management and writing scope of work for instrumentation
Company: Toledo Refining Company • Oregon, OH, USA
Main Function:
 Led overall field scope activities to separate old Foxboro Spec 200 analog control system and field instrument, while rejoining new Honeywell DCS.

Project Name: Conga Gold and Copper Mining Project
Project Description: A $1.B Greenfield project.
Role: Lead Engineer for front-end instrumentation design of the project and senior commissioning engineer
Company: • Lima, Peru
Main Functions:
 Utilized latest technology in handling front-end design of the project.
 Effectively used Emerson foundation field bus design in managing DCS, Allen Bradley PLC, and radio electronic for land communications and controls.

Project Name: Process Modifications
Project Description: A major site expansion project
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Pfizer Inc. • Andover, MA, USA
Main Function:
 Controlled overall electrical and instrumentation of the construction project.

Project Name: Confidential Client
Project Description: Solar Facility
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Confidential Client • Clarksville, TN, USA
Main Function:
 Delivered engineering, procurement, and construction management assistance for the Greenfield site chemical manufacturing facility with more than $1B cost.

Project Name: Improve Beauty Products Production
Project Description: A project to organize all instrumentation, electrical, and automation
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Procter & Gamble • Andover, MA, USA
Main Functions:
 Adjusted conveyor lines which involve the installation of motors on automated controls and new conveyor sections including new MCC, filler and tank, gas filler, crimper, capper, water bath, PLC, and LEL system.
 Replaced tanks with new instruments and controls as well as change server with new fiber optic communication.

Project Name: Improve Oil production
Project Description: BP Oil Refinery Expansion
Role: Write specification for instruments
Company: BP Oil Refinery • Whiting, IN, USA
Main Function:
 Composed specification for several instrument.
 Calculated valve sizes and design specifications for various instruments such as RTD, pressure and temperature gauges, and level transmitters.

Project Name: Improve Oil Production
Project Description: Shell Oil Refinery Expansion
Role: Write specification for instruments
Company: Shell Oil (MOTIVA) • Port Author, TX, USA
Main Functions:
 Handled OSBL P&ID’s as well as developed instrument index and encode data within the INtools.
 Performed instrument specifications and calculations through the utilization of INtools system.
 Monitored instrument purchase orders and possible buying changes.

Project Name: New Toxic Plumes Incinerator
Project Description: Lower incinerator emissions
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Rohm and Hass • Louisville, KY, USA
Main Functions:
 Supervised the instrumentation of three existing and two new reactors.
 Oversaw the flow, temperature, and LEL gases on 36’’ dial line.
 Verified and operated all electrical and instrumentation.

Project Name: Improve Pop Tarts Production
Project Description: A field design project which involve the installation, check out, and start up.
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Foods, Kellogg’s • Pikeville, WV, USA
Main Functions:
 Integrated a new pop tart oven with automated controls and repair two ovens and added new jelly filler to one line.
 Developed new skid with a jelly mixer, pump system, and CIP system.
 Systematized ceiling fans to maintain ½” of water column in the oven area and unite auto-computer controls to one palletizes

Project Name: New product Line Addition
Project Description: New product line addition
Role: Construction management for instrumentation
Company: Foods, Kellogg’s • Omaha, NE, USA
Main Function:
 Assembled instruments on oven for new production line as well as check-out and start-up spiral conveyor.

Project Name: Pharmaceutical Project
Project Description: Pharmaceutical plant process modifications
Role: Construction management for instrumentation
Company: • City, Puerto Rico
Main Function:
 Presented in-house design package demonstration and visit sites to guarantee job completion.
 Inspected and replace instruments for total process change of product to be manufactured in the plant.

Project Name: Pharmaceutical In-house Design and Field Commissioning
Project Description: Improve insulin production
Role: Senior commissioning engineer
Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Main Functions:
 Spearheaded the transfer of freeze dryers from one plant to another plant.
 Took charge of all in-house design for loop and panel drawings as well as for instrument specifications and index.
 Conducted full wiring loop check out and fix instruments and control valves when necessary.

