Robbie Bryant


I&E Technician

Marion, SC

Robbie Bryant: Automation/Controls Engineer
407 West Bond Street
Marion, SC 29571
Work: 843-386-6045 ext 201
Mobile: 843-536-7704



David C. Poole Co. Johnsonville, SC 12/2008-Present
Employed by David C Poole Co: My position at David C Poole is Automation Controls Engineer. I am responsible for maintaining all aspects of the plants day to day electronic, electrical, automation and control installation design and programming. I maintain all networking and computer repair including hardware and software within the plant. I work closely with contractors on all new installations of new systems and machinery to improve efficiency and quality production methods within our facility and follow through to completion continuously trying to make our plant a better, safer and more productive place to work for all my associates; with all our processes exactly to the customers specifications and requirements. This requires constant monitoring and calibration of all the process components that we use to manufacture polyester fiber from pet resins, including recycled bottle flake.

Additional Duties:
• Troubleshoot equipment problems.
• Investigate, researche, and/or analyze new technology and existing equipment/s Create detailed schematics, panel layouts, and system architecture drawings for in-house projects. Create and verifie associated PLC / HMI programs. Continuosly updating schematics, etc. to as-built condition systems to determine need for modification/improvement and the feasibility of introducing new equipment or processes.
• Continuously calibrate thermocouples using mv meter adjusting for cold junction compensation (CJC) and also with Altek Thermocouple Calibrator and RTD Calibrator.
• Continuosly monitor and calibrate pressure transducers using 4-20mA calibrator for the electronics and manual pump with guage for probe and probe tip. Insure the exact temperatures and pressures are displayed on HMI (RSView32) as in the field.
• Continuosly trending all aspects of process’s using RS Trendworx.
• Plan and design automated production equipment or systems, such as instruments, controls, machines, and mechanical or electrical systems, by applying knowledge of engineering principles.
• All programming and Hmi design. Create detailed schematics, panel layouts, and system architecture drawings for in-house projects. Create and verify associated PLC/HMI programs. Update schematics, etc. to as-built conditions.
• Coordinate operation, maintenance, and repair activities to obtain optimum utilization of machines and systems.
• Coordinate vendor activities and oversee installation process to ensure adherence to schedule and to ensure machines and equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications.
• Perform all electrical troubleshooting and repairs throughout the plant.
• Responsible for all IT duties within the plant including all software and hardware installation on all computers; repair all damaged computers and insure that they are running at maximum efficiency.
• Install, Program and Repair all VFD’s.
• Continuosly adding equipment and modifying RSView32, Panelviews and PLC programs in an effort to improve and maximize efficiency and to eliminate the opportunity for human error.

Desciption of Process:
The groundup bottle flake comes to us in truck loads contained in bags. The shipping department brings it to the upenders where it is blended together in percentages using seven upenders to the customer specification. The flake is then blown over to a 30k pound dryer to remove any moister before extruding. After drying the product is continuosly blown over the hopper on top of the extruder controlled by a Conair feed system with inductive level probes in the vessel above the extruder. The product then feeds down into the feed throat of the extruder into zone 1. There are 8 zones on the extruder heated to 540 degrees F. All the zones are on a PID loop with a J type thermocouple at each zone. At the end of the extruder there is a product line transducer that reads the head pressure on the extruder.There is a setpoint at 1900 psi in the PLC540 Enhanced processor that makes the screen changer backflush. The screen changer is designed to backflush for 30 sec forward and reversed to help remove as much empurities from the product as possible and to extend the screen life span. After 18 backflushes the operator changes the screens on the top and bottom cylinders. The screen changer has seven 230V heaters with J type thermocouples to read temperatures and they are also looped together proportionally. After the product leaves the screen changer it then flows up to the eight spin beams that are continuosly turning pushing the product through the packs which have very tine holes that make the fiber pattern. The spin beam positions are monitored continuosly by thermocouples and pressure transducers. The product then flows through the quinch tanks that harden it and turn it into polyester fiber. After leaving the quench tanks the product flows through a finish tank that adds a coating, the tank is 92.6 degrees F. The fiber then goes through seven heated pre-draw rolls set at a specific speed monitored by encoders and then into the post-draw rolls also monitored by encoders. The difference in the speed gives the fiber its Draw ratio. The fiber is then transported to the welstrand/finish line where it moves on a conveyor through a crimper that gives it its crimp properties and then moves on the conveyor through a dryer with three zones. After the fiber leaves the dryer it goes through a cutter that cuts it in short lengths according to specifications and is then blown over to one of the card machines that fluffs up the fiber. The fiber is then blown over to the bale press where after the tramper on the press dumps the amount of times entered into the OI in the RSView32 HMI according to customer data specs. The press then turns and a ram comes down and compresses the fiber down to form the bale. The bales average around 1200 lbs. When the ram reaches its down-in-place position the doors open and the strapper moves on a linear transducer to strap position one and straps that position. The strapper continues its cycle for six more positions and returns home. After the strapper is safely home the bale dolly will move to the press and the bale is kicked off on the dolly. The dolly returns to home. After the dolly returns home the doors on the press are then closed and the ram rises to its home position. An air actuated arm pushes the bale off the dolly and stuffs it into a bag. The bale then travels down a conveyor and stops at the scale to be weighed and a label is placed on the bale. The bale then travels down the conveyor, passes by a vision system that verifies the label in place and all seven straps are also in place. The bale then passes by an RFID reader that scans the barcode and then travels to the next unoccupied position on the conveyor. When the bale reaches the end of the conveyor and the conveyor is full the operator picks up the bales and stacks them for shipping to retrieve.

