Robert Owen

Robert Owen
Ladson, SC 29456
Phone (843) 875-0447
Job FunctionEngineering & Architecture, Public Utilities & Services
Career Summary
Professional Information
Job TitleDcs Control System Specialist Education Some College Employment Type 1099 Contractor, Any Position Type Salary $90-120k Citizenship U.S. Citizen Member No.1296736Last Activity12/10/2010


Instrumentation and Control professional seeking work in
DCS/PLC startup, testing and operations. U. S. citizen
willing to consider domestic assignments, especially coastal
locations, but prefers overseas assignments.


Power plant startup and operation; Extensive DCS
experience including configuration, programming, and
startup of Combined Cycle, Pulverized coal, and circulating
fluidized bed combustion startup and operation

Startup with following control systems:
Fisher Provox Honeywell 2000/3000
Texas Instruments D3 ABB/Bailey Infi 90
Gould Modicon PLC Allen Bradley PLC
Hewlett Packard Data Acquisition System CEMS
Foxboro I/A DCS


Louisiana State University General Science
Georgia State University General Science
university of New Orleans Management/Marketing
U. S. Navy Electronics
U. S. Navy Basic Submarine
U. S. Navy Nuclear Engineering
U. S. Navy S5G Nuclear Engineering
U. S. Navy Damage Control
U. S. Navy Advanced Electronics
Devry Institute of Technology Electronics Technology
Texas Instrument Training Facility D3 Users Course
Texas Instrument training Facility D3 First Response Course
United States Power Squadron Seamanship
United States Power Squadron Piloting


Sailing enthusiast and avid computer hobbyist
member of the United States Power Squadron


Exelon / – Rodd Ligols
/ Penpower – Mike Flemington (08/03 to 9/03)
(Fore River Station Facility, N. Weymouth, MA, USA)
Initial client support following plant completion and transfer
from WGI to Exelon (Foxboro I/A DCS System)

Washington Group / – Joe Thomas
/ Penpower – Mike Flemington (01/03 to 8/03)
(Fore River Station Facility, N. Weymouth, MA, USA)
800 MW Combined Cycle Project consisting of two Gas Turbines and
one Steam Turbine. Provided DCS support during startup and
completion testing; Resolved software and hardware configuration
problems; Performed DCS tuning
(Foxboro I/A DCS System)

Dak Americas/CSC/Volt Tech Services – Harold Myster (06/02 to 01/03)
(Dupont Industrial Facility, Goose Creek, SC ,USA)
Industrial Polimer/resins production facility.
Provided DCS support during startup of new resins production line
(ABB/Bailey Infi 90)

Washington Group/Raytheon Engineers & Construction/ – Joe Thomas
/ Penpower – Andrew Flemington (08/01 to 05/02)
(Ilijan Combined Cycle Power Project, Ilijan, Philipines)
Project consisting of 4 – 300 MW Gas Turbines 2 Heat Recovery
Steam Generators and 2 – 300 MW Steam Turbines
Provided DCS support during startup and completion testing;
Resolved software and hardware configuration problems;
Performed DCS tuning
(ABB/Bailey Infi 90 with Harmony I/O and Conductor NT)

Bechtel/PGESCO Engineers & Construction/ – Paul Steel
(01/01 to 07/01)
(Ayoun Moussa Power Project, Canal Zone, Egypt)
2 320MW Gas/Oil Fired power project
Provided DCS support during startup and completion testing;
Resolved software and hardware configuration problems;
Performed DCS tuning (ABB/Bailey Infi 90)

Contracted for ABB-Automation as Bailey Infi90 Field
Service Engineer at the following projects:

ABB Automation – Jesse Garcia (10/00 to 11/00)
(Jindal Pulverized coal/Corex gas 2 unit power
plant-130 MW each, Karnataka, India
Follow up from previous assignment. Resolved software and
hardware configuration issues as well as developed display
and control (MMI) and additional configurations as requested
by owners. (ABB/Bailey Infi 90)

BHEL/Raytheon Engineers & Construction/
ABB Automation – George Olic (11/99 to 05/00)
(Jindal Pulverized coal/Corex gas 2 unit power
plant-130 MW each, Karnataka, India)
Provided DCS support during startup and completion testing;
resolved software and hardware configuration problems;
performed DCS tuning (ABB/Bailey Infi 90)

