Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan
Metropolis, IL 62960
Phone 618-638-2395
Job FunctionInstallation, Maintenance, & Repair, Manufacturing & Production
Career Summary
Professional Information
Job TitleInstrument Technician Experience 21+ Years Education Some College Employment Type Any Position Type Salary $50-60k Member No.91451274Last Activity05/19/2015

Robert D. Morgan 4371 Mann Lake Road
Cell Phone (618) 638-2395 Metropolis,Ill. 62960
Home Phone (618) 564-2731

A challenging position in Electrical or Technical Maintenance that will effectively utilize acquired skills and abilities. Desire a position with career growth potential.

Self-Motivated Professional with more than 20 years of related experience in technical engine maintenance and plant operations.
Highly skilled in systems analysis, plant and field maintenance, ladder logic software, troubleshooting and repair of engines, electrical, motor control, air compression, PLC, and ignition systems.
Facilitate a team approach to achieve organizational objectives, increase productivity and enhance employee morale.
Proven ability to multi-task and handle increased responsibility.
Supervisor intuitive, interpersonal, analytical, technical, organizational and leadership skills.
Thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments.
Quick study with an ability to easily grasp new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies.
Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder.
Proficient in the use of various computer programs and software applications including Tisoft, Windows for Recip-trap, MS Word, Excel and Lotus spreadsheets.

Employment Experience
Honeywell Chemical Plant-Metropolis, IL
Instrument Technician, 2/04-Present
Work shift work help in keeping plant running and doing pms and troubleshoot and repairing instruments and gauges and DCS and PLC systems, work on load cells defferenal pressure transmitter, air compressors, pneumatic controls, chart recorders, thermal couples, pressure switches, alarm panels, HMI systems, control valves.
Jakel Electric Motor-Murry.KY 08/03-02/04
Maintenance Supervisor/Control Technician
Run machine shop crew and crew doing repair on equipment. Did all the programming on new equipment being made and all repairs on all PlC run equipment and all electrical work on all equipment used at Murry, KY and Highland,Il .
Duke Energy-Calvert City, KY.
Control/Electrical/Maintenance, 11/01-Laidoff-01/03
Monitor daily plant operations in walk down of Turbine and Generators Do plant Operation in control room which is GE Mark VI and DCS Delta V, The plant consists of 8 Dual fuel, simple cycle GE 7EA gas turbines. I work in Electrical, Controls, Plant Operations, and Maintenance. Ive been present during all construction and commissioning activities.
Trunkline Gas Company North Judson, IN
Control/Electrical/Equipment Analysis Technician, 5/96-11/01
Monitor daily plant operations and install, troubleshoot and repair a number of engines/systems including electrical, fuel regulator, force feed lubrication, ignition systems, air compression, motor control, PLC and pneumatic control panels. Work with ladder logic software for Siemens 545 PLCs; perform testing of horsepower, air fuel, vibration analysis, and ultrasonic flaw testing of bolts. Coordinate annual inspections of breaker, switch gear, motor control panels, and generators.
Operator A / Technician Trainee, 11/90-5/96
Participated in the team that re-establishes plant operations in Joppa, IL. Performed engine maintenance ranging from replacement of pistons, main bearings and cylinders to total overhauls of generators, gearboxes, cooling towers, and Reciprocating and turbine engines. Trained in Controls and Equipment Analysis; monitored gas flow and pressure levels to ensure optimal performance levels.

Maintenance B (Joppa, IL), 9/90-11/90

Maintenance B (Tuscola, IL), 7/88-9/90

Operator A (Joppa, IL), 12/82-7/88
Supported plant operations by controlling pressure levels and engines producing a total of 30,000 horsepower. Transferred to Tuscola after plant closing in 1988.

Operator C (Joppa, IL), 6/82-12/82

Maintenance C (Joppa, IL), 5/81-6/82


Completed numerous corporate technical training courses including:

Analytical Problem Solving
NEC Code
Engine & Compressor Fundamentals
Tisoft Software
Lewellyn Variable Frequency Drives
Recip-trap Windows
Lewellyn Maintenance Training
NTT Motor Control
Electronics home study course
NTT Industrial Electronics
GE 7EA Operator Training
GE 7EA Maintenance Training
PID Loop Controls
Programmable Logic Controllers
Control safety Systems
Motor Starter Controls
Alarms Systems
Relief Valves
SCADA Systems
Electrical Grounding Systems
Electrical Safety 1
Electrical Safety 2
Personal Computer Operation
Pressure Protection Requirements
Procedures Station Drawings
Test and Calibration Equipment
Tubing & Fitting use and Installation
Learn The Yard Piping and Gas Flow
Air Systems
Aux. Generator Operations
Battery Backed Power Supply Operation & Battery
Electric Valve Operators
ESD/LASD Systems
Pneumatic Valve Operators/Actuators
Relief Valve Operation and Maintenance
— Air/Fuel Ratio Controls
Ignition Systems operation
Unit Stop-Start Sequence
Compressor Loading Curves/Maps
Reciprocating Compressor Operation
Reciprocating Compressor Loading
Reciprocating Prime Mover Combustion Char 1
Reciprocating Prime Mover Combustion Characteristics 2
Bearing Lube and Cooling systems Operation
Reciprocating Prime Mover Mechanical Relationships
480 v Motor Starter Controls
Commercial Power & Incoming Disconnect
Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear
Power Transformer
Operator Interface (Lookout) & ( Interact)
— Electric Motor VFD
— Electrical Construction
Electrical Distribution and Lighting System
Electrical Grounding 2
Motor Control Center 2
Station as-built drawings
Fire Detection Systems
Analog Vibration Systems
Horsepower/Torque Control System
Fuel System AGA Report # 3 Theory
Reciprocating Prime Mover Troubleshooting
Force Feed Lubrication System
Scavenging Air Cooling System
Equipment Analyst Qualification Examination Passed
Delta V Continuous Operator
Air conditioning repair
NTT NFPA E70 Arch Flash Training
Osha 1910.120 hazardous Waste Operations &
Emergency Responses
— EPA Certificate Universal for HVAC
— EPA Certificate 410 A Freon HVAC


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