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Satya Kalyan Magapu
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* Graduate Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in Manufacturing and
Engineering Design.
* 5 years of experience in designing using SolidWorks, CATIA, Solid Edge, Patran and
Nastran, Autodesk Inventor.
* Worked as Teaching Assistant to a graduate class for the Computer Aided Engineering
(Patran and Nastran) course.
* Proficiency using CAD software, MSC Patran and Nastran.
* Skilled SolidWorks Drafter with exceptional design and artistry background. Designed a
range of blueprints, models, and drawings for the design of structures and products
assemblies using SolidWorks.
* Knowledge about principles of HVAC Design, engineering specifications and safety
* Designing experience of HVAC systems using Autodesk Revit.
* Experience with common manufacturing methods such as Machining, 3D Printing,
Welding, and Injection Molding.
* Knowledge of latest ISO 9001 standards.


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Jan 2016 – Dec 2017
University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL.
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Aug 2011 – May 2015
GITAM University, Telangana, India.


CAD Tools SolidWorks, CATIA V5, Solid Edge, Revit,
AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, DraftSight
Analysis Tools Patran and Nastran, Deform-3D
Software Programs C Language, MATLAB
Technical Documentation MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint


LM Wind Power – Production Engineer June 2018 – Present
* Responsible for making Engineering and Design changes to improve the quality of the
* Analyzing the Cycle time data for Molding and Post Molding and working on driving
the cycle time down.
* Helping Management to understand the issues causing delays in production and work
accordingly to prevent them in future.
* Creating 3D-models and 2D conceptual drawings of material handling carts,
transportation racks, platforms using Autodesk Inventor and DraftSight.
* Designing with the goal to provide better ergonomic support, improving safety,
productivity and efficiency.
* Collaborating with all the team members to understand the design requirements and
interacting with vendors for validation of designs.
* Implementing global project called Cycle Time Tracker in the plant to find the root
causes in delay of each process.
* Training all team leads and working with CI team to analyze the data to eliminate non-
value adding activities, optimize teamwork, and improve performance efficiency and
productivity through AWO's, VSM and KAIZEN sessions.

Volunteer Research Assistant Feb 2018 – June 2018
* Involved in designing components for additively manufactured parts using Solid Edge
for ongoing projects.
* Responsible for executing the preprocessing steps before sending it to the additive
machine and setting up the printer for the part to be printed.
* Modifying designs to eliminate waste and system malfunctions.
* Maintain and oversee the schedule and work performed in the additive manufacturing
* Follows standard work methods on assignments for any part making / modification
conflicts or gaps.

Teaching Assistant for Computer Aided Engineering Aug 2017 – Dec 2017
* Worked as a teaching assistant for the computer aided engineering course.
* Taught classes on Patran and Nastran for undergraduate and graduate students.
* Assigned workshops and projects based on designing and analysis of different models.

R D Pollution controls – Engineering Intern Jan 2015 – Dec 2015
* Examined and studied the construction and operation of air pollution control
equipment's, evaporation systems, air handling systems, ventilation systems, exhaust
systems and centrifugal fans and fabrication.
* Collaborated with the manufacturing team in designing more efficient designs of the
equipment's using CATIA V5.
* Proposed new sustainable ideas by varying different parameters which effects the
performance of the equipment.
* Designed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
* Managed load calculations, equipment selection and implementation of different
systems. Drafted and designed ductwork and piping systems for construction.
* Monitored the drafting work related to HVAC in REVIT.

Hyderabad Batteries Limited – Engineering Intern Jan 2014 – Aug 2014
* Working experience in manufacturing battery cases using injection molding and lathe
machine operations and battery test environment.
* Deep knowledge on manufacturing aviation batteries in the three main technologies
generally used for aircraft starting like Lead Acid – Sealed Maintenance Free, Nickel
Cadmium, Silver Zinc.
* Developing improved designs using SolidWorks based on test results.
* Proficient in standardizing the processing parameters for processing of different
materials on different machines.
* Clear understanding on engineering methodologies, testing, designing, and analyzing
battery related problems.


Design and analysis of a Finite Element Model of the Crane
* Worked on design and analysis of the construction crane.
* Analyzed various loads cases at different nodes using MSC Patran and Nastran.
* Different inertial and thermal load cases were analyzed.

Design and Optimizing the Weight of a Bracket
* Redesigned an aircraft bracket using design for manufacturability principles and reduced
the weight and manufacturing cost by 30%.
* Used solid edge for the designing and manufactured the bracket by blown powder
additive manufacturing process.
* Optimizing the weight of the bracket using the Inconel 718.

Closed loop Sliding mode control of a 2 link RP robot manipulator:
* Derived the equations of inverse kinematics and dynamics for a robotic arm with a
revolute and a prismatic joint from scratch.
* Programmed the robotic arm using Matlab/Simulink to achieve the desired motion with
zero tracking errors and successfully eliminated the chattering effect.
* Also verified the results by adding a disturbance term and successfully achieved
negligible tracking errors and continuous control.
* Got to program an industrial robot i.e., the PUMA560 which has six degrees of freedom

Design and fabrication of Worm and Worm Wheel Mechanism
* Designed and built a worm wheel mechanism for lifting the heavy loads.
* Specialized in mechanical components, creating schematic, angle and orthographic views
using SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
* Extensively used CATIA V5 for analysis of the model.
* A prototype was built and tested by lifting different loads and results were compared.

Optimization of Weight and Cost of Leaf Spring Using Composite Material
* Designed the leaf spring for the suspension of mini truck and reduced the weight by
50% compared to conventional leaf spring.
* Used CATIA V5 and ANSYS for modelling and analysis of the components.
* Composite materials were used to build the model and stresses are calculated.

Solid Rocket Energy Management Project
* Worked on the project titled Solid Rocket Energy Management Project using Microsoft
* Obtained the optimum values for thermal and kinetic energy of a sounding rocket to
achieve a precise altitude.
* Obtained the design parameters for the solid propellant grain for the rocket to achieve the
altitudes of 5000ft, 10000ft and 15000 ft.

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