Sidel NA Inc., Norcross, GA 02/2008-11/2008
Field Service Automation Engineer. Company Downsized by 60%.
Sidel is a manufacturer and complete service co. for beverage filling equipment.
* Design control software for assigned projects.
* Fillers, Conveyors, Airveyors, Paletizers, Label Machines, Stretch wrap machines, Blow mold machines.
* Field check electrical devices during startup and installation.
* Install Software at Startup.
* Enable and configure all communication.
* Debug new and existing systems.
* Update documentation with latest changes (ISO 9001).
* Compile detailed reports for every Field Service assignment.
* Extensive PLC and HMI programming in the field.
* Trouble shooting all aspects of blending and filling operations..
* Ensure customer satisfaction at the end of all assignments.
* Supevised and coordinated entire installation projects of all equipment in beverage filling facilities including machine placements, leveling, wiring, panel layouts and final programming for complete operations.
* I was one of four automation engineers for Sidel. Sidel North America employed over 350 field service technicians in North America. I mostly worked on the Rockwell side of the automation division giving support (24/7, 90% Travel) to most beverage filling companies in North America including Pepsi, Neslie, Coca Cola, Budweiser/Bush, Rolling Rock, etc .. Just to name a few. Sidel builds mostly all the machinery in France with some modications at their Norcross, GA facility including the fillers, the blow mold machines that blow up the small preformed plastic bottle at 3500psi as they are entering into the filler. When filling water bottles, the filler runs at 1200 bottles per minute including bottle tops. After the bottles are filled they go through a gamma ray fill level device that checks for proper head space. If the head space is not within a set programmed perammeter the bottle is kicked off by an air actuated cylinder into a reject bin container. The bottles that are okay with the level move along on a conveyor to the label machine for labeling. There is an RFID scanner and vision system that ensures proper label placement and enters the barcode into a database just after leaving the label machine. The bottles then travel down the conveyor to the palitzer where they are stacked, wrapped and placed on plastic pallets for robot to stack them.
* Sidel also installs the water purification systems in the filling process. The water passes through several conductivity meters before entering filler. If there are any impurities or the conductivity is out of range we sound alarms and stop the filler.

Consolidated Diesel Company, Rocky Mount, NC 07/2007-12/2007
Contract Controls Engineer (MST) Mid-States-Technical Group.
Consolidated Diesel Company is a manufacturer of diesel engines for Cummins.
* Work on Error Proofing Systems using CLX.
* Work with SQL Database to configure PLC programs.
* Work with Cimplicity to arrange Error Proofing Stations.
* Update documentation with latest changes.
* Design control hardware for assigned projects.
* Design control software for assigned projects.
* Field check electrical devices during startup and installation.
* Install Software at Startup.
* Enable and configure all communication.
* Debug new and existing systems.
* Update documentation with latest changes (ISO 9001).
* Extensive modifications to all Panel Builder HMIs.
* Upgraded test fascilities for final engine inspection and testing.

Sopakco Pkg, Mullins, SC 07/2006-07/2007
Automation Engineer
Sopakco is a manufacturer of MREs for the military.
• Extensive programming and modifications on the paletizer and entire conveyor
System. Installed vision system for identifying missing straps and other defects on
MRE cases. Installed RFID system for identifying cases and transmitted all data to
to database using Microsoft Office Access. Also I retrieved signals from RFID System
using SLC504 Processor to help send cases on conveyor to proper locations for
shipping. All electrical, controls and automation within the plant.
• PLC Programming and Design.
• Allen Bradley
• Plc 5
• Slc 500
• Panel Builder
• AC & DC Drives
• ControlNet
• Devicenet
• Ethernet
• Flex IO
• Rslinx: Direct drivers, DDE and OPC.

Arvin Meritor, (Olsten) Mullins, SC 01/2006-07/2006
Contract Controls Automation Technician
• All Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic duties involved in the day to day operations of an auto-parts manufacturing plant.
• All PLC programming by PLC code, Design and drafting.
• Created wiring diagrams using Autocad and laying out circuit boards
• Read and Modified electrical schematics and relay diagrams from existing prints.

Coca-Cola (Olsten) Florence, SC 11/2004-01/2006
Contract Automation Specialist
• Automation controls and design
• PLC programming
• Trouble shoot, install, debug, start up of new shipping line for Coca-Cola
• Verified the final operations of entire conveyor system was proficient.
• Controllers used were SLC 500s, Ethernet with WebPort

Arvin Meritor, (Olsten) Mullins, SC 04/2004-10/2004
Contract Electronics Technician
• All Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic duties involved in the day to day operations of an auto-parts manufacturing plant.
• All PLC programming by PLC code, Design and drafting.
• Created wiring diagrams using Autocad and also laying out circuit boards
• Read and Modified electrical schematics and relay diagrams from existing prints.