Project Name: Pharmaceutical Commissioning Program
Project Description: E & F
Role: Senior Commissioning Engineer
Company: Wyeth • Andover, MA, USA
Main Function:
 Verified documents and commissioning of equipment, while performing complete wiring loop check out and revamping of instruments and control valves.

Project Name: Jacobs/Otis Water Remediation Program
Project Description: A program to investigate and cleanup groundwater contamination on the superfund site
Role: Construction management for electrical and instrumentation
Company: Massachusetts Military Reservation • Otis Air National Guard Base, MA, USA
Main Functions:
 Organized home office detail design engineering, client, electrical, and instrumentation contractors.
 Supported contractors in administering the project, while handling system design, procurement, and subcontract requisitioning activities.
 Controlled overall ordering of 15 water treatment plants which consist of command center for all remote plants.

Project Name: Re-build No 8 & 9 Paper Machines
Project Description: A project to rebuild two paper machines
Role: E & I Engineering Liaison
Company: Westvaco • Luke, MA, USA
Main Functions:
 Accomplished wet end, press, and dry-end reconstruction, while rebuilding dryer sections and coaters.
 Installed new AC and DC drives and motors as well as electrical including transformers, switch gear, MCC, and new gauging systems.

Project Name: Eastover Paper Mill Project
Project Description: Brownfield paper mill expansion
Role: Lead Field Instrument Engineer
Company: Union Camp • Eastover, SC, USA
Main Functions:
 Managed overall instrument installation check out and startup for the $850M expansion.
 Provided expert oversight toe various systems including wood yard and chip handling system, continuous digester, power and recovery boiler, lime kiln, and chlorine dioxide plant.

Project Name: GE Boiler Automation
Project Description: Automation GE Boiler
Role: Lead Design Engineer
Company: Union Camp • Prattville, AL, USA
Main Function:
 Modified burner system on rebuilt GE boiler and institute new Allen-Bradley PLC and field hardware.

Project Name: Corner Brook Paper Winder and Reel
Project Description: Install new Winder and Reel
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Corner Brook Paper • Newfoundland, Canada
Main Function:
 Devised possible concepts in installing new repulper, winder, and reel for Foxboro I-A DCS which involve the creation of P and IDs, instrument specifications, loop sheets, panel drawings, and hydraulics system.

Project Name: Paper Machine Gauging Systems
Project Description: Install New Machine Gauging Systems
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Rainey River Pulp and Paper Co. • Kenora, Canada
Main Function:
 Conducted comprehensive research to efficiently set up three new machine-gauging systems.

Project Name: Becker, MN. OCC Paper Mill
Project Description: Greenfield design Build OCC Paper Mill
Role: Lead Process Controls Engineer
Company: Liberty Paper Co.• Becker, MN, USA
Main Functions:
 Formulated concept for 420 TPD recycle mill including P&IDs, loop sheets, logic drawings, field instrument and control valve specifications, as well as Valmet DCS and machine gauging system.
 Administered the installation of electrical, field instrumentation equipment, and DCS systems.

Project Name: Solvay Paper Board Paper Mill
Project Description: Greenfield design Build OCC Paper Mill
Role: Lead Process Control Engineer
Company: Solvay Paper Board • Syracuse, NY, USA
Main Functions:
 Guided new 275 TPD recycle mill and carry out design conceptualization for 420 TPD recycle mill.
 Handed over field support from home office for check out and start up.

Project Name: Automate Boiler with Foxboro Video Spec Control
Project Description: Automation of Boiler with Foxboro Video Spec Control System
Role: Lead Process Controls Engineer
Company: Champion Paper Co.• Sartell, MN, USA
Main Functions:
 Drafted design concept for new TMP system, while controlling Foxboro Video Spec control system.
 Visited mill sites in conducting field checkout and start up.

