Santoshkumar Teli


Technical Lead

Rockford, IL
Santoshkumar Teli
Technical Lead
An extensive background in Avionics Embedded Software Design, Development, Verification & Validation and
Certification activities of airborne systems as per DO-178B guidelines with decisive, action-oriented and results-focused
professional offering 11+ years of experience.

1 779-348-5525
Rockford, IL 61108

Technical Lead HCL America Rockford, IL
July 2012 to Present
Secondary Power Distribution Assembly (SPDA) For Embraer-E2 & Irkut-MC21
Secondary Power Distribution Assembly (SPDA) provides secondary power distribution management and wire
protection, by combining the functions of circuit breaker panels, remote monitor and control of circuit breakers, remote
data concentration, and the control of utility systems.

Designed and developed software for secondary power distribution assembly.
Spearheaded the documentation of standards with discipline chiefs.

Technical Lead HCL India Bangalore, Karnataka
June 2010 to June 2012
Bangalore, Karnataka
Generator Control Unit (GCU) For Airbus-A350
The Generator Control Unit (GCU) is a multi-micro-controller based unit that provides the closed-loop excitation control of the generator, channel logic control, protection, communications, and Built-In-Test (BIT) for each generating channel of the EPGS.

Initiated technical analysis of the project that resulted in sound recommendations adopted by entire team.
Managed the project within budgetary restrictions.

Lead Engineer HCL America Rockford, IL
September 2008 to May 2010
Common Electronics Initiative (CEI) For Boeing-787
The Common Electronics Initiative (CEI) determined the common software needed for Specific application functions such as: BITE and Data Storage and Retrieval (DSR) service,

Interface for CDN and TTP communication data buses and Down Load Program (DLP).

Developed and Debugged the test procedure and test scripts for Hardware/software integration testing.
Resolved the technical issues to offshore team by interacting with Customer.

Member Technical Staff HCL India Bangalore, Karnataka
June 2006 to August 2008
Bangalore, Karnataka
Auxiliary Power System 9800 Electronic Control Box (APS ECB) For Airbus-A380
The control unit is designated as an Electronic Control Box (ECB). The ECB controls, monitors and diagnoses all
phases of the APU operation through the FCU, valves, actuators and sensors.

Set up of the test environment on the desktop.
Develop test scripts using RTRT tool to obtain decision coverage and boundary checking. (Level – B software

Software Engineer Sarayu Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Karnataka
January 2005 to April 2006
– Bangalore, Karnataka
3 Phase Motor Safety System For GE
Analog voltage is attenuated to the range of 0-5V using attenuator and fed to the ADC then compared with the user set
value such that if ADC Value exceeds user set value, it has to turn off the power supply.

Designed and developed the application software using assembly language for PIC Micro – controller.
Involved in Reviews, testing and fixing issues.

Software Engineer Sarayu Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Karnataka
August 2004 to December 2004
Bangalore, Karnataka
RPM Proportional Voltage Converter For GE
The flexibility of In-System programmable flash conversion of analog to digital with any proportional voltage will be
integrated and the data is stored in real time in the Flash memory.

Designed and developed the application software, using assembly language for MSP430F16x series.
Performed Integration testing and reviews

Bachelor of Engineering Electronics and Communication University Belgaum India
Belgaum, Karnataka

ARINC 825, A429, Rational test real time (RTRT), Synergy, Serena dimensions – configuration, DOORS – requirements management tool, Matlab, MPLAB, code composer IDE , Wind River ICE 2, MPC 7448, PIC16F87X, MSP430F1XX, Assembly languages, C

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