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Seasoned C++ developer and technical lead with extensive experience in image processing and machine control for different industries including medical devices and manufacturing.
Strong mathematical and analytical skills. Extensive experience in development of image processing algorithms using MATLAB and implementation of algorithms in C++.
Developed complex multithreaded applications and networking software
Significant experience in interface between software and hardware including motion controllers, cameras, I/O boards and other smart devices.
Experience in interaction with customers during different phases of software development and support.

Development – C++, Java, object oriented design, multithreading, sockets, state machines, image processing and computer vision, embedded programming, unit testing, Java desktop development, JNI for Windows and Linux, MATLAB
Networking — TCP/IP networking software on Windows, Linux and embedded platforms ; CAN, CANOpen
C++ Development – C++11, Boost libraries (ASIO, state machines), STL, C++ concurrency, lambdas, OpenMP, RPC
Libraries – Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, Boost, Standard template library, Java SDK
Mathematical analysis tools – MATLAB with image processing, optimization, control toolboxes ; data analysis using R language
Performance profiling tools – Intel VTune Amplifier
Scripting – Python, Perl, VBScript
Databases – Oracle database access using Pro*C and OCCI
Cross platform build tools – GNU Make, Boost.Build, SCons, CMake
Tools – Visual Studio, gcc, Keil uVision, Team Foundation Server, SourceSafe, git, Perforce, ClearCase, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Junit

Software Consultant Feb 2015 – Dec 2015
St Jude Medical, Westford, MA
• Developed image processing algorithms for analysis of OCT images using MATLAB and implemented them in C++ for OCT cardiovascular imaging system.
• Developed MATLAB scripts to compute performance metrics for guide-wire detection algorithm used in cardiovascular OCT imaging systems
• Used Intel IPP library for implementation of algorithms for high performance modules and used Intel VTune Amplifier for software optimization and to identify bottlenecks.

Software Engineer April 2012-Feb 2015
Speedline Technologies, Franklin, MA
• Developed enhancements to control software for dispensers used for PCB manufacturing including interfacing to I/O and motion controllers. Machine was controlled by multiple servo and stepper motors. I/O controllers were connected to part sensors and pneumatic cylinders.
• Developed and implemented image processing algorithms for material inspection for dispensers
• Improvements to user interface, control and vision software based on customer requests.
• Added capability to support motion and I/O controllers connected using CANOpen.

Principal Software Engineer September 2010 – March 2012
ikaSystems, Southborough, MA
• Supervised software team responsible for development of engine to process medicare claims. Software was developed in C on Linux platform and involved retrieving claim data from Oracle database. Database access module developed using Pro*C language.
• Performance improvements to existing medicare claim processing system.

Senior Software Engineer October 2006 – September 2010
SICK Inc., Stoughton, MA
• Developed control software in C++ for conveyor systems for package handling. Developed software on embedded and Windows platform.
• Developed software for interfacing main controller with other smart devices and sensors. Systems include weight scale, line scan cameras, encoders, barcode readers and vision systems.
• Involved in development of image processing software for detecting non-singulated packages on conveyor systems. System used 3D images captured by 3D laser cameras. Implemented the prototype algorithms using MATLAB and then implemented the algorithms in C++ for production machines. Used Intel Integrated Performance Primitives library for image processing functionality.
• Using Apache FTPServer (Java application) created image handling system. Image processing and encoding was implemented using Intel IPP (Windows & Linux). Image processing modules developed in C++ was interfaced to Java application using JNI.
• Developed Python scripts for processing of log files.

Principal Software Engineer March 2005 – September 2006
Cognex Corporation, Natick, MA
• Developed image processing software in C for vision libraries. Main focus on developing image processing algorithms for decoding two dimensional ID codes.

Senior Developer, Middleware systems November 2004 – February 2005
First Marblehead Educational Resources, Boston, MA
• Developed modules for presentation and business tier for J2EE application for student loan processing system. Employed different frameworks and APIs for enterprise applications including Struts, Castor and Hibernate.

Technical Lead
UST Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Managed software projects as team leader. The projects included image processing algorithm development, vision and handler (control) software development in C++. Also, lead effort for improvement in optics and illumination.
• Improvements of machine control software for semiconductor inspection systems. Developed software for interfacing with I/O devices including sensors, pneumatic cylinders and motors (stepper and servo motors)

Senior Vision R&D Engineer December 2002 – August 2003
Zen Voce Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Developed machine vision software for different applications. Developed reusable vision components using COM / ATL.

Member of Technical Staff October 1997 – November 2002
Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Developed machine vision software for inspection of semiconductor devices.
• Worked on 3D inspection for semiconductor devices using lasers.
• Developed framework for core image processing library with emphasis on code efficiency.
• Involved in interfacing of vision systems to different types of handlers.
• Interaction with customers during different phases of software development and post-delivery support.

Additional experience in Singapore and India
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering – research on feature extraction of 3D images, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
M.Tech in Electrical Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Completed online courses
• Machine Learning, Coursera, offered by Stanford University,Statement of Accomplishment, Oct 2013
• Computing and Data Analysis, Coursera, offered by John Hopkins University, Statement of Accomplishment, Jan 2014
• Control of Mobile Robots, Coursera, offered by Georgia Institute of Technology, Statement of Accomplishment, Jan 2014
• Embedded Systems – Shape the world, edX, offered by University of Texas at Austin, Certificate of Acheivement, May 2014

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