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Ron Crabtree
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Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

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Dr. Ronald C. Crabtree


Possesses more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Basic and Applied Research in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the senior level. Specialties are design, miniaturization and packaging of electronic products, electronic R&D, optics and mechanical engineering. Hardware experience encompasses the design and integration of electro-optics, displays, particle detectors, video systems and embedded microprocessors. Proficient in the design of high speed digital, analog (DC to 64GHz), DSP, FPGA and EPLD circuits. Software experience includes designing real time software, firmware and device drivers using languages such as C and Assembly on many platforms.

Experienced in conducting scientific research in the areas of electro-optics, night vision, imaging, electro-magnetics, weapons and power systems. Electro-optics work comprises the design of electron beam lithography systems, night vision, angle measurement, fiber optic communication systems, IR / optical control systems, particle detectors and intelligent cameras. Detector responses ranged from UV (<270nm) to far IR (>2800nm) to include visible light. Optics work relates to selection of optical coatings, design of front ends for different optical systems, day / night rifle scopes, cascade tubes and collimators for laser guided weapons using radioisotopes as the photon source.

Proficient in full life cycle product development. Experiences in compliance to various agency standards, such as DO-160, DO-254, MIL-HDBK-338 Reliability, MIL-HDBK-344 ESS, MIL-HDBK-816 Developing Radiation Hardness, MIL-STD-810F Environmental and others. Offers a professional background spanning the defense, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial control industries. Adept in developing proposals to secure multi-million dollar contracts, planning and managing projects, company startups, training and supervising personnel.

Areas of Expertise:

• Digital Circuit Design • Mixed Signal Design • Embedded Firmware
Micros / MCUs / High Speed ADC / DAC / Data Com Microprocessors / MCUs
DSP / FPGAs / EPLDs Electro-optics / Power Board Support / Device Drivers

Career Profile:

2013 – 2014 AMETEK Aerospace, Consultant

• Designed digital, mixed signal and power electronic systems used in military and commercial aircraft
flight controls with compliance to DO-254.
• Directed the implementation of design modifications to products for compliance with specifications.
• Performed detailed analysis of flight hardware failures and defined solutions to problems including functional
deficiencies and EMI issues per DO-160.
• Worked directly with customer management and engineering to coordinate system development and test.

2012 – 2013 Cornet Technology, Consultant

• Designed multi-channel telephone interfaces including FXS, FXO, E&M, Magneto and Cellular Communications modules supporting CDMA and GSM standards.
• Developed Gateway, Conferencing telecom systems designed to provide Interoperability between incompatible
Com units such as tactical radios, cellular telephones and land based telephones.
• Designed switching power supplies and battery charging circuits.
• Performed detailed design of high speed digital and FPGA circuits using Altera devices, VHDL and Altium tools.
• Planned and directed the development of military telecommunications systems used in support of interoperability
scenarios for military and government applications.
• Supervised layout and routing of high speed, low noise circuit boards.
• Mentored engineers with varying degrees of experience.

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2007 – 2012 Cernium Corporation, Principal Staff Engineer

• Designed high resolution (up to 8 megapixel sensors) intelligent cameras used in video analytics systems.
• Performed design of high speed digital, NAND / NOR flash, DSP, analog, mixed signal and imager electronics
for high volume production.
• Circuit designs comprised microprocessor, DSP, DDR2 memory, switching power supplies, Ethernet and
wireless subsystems such as WiFi and Bluetooth. MPUs included Power PC 554 / 565. DSPs used were
DaVinci 6446 / 6441.
• Performed mechanical and PCB design for emissions compliance including FCC Class B, CSA and CE specs.
• Responsible for successful performance of all aspects of hardware design activity including emissions compliance with FCC, CE, CSA and other agency standards.
• Responsible for startup and direction of the hardware engineering department including day to day operations.
• Defined the Configuration Management System and the definitions of procedures and Engineering standards.

2004 – 2007 Thales Communications Inc., Principal Staff Engineer

• Directed the $500M hardware development effort and served as technical lead for next generation Joint Tactical Radio System software definable radios.
• Designed high reliability tactical radios and equipment implementing secure encryption circuitry for voice and
data communications.
• Performed detailed design of high speed digital / analog circuits, DSP, FPGA, RF, RFPA, and encryption circuits.
• Designed and evaluated radio subsystems to ensure receiver sensitivity of -123dB (-119dB spec) and compliance with FCC and military EMI requirements.
• Supervised layout and routing of high speed, high layer count circuit boards for EMI control.
• Directed the HW design effort to ensure reliable functionality of subsystems in preparation for customer acceptance and production startup.
• Responsible for successful performance of all aspects of hardware design activity including FPGA and software integration.
• Conducted team meetings to ensure communication between design functions and successful problem resolution.
• Authored product training slides for use in instructing manufacturing personnel.
• Responsible for project management including supervision and training of engineers.
• Assumed responsibilities of the Director of Engineering when required.
• Provided technical guidance for Digital, Analog and RF issues encountered on programs.
• Developed bids and proposals at system level and wrote IRAD and capital equipment justifications.

