Shuji Usui

Shuji Usui
Address: 2617 S 8th st
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone 612-227-8176

Experienced mechanical engineer with material science and numerical modeling background. Worked on
various manufacturing process research projects.

Work Experience

Third Wave Systems 2001-2016
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Chief Engineer 2015-2016
Lead Developer 2005- 2015
Senior Computational Mechanics Engineer 2003- 2005

• Management of software development team (4-6 developers)
• Management of government funded project as Project Engineer (Department of Energy)
• Engaged government funded project as Lead Developer (Airforce, Army, NIST and Department of
• Solid modeling and meshing software development utilizing various computational geometry
algorithms and libraries. Familiar with STEP (NURBS), STL, points cloud, and implicit solid model.
• Development of tool path optimization algorithm (Production Module 2D/3D)
• Development of 2D/3D nonlinear finite element software (AdvantEdge 2D/3D)
• Development of various material models (Metals, Ceramic, CFRP composite, Plastic)
• Development of contact algorithm for finite element software
• Development of initial meshing software
• Development of 3D adaptive meshing software
• MPI, CUDA and OpenMP parallel implementation
• Development of empirical model of machining
• Part distortion and residual stress prediction software development (Distortion Modeler)

Fujitsu Limited 1992-1996
Tokyo, Japan
Computational Mechanics Engineer


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois

Adaptivity for nonlinear finite element method
Implementation of arbitrary discontinuities in the extended finite element method

Project Management Certificate
University of Minnesota
September 2007

B. A., Mechanical Engineering
Nihon University

Programming Skills

C, C++, Fortran95, MPI, OpenMP, Matlab, C#, JavaScript, HTML, Node.js
Software design and architecture, Object oriented programming, Design patterns
Python, Perl, make, shell script
Linux, Windows, VisualStudio, GIT, SourceTree, CVS

Fields of Specialization

Computational Geometry Numerical algorithms Control Systems
Numerical analysis Fluid mechanics Finite element method
Fracture mechanic Material science Composite material
Thermal analysis CFD Initial/adaptive meshing
Computational mechanics Tribology


Fluent English and Japanese

Selected Publications

T. Belytschko, N. Moes, S. Usui and C. Parimi, “Arbitrary Discontinuities in Finite Elements”,
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 2001, 59, 993-1013

T.D. Marusich, S. Usui and R.J. McDaniel, “Three-dimensional finite element prediction of
machining-induced stresses”, Proceedings of the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division,
2003, 14, 95-102

T.D. Marusich, R.J. McDaniel, S. Usui, J.A. Fleischmann, T.R. Kurfess and S.Y. Liang, “Three-
dimensional finite element modeling of hard turning processes”, Proceedings of the ASME
Manufacturing Engineering Division, 2003, 14, 221-227

T. Belytschko, C. Parimi, N. Moes, N. Sukumar and S. Usui,” Structured extended finite element
methods for solid defined by implicit surfaces”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in
Engineering, 2003, 56, 609-635
T. Marusich, S Usui, S Lankalapalli, N, Sain. et al., “Residual Stress Prediction for Part Distortion
Modeling,” SAE Technical Paper, 2006-01-3171

D. A. Stephenson, T. D. Marusich, S. Usui, S. Lankalapalli, “Modeling Capabilities for Part
Distortion Management for Machined Components”, 10th CIRP International Workshop on
Modeling of Machining Operations, 2007

T. D. Marusich, S. Usui, J. Ma, D. A. Stephenson, “Finite Element Modeling of Drilling Processes
with Solid and Indexable Tooling in Metals and Stack-ups, 10th CIRP International Workshop on
Modeling of Machining Operations, 2007

K. Marusichi, S. Garud, T. Marusich, S. Usui, L. Zamarano, “Improved Titanium Machining:
Modeling and Analysis of 5-Axis Tool Paths via Physics-Based Methods”
SAE Technical Paper, November 2009

T.D. Marusich, S. Usui, Abhik Rakshit, Cory Arthor ”Modeling of Part Distortion in Components
Machined From Plate and Forgings”, Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes (AeroMat)
Conference and Exposition, 2010

Abhik Rakshit, Shuji Usui, Troy D. Marusich, Kerry Marusich, Luis Zamorano, Hari Elangovan
“Predictive Modeling for Distortion in Large, Thin-Walled Machined Components”, Advanced
Material Research, 2011, 223, 56-65

Lin Ma, Troy D. Marusich, Shuji Usui, Jon Wadell, Kerry Marusich, Luis Zamorano, Hari
Elangovan, “Validation of Finite Element Modeling of Drilling Processes with Solid Tooling in
Metals”, Advanced Material Research, 2012,223, 182-190

Lin Ma, Shuji Usui, Troy Marusich, Hari Elangovan “Finite Element Modeling of Twist Drill in
Metal and Composites”, Technical paper, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process
Engineering, 2012

Shuji Usui, Jon Wadell, Troy Marusich “Finite Element Modeling of Carbon Fiber
Composite Orthogonal Cutting and Drilling.”, 6th CIRP International Conference on High
Performance Cutting, 2014, 14, 211-116

Patxi Fernandez-Zelaia , Shreyes N Melkote, Troy D Marusich, Shuji Usui, “A microstructure
sensitive grain boundary sliding and slip based constitutive model for machining of Ti-6Al-4V”,
Mechanics of Materials, 2016


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