Sebastian Leith


Instrument Fitter, Electrician

Beaumont, TX

Sebastian C. Leith II
409-998-4083 |
3975 Lola Ln Beaumont, TX 77707
Very knowledgeable craftsman with many years of experience.
Very SAFE craftsman and conscientious at all times.
A great asset who will do the job SAFELY and ACCURATELY

10 years of Electrical and Instrumentation experience. Very knowledgeable with instrumentation for plant process control applications.

Professional Profile
NCCER Certified Instrument Fitter
NCCER Certified Plus
NFPA70E Trained
Attending school at Associate Builders and Contractors for Instrument Technician

2 years with IBEW
Years of experience with Isos, P&IDs, blue prints and location drawings
Experience with PLCs and DCS.

Professional Experience
2006 Current
Instrument Fitter, Electrician, Instrument Tech
Currently employed with ISC, Inc.
Ensuring projects are completed safely on time and with high quality standards
Worked with DCS and PlCs.
Worked with UPS and Temporary power supply cutovers.
Mounted and installed Analyzer cabinets, panels and transmitters. Calibrated ATs and installed PH probes. Have ran drain lines, cooling lines and coolers.
Trouble shooting low and high voltage circuits raging from 440vac to 24vdc
Have installed FTs, PH Monitors, ATs, PTs, LTs, TTs. I have also ran conduit pulled wire and terminated in JBs. I have pulled in jumpers in Marshalling cabinets and landed on HLAI cards. Worked directly with engineers, Project Coordinators, Planner Schedulers and onsite plant hands in assuring job task is completed properly and satisfactory.
Installation of tubing tray and instruments rack and stands.
Able to perform multi-lines and configure groups of tubing runs, 1/4 to 1 which consist of Inconel, stainless steel and Hasteloy for impulse lines; as well as copper for steam
Planning, laying out, and installing in accordance with instruction or work requirement using drawing, P& ID, B.O.M, location drawings and isometrics.
Performing unit walk downs, PSSRs, identifying issues and repairing punch list items.
Ensuring projects are completed safely on time and with high quality standards.

Associate Builders and Contractors, Nederland, TX
Sebastian Leith
Card Number: 6312386

Crafts Completed
Date Completed Craft
11/24/2015 Core Curriculum
8/6/2015 Construction Site Safety Orientation

Levels Completed & Date Completed Level
11/24/2015 Core Curriculum
8/6/2015 Construction Site Safety Orientation
Modules Completed & Date Passed Module
11/24/2015 00101-09 – Basic Safety
11/24/2015 00102-09 – Introduction to Construction Math
11/24/2015 00103-09 – Introduction to Hand Tools
11/24/2015 00104-09 – Introduction to Power Tools
11/24/2015 00105-09 – Introduction to Construction Drawings
11/24/2015 00106-09 – Basic Rigging
11/24/2015 00107-09 – Basic Communication Skills
11/24/2015 00108-09 – Basic Employability Skills
11/24/2015 00109-09 – Introduction to Materials Handling
11/17/2011 12101-01 – Hand Tools for Instrumentation
11/17/2011 12103-01 – Power Tools for Instrumentation
11/17/2011 12104-01 – Electrical Systems for Instrumentation
11/17/2011 12105-01 – Metallurgy for Instrumentation
11/17/2011 12106-01 – Fasteners
3/15/2012 12107-01 – Instrument Drawings and Documents, Part One
3/15/2012 12108-01 – Gaskets and Packing
3/15/2012 12109-01 – Lubricants, Sealants and Cleaners
3/15/2012 12110-01 – Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature
6/5/2014 12111-01 – Tubing
11/19/2015 12112-01 – Piping – 2" and Under
11/19/2015 12113-01 – Hoses
11/19/2015 12202-03 – Instrumentation Drawings and Documentation, Part Two
11/19/2015 12203-03 – Principles of Welding for Instrumentation
11/19/2015 12204-03 – Process Control Theory
10/10/2015 26501-12 – Managing Electrical Hazards
8/6/2015 75501-04 – 10 Hour Construction Site Safety Orientation
• Matt Brousard Site Supervisor- 337-370-1006
• James Holland Electrical Drafter 409-201-2531
• Todd Serice General Foreman Instrumentation- 337-292-7532

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