Wellman, Inc. Johnsonville, SC 01/2001-02/2004
E & I Coordinator Division Closed.
• Administer CPU’s as a means of troubleshooting PLC’s and other control devices.
• Design and implement new functional programs for future processes.
• Troubleshooting for all aspects of systems operations.
• Training for all electrical personel.
• Supervise contractors and maintenance personel with all E&I projects within the plant.

Sopakco Foods Mullins, SC 06/1996-01/2001
Automation Specialist Plant Closed.
• All PLC programming and design.
• Installation and calibration of RTD’s, Thermocouples, I/P’s, AC & DC drives, Flow meters, Chart Recorders, etc.
• All processes involving a 4-20 mA PID loop.
• Troubleshooting for all aspects of systems operation.
• Maintained and controlled various types of valves, pumps, heat exchangers, homogenizers, Filtec and Peco (gamma-ray fill level devices) to ensure proper headspace for all jarred products.
• Insure that all temperatures and pump pressures were precise at all times.
• Insure that all mixing blades and agitators were operating at proper speeds in addition to proper time limitations at all times.
• Performed an initial retort testing on all products to ensure proper cook times in addition to proper speeds for final cook process.
• Maintained LAN within the plant.

Raytex Finishing (Cone Mills) Marion, SC 04/1986-05/1996
Maintenance Technician Plant Closed.
• All mechanical and electrical maintenance within the plant.
• Raytex was an upholstery printing company for both contract cotton goods and mattress ticketing.

• Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
Warren National University 2008 to 2009
Kennedy Western University 2006 to 2008

• Associate of Science General Technology
Florence Darlington Technical College
Florence, SC 1996 to 1997

• Diploma Industrial Electronics & Electricity
Florence Darlington Technical College
Florence, SC 1995 to 1996

• Certificate in Industrial Maintenance Technology
Florence Darlington Technical College
Florence, SC 1994 to 1995

Special Certificates:
• Developing Projects with RSView 32 (Rockwell)
• PLC-5 Programming and Design (Rockwell)
• PLC-5 Advanced Programming (Rockwell)
• Developing a Logix 5000 Project (Rockwell)
• RS Linx OPC with Visual Basic (Rockwell)
• 1336 PlusII Advanced Troubleshooting (Rockwell)
• AC & DC Drive Maintenance School (GE)
• Servo Drives Advanced Setup & Startup (Rockwell)

Thorough knowledge of all relay logic and design, temperature and pressure sensing devices, I/P’s, motor controls, i/o configurations, all industrial instrumentation requiring a 4-20 mA loop and all types of Programmable Logic Controls. Extremely proficient in repairing, servicing, adjusting, regulating, calibrating, fine-tuning, and testing any device that operates on the basis of electrical, electronic, or mechanical principles. Experience with the development of testing techniques, laboratory equipment, circuitry, and installation specifications by writing reports and recording data. A thorough knowledge of design techniques, principles, tools and instruments involved in the production and use of precision technical plans, drawings, blueprints and model test. Ability to test electronic units using standard test equipment to evaluate performance and determine needs for adjustments. Able to read blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings and engineering instructions for assembling electronics units and applying knowledge of electronic theory and components.

Related Knowledge and Skills

• ABB S3, S4C, S4CPlus
• Cincinnati Milacron 786
• Kawasaki C-controller
• Fanuc RJ3
• Comau C3G+, C4G
• A-B PLC 2, 3, 5, SLC 50x, Contrologix
• Omron Plc
• Seimens Step 7
• A-B Panelview 500,600,900,1000,1000e,1400e
• RSView, RSView 32
• Omron HMI
• Cimplicity
• DH+, RIO, Ethernet IP, Devicenet, Profibus, Controlnet.
Field Devices
• Load Cells, LVDT, Signal Conditioner, Analog, Vision Systems
• Programmable Limit Switches, Photo Eye, Bar Code Readers, RFID
• Uson Leak Tester, Telesis Pin Marker
Computer software/ Operating systems
• Dos, Windows 3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP-8.1
• Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook
• AutoCad & Autocad Electrical
• A-B 6200, RSLogix5, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000
• RSNetworx, RSLinx
• Drive Manger 32, DriveExecutive
• Panelbuilder32, Panelbuilder1400e, Wonderware
• A-B VFDs 1305,1336, 1336 PlusII and 1394 impact Drives.
• A-B Servo Drives.
• A-B Flex 70, 700 Drives.
• Emerson Servo Drives.
• GE, Siemens AC and DC Drives.

Jeff Gardner
Poole Co.
Johnsonville, SC 29555
Work: 843-386-6045 ext 205
Cell: 843- 610-3436

Lequint Hargrove
Johnson Controls
Florence, SC 29501
Buddy Richardson
Richardsons Electric
Johnsonville, SC 29555

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