Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright
560 Silver Lake Road NW, New Brighton MN 55112
Cell: 515-729-0357

Seeking a position which utilizes my extensive experience in tire technician, warehousing/forklift
efficiency, product delivery and storage, job estimates, implementation and completion.

Possesses CDL Class B; Tire Service Industry Certification.

Skilled Laborer who thrives independently or as a team member. Proactive in creating a safe and
productive environment.
Specific product knowledge that assists with Accurate measurements and estimates
each job order’s customer service and Construction machinery operation
satisfaction Clean driving record
Anticipates client needs to better/more timely Detail-oriented
complete job orders Friendly and hardworking
Keenly astute to the protocols for on-the-job
safety, including OSHA job- specific
requirements and certification
Exceptional problem solver
I mentor junior workers in the skills specific to the job at hand. I enjoy the opportunity to transition my
skill sets in these work areas, particularly in terms of safety, job efficiency and practicality. In a quasi-
management role, I assumed several job duties to ease managers’ daily responsibilities: supervising
on-site laborers, driving the trucks to deliver products and/or remove debris, site cleanup and
demolition upon work completion, and collecting final payments from customers.
ABC Supply Company April 2015 to September 2015
Warehouse Expediter
Des Moines, IA
Customer Service is the foremost driver at ABC Supply. Each warehouse employee is charged with
stepping up to meet an arriving customer over other demands. I championed a process wherein the ‘next
available’ warehouse utility would immediately respond to incoming drivers’ needs to promote prompt
return of that truck to delivery of job products on site. Inbound freight is stocked in non-peak customer
service hours. The focus here is to achieve optimal truck loading and delivery of each day’s orders.
During my tenure with ABC, I trained new hires on top warehouse expediter practices and protocols.
Cross-Dillon Tire February 2013 to April 2015
Tire Technician
Des Moines, IA
I served in an on-site capacity to gain knowledge about Cross-Dillon’s practices in tire servicing,
replacement, installation, maintenance and repair. I handled servicing “off the road” tire needs for
mine-site heavy trucking equipment emergency needs and repairs. I also served as the ‘on-call’ site repair
serviceman for weekly assignments. I earned my Tire Service Industry certification during this time. Upon
achieving this certification, I brought to management’s attention, specific safety concerns that needed
attention and correction. I outlined necessary steps to achieve better alignment with safety protocols.
Deever Roofing March 2009 to February 2013
Des Moines, IA
In the beginning, I worked on small roof repairs. I then began an apprenticeship of commercial roofing,
after which I completed job estimates, product ordering, delivery and implementation. Within weeks, I
supervised a crew of 12 laborers on commercial and residential roofing jobs. During this tenure, I earned
my Commercial Driving License, Class B.
Action Warehouse, Limited February 2001 to April 2009
Forklift Operator
Des Moines, IA
I worked at Bridgestone Tire as a tire warehouse utility. In this capacity, I loaded/unloaded tires for
shipping and receiving.
Godfather’s Pizza July 1998 to February 2001
Assistant Kitchen Manager
Des Moines, IA
During this employment, I served as a chef, delivery person, and assistant kitchen managers. I
documented inventory needs, cooked orders and delivered takeout orders, as necessary. I was solely
responsible for the lunch buffet daily; in the evenings, I would deliver pizzas and, as the only on-site
adult, I served any alcohol orders for the younger employees.
Bondurant-Farrar High School 2000
High School Diploma: Undergraduate
Bondurant, IA, USA

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