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Position applying for : Reliability Specialist


2015 Subcontractor with SKF on the Gulf of Mexico and at several Calpine Generation Plants in the U.S. conducting Motor Circuit Analysis Online & Offline and IR Elec. & Mech.

2010-2015 Condition Based Monitoring Specialist/Allied Reliability
Thermographer/Motor Circuit Analysis Offline and Online; Emax is MCA Online and MCE is MCA Offline, Snell and Allied use the MCA description, PDMA is Emax and MCE;
Currently working with Allied Reliability conducting Infrared Thermography, Motor Circuit Analysis, database building and working with new people and training them with all aspects of being an Allied Technician. Also involved with finding new clients and working at many different Cargill facilities.

2004-2015 Thermographer/MCA Regional Reliability Technician “RRT”
Currently working with Snell Inspections conducting Infrared Thermography, Motor Circuit Analysis, database building and interviewing new people and training them with all aspects of being a Snell Technician. Also involved with finding new clients and taking on the more challenging clients that nobody else wanted. Have worked at 26 different Cargill facilities, as well as Abitibi Bow Water, Caterpillar, Pfizer, UPS Florida & Georgia and Pioneer Surgical. Proficient with the Flir P60, Flir 695, Flir T640, Flex Cam, Fluke, and all Mikron IR Cameras.

2002-2003 Thermographer/Emax/MCE/UE– Snell Thermal Inspections Full Time Equivalent “FTE”
Worked for Snell Thermal Inspections at a Cargil site in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Duties included developing routes with Inspectrend route based software for multi-technologies,infrared scanning of electrical as well as mechanical, UE scanning, PDMA motor control testing (both online and offline). Also did some R&D work for the site with high temperature steel. Assisted with oil analysis at the plant as well as vibration work. Learned the MP2 and the CMMS system at the plant. I worked on Cargill Motor Acceptance Standards.

Retired 10/31/01 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.
Empire Mining Partnership
Tilden Mine LLC (1986-1996)

1996 – 2001 Machinery Analyst – CCI
Vibration analysis of gearboxes, large pinion bearings, 8000 HP primary drives, motors, structures, and mining machinery of all sizes; in-depth database building with Master Trend software; infrared thermography of electrical buckets and controls, power lines, switchyards and machines; thermal loss of buildings; proficient with Flir Prism (short-wave) camera and Agema 570 (long-wave) camera; in-depth template building for Agema 570 software; thermal pinion temp. trending; proficient at balancing all rotating equipment; proficient with the MIMS database system that replaced PERMAC. Wrote work orders, did in-depth report generation and compiled reporting for projected and past cost savings. Trained all new Analysist’s with IR, Vibration, Ue, and the CMMS system.

1992 PERMAC Mainframe Database System
Worked on flow and structure of computer database system and built most of the mobile equipment at the Tilden Mine for the mainframe system.

1978 – 1995 Heavy Equipment Mechanic – CCI
Effected proficient repairs on gasoline and large diesel equipment, including overhauling and rebuilding of all components- Hydraulic, Transmissions, Planetaries, Differentials, and Engines of trucks, tractors, shovels, graders and machines of all sizes. Well versed in the use of testing equipment, machine tools and various diagnostic equipment.

1985 Labor Management Participation Team – CCI
Team leader for problem solving, charting and trending, cost savings, warehousing costs, just-in-time parts delivery and more efficient work procedures.

1983 – 1989 Machinery Technician – Coast Guard Reserves
Crewman and Engineer; qualified on 44’ motor life boat and 22’ Boston Whaler; maintained twin 53 series GM diesels and drives in the 44’ motor life boat, first aid and fire fighting NATO Level II security clearance; navigation skills use of force policy, counter terrorism, training in Search & Rescue (SAR), and Navigation.

1973 – 1977 Mechanic Apprentice
8,320 hours worked to complete apprenticeship

Maintenance Analyst Training (1996-2015)

• Passed certification ASNT II Thermography
• Passed certification Thermography II (Snell Infrared)
• Trained by Snell Thermal Inspections PDMA Level I
• Trained by PDMA Fault Zone AnalysisTraining
• Passed certification Vibration Il (Technical Associates)
• Passed certification Vibration I (Technical Associates)
• Passed certification Thermography I (Snell Infrared)
• Passed Airborne Ultrasound Level I (UE)
• Master Trend Balancing (CSI)
• Master Trend Databse (CSI)
• Agema 570 Camera Use & Software (Academy of Infrared / British Columbia)
• Power Transmission (Northern Michigan University)
• Caterpillar Failure Analysis (Northern Michigan University)
• 2120-2 Analyzer (Vibration Correction Services)
• Vibration Analysis (Vibration Correction Services)
• Bearing (Wisconsin Bearing)
• Gear (Reid Jacob)
• Sevedela Vibrating Screen (Sevedela)
• GIW Pump (GIW)
• Babbitt Bearing (Fusion Babbitting Co.)
• Laser Alignment (Empire Mine)
• Active member of the Vibration Institute 1996-2003
• CMMS systems – PERMAC, TEAM, MP2, MAXIMO, MIMM’s & PDMA’s Microsoft Access Motor Data Base System

Education and Training

• Graduated – Marquette High School 1971
• Interstate Training Service Mechanic Course (Mechanic Trainee program CCI)
• Electrician Apprenticeship (CCI)
• Computer (Manpower)
• Fire Fighting (U S Navy Firefighting School at Treasure Island CA)
• Electronic Ignition and Brake Schools


• Made calls with both vibration and infrared that saved ½ million dollars or more on at least three different occasions; have references and letters on file. Presented papers on one case study to the Vibration Institute. Trained other analysts on the use of the Agema 570 camera and software. Trained four new analysts in running routes, use of the 2120-2 analyzer, the Agema 570 camera, the Flir Prisim SP system, balancing and UE.
• Trained people in the Coast Guard with fire fighting, navigation, boat crew duties and search & rescue.
• Actively sought and was selected to be a team leader in the Labor Management Participation Team program with CCI.


Scott Hawkins / Engineer
Teck Red Dog Mine Alaska USA

Art Collins / Thermographer
100 Cambria Rd
Negaunee, MI 49866

Jim Fritz Principal
The Snell Group
322 North Main St. Suite 8
Barre, VT 05641

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