Project Name: ITT Rayonier Paper
Project Description: A $75M TRS controls expansion
Role: Instrument Engineer
Company: ITT Rayonier • Jesup, GA, USA
Main Function:
 Served as key resource responsible for approve instrument specifications prepared by engineering firm, while creating instrument purchase requisitions.
 Played an instrumental role in the check and start-up of new Lime Kiln and Batch digesters, condensate stripping, evaporators, NCG scrubbers/stripping, cooling tower, accumulators, and precipitators.
 Managed the tuning of Fisher Provox DCS control loops.

Project Name: Continental Can Container Paper Co Automation
Project Description: Improve paper production
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Continental Can Container Paper Company • City, GA, USA
Main Function:
 Delivered instrument specifications, loop diagrams, logic, and location drawings for the chlorine dioxide plant processing 50 tons per day.

Project Name: DuPont Co. Polymer System
Project Description: Improve Polymer production
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: DuPont Co. • Wilmington, NC, USA
Main Functions:
 Built thorough design concept of a polymer system encompassing reactor, transfer liner, utilities, and tank farm area.
 Offered instrument specifications, bid analysis, loop diagrams, and location drawings services.

Project Name: DuPont Co Powder Pneumatic Transfer System
Project Description: Design Build Powder Pneumatic Transfer System
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: DuPont Co. • Wilmington, NC, USA
Main Function:
 Devised a complete design for the powder pneumatic transfer system which process 600 tons on a daily basis, while delivering instrument specification and loop sheets, panel wiring drawings, location design, and bid analysis documents.
Project Name: TEE-PAK Sausage Casing Plant
Project Description: Greenfield design Build Sausage Casing Plant
Role: Lead Field Instrument Engineer
Company: TEE-PAK • Danville, IL, USA
Main Function:
 Created complete design and start the operation of hotdog and sausage casing plant with 10,000 point Fisher Pro Vox DCS control system.

Project Name: General Electric Resin Plant
Project Description: Greenfield Design Build Resin plant
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: General Electric • Burkville, AL, USA
Main Function:
 Conceptualized the design for the transformation of resin from source to destination, which involve the development of operation manual.

Project Name: Bausch and Lomb Saline Solution Plant
Project Description: Greenfield Saline Solution Plant
Role: Lead Instrument Design and Commissioning Engineer
Company: Bausch and Lomb • Greenville, SC, USA
Main Function:
 Designed concept for the automation control, programming, instrumentation, and commissioning of new ophthalmic saline solutions plant with process and utility systems which utilize microprocessor base system computers.

Project Name: Paper Machines Steam Drying and Drainage System
Project Description: Re-build Steam Drying and Drainage System
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: S.D. Warren Paper Co. • Muskegon, MI, USA
Main Function:
 Developed electrical controls for new steam drying and drainage system two paper machines processing 500 tons per day.

Project Name: Greenfield Abrasives Material Production plant
Project Description: Abrasives Material Production plant
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Norton • Huntsville, AL, USA
Main Function:
 Proficiently constructed electronic control for crushing and conveying systems in abrasives plant encompassing programming sequence and logic for a Modicom 384 System.

Project Name: St. Joe Paper Company
Project Description: Build New Boiler and Automate Plate with new DCS
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: St. Joe Paper Company • Saint Joe, FL, USA
Main Functions:
 Drove key efforts in performing feasibility study for the appropriate usage of computer with microprocessor in accordance with total energy management system, which include two boilers, three evaporators, and four steam turbines.
 Utilized systems for the instrumentation of 750,000 lbs. /hr., 1525 PSIG, 910-degree steam chemical, and oil-fired recovery boiler.

Project Name: Bausch and Lomb Saline Solution Plant
Project Description: Greenfield Saline Solution Plant
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Bausch and Lomb • Greenville, SC, USA
Main Function:
 Constituted development specifications, wiring and loop sheets, commissioning, and checkout instrumentation control panels for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants.