2000 – 2004 Consultant

• Designed VME64X based avionics systems for MH53 Helicopter.

• Designed power supplies and display interfaces used in components of the M1A2 Main Battle Tank.

• Designed ATM analyzer running at OC-96 line rates using Intel iPX1200 series network processors and
80310 64 bit microprocessor chipset, with IXbus, Utopia and PCI bus structures.

• Designed VME64X based electron beam lithography position and timing control system using MC68060
microprocessor. Developed complex timing and control, shape processing circuits / algorithms, Ethernet and
high-speed differential serial communications circuits with Altera and Xilinx FPGA and EPLD devices using VHDL.

Dr. R. Crabtree, Page 3

1997 – 2000 ITT Night Vision, Principal Research Scientist

• Performed design and development engineering for image sensors and head mounted displays such as FED, TFT, AMEL and MEMS technology.
• Designed electronics for Digital Soldier and wearable computing applications.
• Designed miniature battery operated controls and power circuits for night vision systems.
• Designed high voltage (4-6KV) switching power supplies for image intensifiers using Power MOSFETs and IGBTs.
• Designed high resolution intensified video camera system using megapixel CMOS sensors, miniature AMEL displays up to 1024 x 1280 in resolution, IDT RC5700 microprocessor and Altera FPGA and EPLD devices. This
was ultimately intended for head-mounted applications.
• Led the effort of introducing solid state intensifiers and sensor fusion into the company and developed the concepts and technology.
• Designed solid state intensifier systems utilizing photodiode arrays and cascade amplifiers.
• Developed electronic packaging to meet the mechanical and optical requirements for size, weight and
product configuration.
• Analyzed effects of shock and vibration on Night Vision systems and recommended system improvements based on performance data.
• Conducted rifle firing tests to analyze shock and vibration effects on intensified rifle sights.
• Developed system level optical and electro-optical product improvements and directed their implementation in manufacturing.
• Directed and performed failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) on night vision products.
• Responsible for program management including defining requirements for solid state intensifier systems, project
scheduling and research budgets.
• Developed bids and proposals and wrote IRAD and capital equipment justifications.
• Co-Author of two patents for Night Vision designs.

Prior Experience: Development of electronic / electro-magnetic products, automotive test, electro-optics R&D,
thermal imaging, factory automation, data acquisition, missile guidance, particle accelerators
and secure voice communications systems. Specifics are available upon request.

Technical Skills:

Design Embedded MPUs • Firmware • Device Drivers • Data Acquisition • Instrumentation
Areas Data Communications • Custom ATE • Automation • Robotics • Electro-optics
Video Switching • Thermal Imaging • Sensors • Digital Audio • Digital Video
High Voltage • Miniaturization

FPGAs / EPLDs TI • Altera • Xilinx • Atmel • AMD • AT&T

MPUs / MCUs Intel: PXA255/270 • i960 • 80XX • 87XX • 80XXX • PentiumXX • Core i7
Motorola: Coldfire • 80310 • PowerPC 5XX • 68XXX • 68HCXX • MC9S12
TI: TMS320XXX • DaVinci • ARM • Cortex-A8 • OMAP • C67XX
Zilog: Z8X • Z80XX • 65XX Freescale: iMX25 / 27 / 31 / 51 • S12XX
Microchip: PIC16 / 17 / 24
Various: ARM9, ARM11 Cores

Bus Types PCI • VME • VXI • RS-422 / 423 / 485 • ARINC • Mil-1553 • SERDES • IEEE-488 • Custom

CAD Systems Altium • PADS • Orcad • Cadence • Valid-Allegro • Autocad • SolidWorks

Programming C / C++ • Assembly • PL/M • BASIC • Pascal • LISP OS: Unix • AIX • Linux • pSOS

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, MS Computer Science, PhD Physics

Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Member, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers

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Job Title Company Experience
Principal Consultant Ametek Aero – Present

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Current Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Date of Availability: Immediately

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

Active Security Clearance: None

US Military Service: Yes

Citizenship: US citizen

Target Job: Target Job Title: Principal Engineer

Desired Job Type: Employee

Desired Status: Full-Time
Per Diem

Target Company: Company Size:

Industry: Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg
Government and Military

Occupation: Engineering • Aeronautic/Avionic Engineering
• Electrical/Electronics Engineering
• Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

Target Locations: Selected Locations: US-PA-Philadelphia

Relocate: Yes

Willingness to travel: No Travel Required

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