Sebastian Messina

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Sebastian Messina
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Fredon, NJ 07860

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Sebastian J. Messina, Jr.
29 Running Hills Dr.
Newton, NJ 07860
(973) 400-8981; Cell (973) 222-6357

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering NJIT
Masters in Technology ManagementSteven’s Institute of Technology

Skill Sets
I am a Mechanical Electronic Packing Engineer experienced in plastic injection molding, investment casting, dip brazing, sheet metal, machining and electronic circuit card fabrication & assembly. I have designed equipment to various customer, EIA Cabinet, IPC and Military design standards.
I have a great amount of experience in product assembly, component and circuit board constructions. I am extremely proficient with the thermal and structural integration of system design. This includes designing circuitry thermally while balancing the structural integrity of the unit. Minimizing the load on components by isolating inputs increasing solder joint MTBF. This contributes to low weight with the highest reliability.
In addition, my experience includes prototyping (plastic printing stereolithography and soft tooling), corrosion resistance (metals and elastomers), human factors, maintainability, manufacturability (many fabrication processes) and qualification of many assemblies. I am knowledgeable in the use of ProE CREO 2&3 design tool, ProE Mechanica, ANSYS with workbench and Autodesk CFD.
I obtained 7 patents, 6 for Lucent Technologies and 1 privately owned.

L-3 Space & Navigation 11/2014 – 12/2015
• Responsibilities include Circuit Card Compliance various programs
• Support NGTF Fiber Optic Guidance Assembly, thermal design, vibration, rate sensing testing
• Analysis thermal and structural for CIRUS P441 Inertial Navigation Unit
• Various proposal, budget and program support.

Marotta Controls Inc. 11/2007 – 01/2013
• Manager, Electronics Packaging (9/08 – 10/12,)
• Oversaw budget for Electronic Packaging department
• Provided training for improved skill sets
• Participated in proposals, projects and process improvements
• Supported existing Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) in production
• Mechanical Design & Qualification of the Small Diameter Bomb ECU
• Mechanical Design & Qualification of the Smart Deluge Valve ECU
• Mechanical Design & Qualification of the H-PACS Current Limiter
• Mechanical Design of the JAGM Pneumatic Control System ECU
• Mechanical Design of the JAGM Power Supply Unit
• Mechanical Design of the LMAGM Power Control Unit, severe thermal environment

Schick Technologies Inc. 8/2007 – 11/2007
• Performed Structural Analysis on dental x-ray sensor package reducing return rate
• Design of new wireless dental x-ray sensor; provided 5 options in packaging

Transistor Devices Inc. 2005 – 07/2007
• Responsibilities included design and deployment of Indoor/Outdoor liquid cooled cabinet
• Thermal & Structural Analysis utilizing ANSYS 9 & 10 Workbench analysis tools.
• Design & development of a 3Kwatt inverter unit
• Assurance of air flow pressure drop and thermal cooling profiles for electronics
• Design & development of a Oshkosh 21Kw Liquid Cooled Brazed Inverter for military use.
• Design of dip brazed chassis performing thermal and pressure drop analysis as required
• Worked with EE to develop direct core cooling methods for transformers and inductors
• Developed isothermal cavities for lower rated current monitor devices
• Supported testing with infrared and thermal coupling monitoring for design verification
• Supported vibration, shock and environmental design verification.
• Design & development of 23 inch 28Kwatt cabinet
• Provide thermal and structural analysis support for additional proposals and projects.

SLAD Innovations 2002 – 2005
• Privately owned business
• Develop self leveling wall hanging device
• Wrote & obtained utility patent for self leveling wall hanger
• Obtained plastic injection molded tooling for self leveling wall hanger
• Developed market and business plan
• Responsible for finance, web site and sales

• Responsibilities included deployment of $20M of Rack and Stack AnyMedia DSL Bays with ALNS
• Managed feature requests for ALNS with the Lucent AnyMedia Development team
• Worked with customer service to facilitate the installation of AnyMedia for ALNS
• Participated in contractual negotiations between ALNS and Lucent
• Assisted in business case analysis to determine profitable scenarios with ALNS product requests
• Worked with AnyMedia CFO in assuring revenue recognized from sales
• Product Manager responsible for several AnyMedia feature release plans
• Engineered and developed the MDS2 AnyMedia Fiber Reach chassis
• Engineered and developed the Wild Wire Integrated Access Device plastic packaging
• Responsible for HFC Multiple Living Unit compliance testing

• Plastic mold injection for several consumer product phones
• Design and development of speaker phone acoustic filter
• Support manufacturing and tooling in Singapore
• Responsible for testing for UL, Compliance and FCC standards
• Mold flow analysis for enhanced injection mold cycle times
• Worked with OEMs for additional telephone parts

• Design of propane fire fighter simulator, including pipe train & storage, burner controller
actuators, igniters, smoke generators, thermal couples in an enclosed
assembly according to NFPA 54, 58 & 70 standards

A T & T – WHIPPANY, NJ 1990 – 1992
• Design and development of cellular phone; LCD assembly support frame and
back lighting for molded plastic handset

• Lead mechanical engineer for high density display
• Implemented design practice for geometric tolerance investment cast housing
• Developed high density interconnect (.006 inch pitch) and optical alignment process for
assembling of video driver electronics
• Assisted in development of hybrid driver electronics for HDD
• Matched thermal coefficient of expansion for circuit pack and leadless chip carrier
circuit assembly technology
• Packaging of fluorescent back lighting of LCD
• Thermal and structural analysis support

• Analyzed thermal systems for F-110 engine control, including vortex, thermal electric
and fuel cooling techniques
• Engineered & developed 13 Engine control prototypes using dip brazed housing process

• Thermal and weight analysis for JTIDS system
• Design of hollow core circuit assemblies
• Assisted Material compatibility studies of component with fluroinert medium
• Assisted in determining unit seal integrity
• Supported design with thermal and structural analysis

• Weight and C.G. analysis of electronic enclosure
• Performed vibration and shock test on enclosures
• Thermal analysis for air cooled circuitry

Professional references available upon request

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Current Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

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