Project Name: Merck Corp pharmaceuticals
Project Description: A pharmaceutical plant expansion project
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Merck Corp. • Albany, GA, USA
Main Function:
 Generated instrumentation design for process controls including electronic and pneumatic systems.

Project Name: Boiler Automation
Project Description: Automation of Boiler with Foxboro Video Spec Control System
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Georgia Kraft Paper Co. • Rome, GA, USA
Main Function:
 Employed Foxboro Spec 200/Video Spec controls and changing field instruments from pneumatic platforms to electronic controls for instrumentation and electrical systems.

Project Name: HTH Packaging Line
Project Description: Install New HTH Packaging Line
Role: Lead Field Instrument Engineer
Company: Olin Corp.• Charleston, TN, USA
Main Functions:
 Produced electrical engineering concepts for operational maintenance of chemical plant.
 Rendered full assistance in developing and operating new HTH packaging line.

Project Name: Chip Conveyor System
Project Description: Install and Automate New Chip Conveyor System
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Hoechst Fibers • Spartanburg, SC, USA
Main Function:
 Orchestrated electrical design for new chip conveyor system and deliver electrical and instrumentation design for fiber manufacturing operations.

Project Name: Production Line Automation
Project Description: Automate Production Lines
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Tennessee Eastman • Kingsport, TN, USA
Main Function:
 Effectively handled instrumentation and electrical design for chemical plant production.

Project Name: Textiles Machines Automation
Project Description: Automate Textiles Machines
Role: Lead Instrument Design Engineer
Company: El DuPont, Chattanooga, TN USA
Main Function:
 Administered automation controls for textiles machines.

Project Name: Moon Ship Computer Automation
Project Description: Automated Control Systems
Role: Instrument Design Engineer
Company: Radiation/Harris Corporation, Melbourne, FL USA
Main Function:
 Designed computer controls for the NASA’s first man’s trip to the moon space ship reentry to earth.

Project Name: C-130 Aircraft Modifications
Project Description: Modifications of the C-130 aircraft
Role: Automation Design Engineer
Company: Fairchild Hiller Air Craft, St. Augustine, FL USA
Main Function:
 Oversaw the modifications of the C-130 aircraft for war with automated machine gun and computer automation controls.

Project Name: Mobile Radar/Communication Shelters
Project Description: United States Army & Air Force Mobile Radar/Communication Shelters
Role: Electrical Design Engineer
Company: North Electric, Gallon, OH USA
Main Function:
 Participated in the design and building of Vietnam radar/communication shelters for the United States Army.

Project Name: Guided Missiles Circuit Boards
Project Description: Guided Missiles Circuit Boards
Role: Circuit Design Engineer
Company: Magnavox Corp., Champaign, IL USA
Main Function:
 Designed the printed circuit board to guide missiles for war time.

Project Name: Saturn V Heat Testing
Project Description: Saturn V Heat Testing
Role: Design System for Saturn V Heat Testing
Company: Boing Aerospace, Huntsville, AL USA
Main Function:
 Participated to Saturn V rocket design in NASA.


SANDWELL, INC. • Atlanta, GA
Senior Controls Engineer

BLOUNT INC• Birmingham, AL
Senior Controls Engineer

FLUOR DANIEL • Greenville, SC
Senior Controls Engineer

EI DUPONT • Chattanooga, TN
Controls Design Engineer

Controls Design Engineer

Controls Design Engineer

Controls Design Engineer

Controls Design Engineer

Controls Design Engineer


Specific Degree in Engineering Studies | University of Maryland • College Park, MD

Specific Degree in Business Management | Steed College • Kingsport, TN

Specific Degree, Course Title | Tennessee Southern College • Collegedale, TN

Certified Engineering Certificate
United States Military Army Veteran, Vietnam Era


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard HAZWOPER Training

Specific Name of Training
Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils, Inc.

10-Hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety and Health


Instrument Society of America

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