Toyo Engineering/DFD/
ABB Automation – David Stark (09/99 to 11/99)
(Paiton Pulverized coal power plant units 7 and 8-670 MW each,
Paiton, Indonesia)
Resolved the following project completion punchlist items:
communication and computer problems with DCS to boiler stress
and plant performance computer systems; corrected problems
with SOE and satellite timekeeper; corrected hardware and
software configurations (Bailey Infi 90)

AEC International/
ABB Automation – Joseph Geither (08/99 to 09/99)
(Darajat Geothermal Power Plant, Darajat, Indonesia)
Resolved the following project completion punchlist items: Y2K
upgrades; SOE and satellite timekeeper interface issues;
identified corrective actions to resolve DCS to Admin
communications problems (Bailey Infi 90)

Duke/Fluor Daniel/Nusantara Company
(Three-Unit 65 MW Pulverized Coal Power Plant,
Irian Jaya, Indonesia) (06/97 to 06/00)
Instrumentation and Control Supervisor during construction,
startup, and initial operation. Responsible for operation and
maintenance of DCS and numerous associated PlC systems.
providing technical support during construction and startup
phases. Installation and startup of the CEMS system. Since
July 1998 supervising the Y2K conversion. (Bailey Infi 90)

Westinghouse Savannah River, Inc./
Bechtel Savannah River, Inc. (06/88 to 05/97)
(Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina)
(retired WSRC 05/97)
Senior Engineer providing startup and technical support at
Defense Waste Processing Facility. Test Engineer for the PLC
and DCS automation checkout and post modification testing.
Responsible for verifying control functions of DCS automation
programs against field processes. Coordinate analysis of
automatic program and process systems using design documents
to determine correct control sequence for normal and upset
process conditions. (Texas Instruments D3 DCS)

Bechtel Power Corporation/
Gilberton Power Plant (04/87 to 05/88)
(PyroPower 88 MW Circulating Cogeneration Facility,
Frackville, Pennsylvania)
Lead instructor for the operator training program at
Pennsylvania State University-Schuykill Campus. Directed
lesson development, lectures, plant walk-downs, tutoring,
and procedures development. At the jobsite, duties included
testing, installation and startup of the Fisher Provox digital
control system. Responsible for design, implementation,
debugging, and tuning of the DCS. Shift supervisor during
startup and initial operating phases. (Fisher Provox DCS)

Bechtel Power Corporation/
Scott paper Company (05/85 to 04/87)
(Lurgi-CE Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology 62 MW
Cogeneration Facility, Chester, Pennsylvania) Supervised
writing and review of the electrical portion of the startup
technical procedures manual. Lead Instructor of the onsite
operator training program; supervised lesson development and
preparation. Following completion of trainina program, was
Shift Supervisor in charge of startup of the DCS, operation,
and coordination of Bechtel, vendor and craft personnel during
the shift period. (Honeywell 2000/3000 DCS)

Bechtel International, Inc./
Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant (05/82 to 05/85)
(Two-Unit French PWR Nuclear Station, Cape Town, South Africa)
Engineering Consultant to assist in the review, format, and
preparation of operational and periodic test procedures.
Assigned to the Performance Monitoring Section to assist in
the development and implementation of an ASME inservice pump
and valve test program. Developed several computerized
testing/application programs as well as a vibration
monitoring/test program. Significant among these is an
automatic secondary heat balance program for determination of
reactor power level.

Bechtel Power Corporation Home Office
and Montana Power (02/81 to 04/82)
(Four-Unit Coal Fired Generating Station, Colstrip, Montana)
Construction Completion and Startup Coordinator responsible
for system tagging, boundary evaluation; expediting craft
superintendents and field engineers; turnover package
definition and preparation; system turnover; and coordination
with the owners startup group. Directed final walk-down and
turnover of the administrative building complex.

U. S. Navy (10/69 to 02/81)
Chief Electronics Technician (ETC-SS) in the Nuclear Power
program. Assigned to several ships, submarines and the Nuclear
Power School. Shipboard duties included Engineering Watch
Supervisor; Chief of Reactor Controls Division; and Quality
Assurance Inspector. Supervised all aspects of engineering,
operation, testing, and maintenance of engineering equipment.
Instructor of the Basic Electricity and Reactor Plant Systems
courses and Advisor at Nuclear Power School.

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