Email: 3700,Casa Verde St, Apt #3318, San Jose, CA 95134 TEL:(682)-234-6537
The University of Texas Arlington GPA:3.50/4.00
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Aug 2015
Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat, India GPA: 3.85/4.00
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering May 2013

••• Development tools: SchneiderSCADA7.2, Xilinx, Matlab, Multisim, Spotfire, Pspice, PSIM
2.0, Labview, Verilog RTL, Packet Sniffer, Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver
•• Assembly and programming languages: C, C++, Keil, 8085 Simulator IDE, MPLabIDE8.9.2, VHDL, VB6.0, CPU
Programming, IAR Embedded Workbench, Code Composer Studio.
Intern/Co-op- Mine Safety Appliances, USA Aug 2014-Dec 2014
• Worked on Bluetooth Low Energy devices by implementing various compatible profiles for the installation and
to establish a strong wireless data transfer between the sender and receiver for permanent and portable
protection purposes and also extensive programming of MSP430 processors using Code Composer Studio.
Intern – Electrotherm Pvt. Ltd., INDIA May 2013-July 2013
• Participated in the design and implementation of Induction Heating Furnace and Hardening system Steel Plant
Turnkey Project.
Intern –Doordarshan Pvt.Ltd., INDIA May 2012-Aug 2012
• Participated in the National level Broadcasting of channels with video and audio encryption technique, filtering
of data bit rate, developing the channel bandwidth for data acquisition and data transmission via Bluetooth.
Intern–Sun Communication Pvt.Ltd., INDIA Dec 2011-Jan2012
• Developed an algorithm for the performance of Optimum Receivers and AWGN Channels and also
implemented the theory of Channel Carrier Synchronization to protect the data information at
BLE Devices and MSP430 programming, Mine Safety Appliances, USA Aug 2014-Dec 2014
• Worked on various BLE supported device implementation techniques by using the Proximity Profile in order to
enable the peripheral device detection for the hazardous presence of permanent or portable devices around and
also establishment of data transfer between the sender and receiver making the protection process faster and
accurate. Also worked extensively on MSP430 processor programming using Code Composer Studio.
MIMO system performance analysis, UTA Aug 2013-Oct 2013
•• Designed and simulated a MIMO wireless system, with spatial multiplexing in standards of communication grade
under various channel conditions by measuring Symbol Error rate with respect to SNR and Multiplexing gain,
implemented various theories related to OFDMA,TDMA,CDMA techniques.
Communication and Interleaving via COMP(Coordinated Multipoint Techniques),UTA Nov 2013-Dec 2013
•• Designed a model for transmitting the data through different antenna ports located in the same domain and
calculated the reduction in the interference and the inter channel noise ratio by increasing the number of
antennas and thereby reducing the significant multipath losses and its effects.
SDRAM Controller Interfacing with Microprocessor 80386, UTA April 2014-May 2014
•• Designed SDRAM Controller to convert 16 bit Intel 80386 Read and Write Commands to 64M SDRAM Commands
and programmed to be operated in different modes and also used pipelining techniques.
Embedded Microcontroller System Design Project, UTA Jan 2014-May 2014
•• A timing intensive asynchronous communication protocol was successfully achieved by interfacing the controller
and the device using DMX512A protocol and EF1 topology from the hardware using RS-232 interface and RS-485
communication bus.
Study of Interface between Computer and Internet, Wireshark Protocols, UTA March 2014-May 2014
•• Usage of Wireshark and analysis of DHP,ICMP, IPv4, IPv6,TCP and UDP used between a computer and the
internet for a detailed study of the networking process.

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