Swapnil More

Swapnil More
Greater Detroit Area
Professional Engineer striving to improve lifestyles through Deep Learning & AI Working for
an Automotive OEM

•Engineering professional with substantial experience in design, manufacturing, dynamics and
control, quality and people skills with a constant goal oriented and ambitious attitude
•Multi-lingual with a background in working in a diverse and adaptive environment
•Leader, manager and team player; concentrating on overall team success and maintaining an
approachable, open-minded and intuitive character
•Primarily a successful student for 20 years; so an ingrained ability to learn and be trained efficiently

Test Analyst at Cognizant
December 2016 – Present (1 year 1 month)
• Instituted a new Active Chassis Controls Team to develop a simulation environment for real-
time testing of ESP, EPS and ADAS controllers using dSPACE ASM, DS1006, ControlDesk,
ModelDesk, Motion Desk; and CarSim RT over PHS and SCALEXIO
• Accomplished about 95% correlation between real test data and simulation data for High
Response ABS, ESP and EPAS test procedures
• Created a virtual test environment for development and prototyping of Autonomous Vehicle
components in real-time

Graduate Assistant at Clemson University
August 2015 – December 2015 (5 months)
• Built an Autonomous Robot which sorted objects based on shape, color, transported them; and
placed the objects in appropriate locations using Arduino Controller, MATLAB script, Motor Control,
Electric Sensors and PID control

• Managed a class of 40 students for the course ‘Control and Integration of Dynamic Systems’ by
creating tests and assignments, tutoring and evaluating their performance

Intern at Aker Solutions
May 2015 – July 2015 (3 months)
• Examine 3d models, drawings, performance of industrial pumps provided by multiple vendors;
compare requirements; verify GD&T as per ASME Y14.5, bill of materials (BoM); and negotiate
with vendors and suppliers for multiple clients.
• Developed programs and control logic for DCS, PLC and Industrial Safety System using PLC
programming and C++ working on Allen Bradley PLCs for the above mentioned project using
Cause and Effect Diagrams

Graduate Assistant, Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University
January 2015 – May 2015 (5 months)
• Eliminated Powertrain shunt and shuffle achieving backlash reduction by implementing a
Robust Linear Quadratic Gaussian Controller on a Matlab – Simulink model of a Scania 124L truck

• Improved fuel efficiency and performance of an all-terrain vehicle by performing Hardware-in-
loop (HIL) testing of a “Electronic Control CVT Powertrain” using Matlab – Simulink, dSPACE by
controlling the hydraulic pressure of the torque converter

• Rapid Prototyping and HIL testing of Intake throttle PID controller using Matlab – Simulink,
dSPACE, Embedded C

• Diesel Engine Control of Exhaust gas After-treatment and EGR Valve Control using Simulink, GT
Power Co-simulation

• Calibration of an Electronic Steering Wheel performance using ETAS INCA

• Hardware-in-loop (HIL) testing of Pneumatic Braking System using Matlab – Simulink and

• Co-simulation of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) using CarSim and Simulink

• Model in loop (MIL) simulation of brake – by – wire technology on Simulink by controlling brake
pressure based on driver response

• Successful control of chassis roll, pitch and bounce with active suspensions, active anti-roll
bars and semi-active damping as actuators in a Software-in-loop (SIL) simulation using Matlab –

Project Assistant, Dynamics and Control at University of Mumbai (Sardar Patel College of
May 2013 – May 2014 (1 year 1 month)
• Achieved complete isolation of the SAE BAJA vehicle and FSAE vehicle frames from the engine
vibrations by optimising it using modal analysis and achieved approximately 50% improvement in
crash performance with 11.11% reduction in weight

• Modelled body panels, cockpit, side-pods and diffuser of a Formula SAE vehicle using free-form
surface design in CATIA V5R20 Surface Design Workbench – increasing downforce, forward thrust;
and reducing aerodynamic drag

• Improved driver safety, occupant packaging and overall vehicle design by creating driver
manikins using CATIA V520 Ergonomics Design and Analysis Environment

• Optimized Vehicle Suspension Kinematics, steering knuckle design; generated Suspension
Assembly; and performed multi-body dynamics using Lotus Suspension Analysis; AutoDesk
Inventor Part Design, Assembly Design, Analysis Environments; and ANSYS

• Sketched multiple vehicle components, assembled complete vehicles, rendered vehicle models
and drafted component drawings for vendors and suppliers using AutoDesk Inventor Sketcher,
Drafting Environments; SolidWorks Render Toolbox and PhotoView 360

• Enhanced dynamic performance of BAJA SAE India All-Terrain vehicle through design of light-
weight active suspensions

• Eliminated one dimensional engine fatigue loading by designing both mechanical and hydraulic
isolator mounts

• Upgraded and manufactured a Piaggio Ape 4-speed gearbox to give 4 gear ratios in forward and
reverse both

• Researched and experimented on mitigation of vortex induced vibrations on high rise structures
and energy generation from vortex induced vibrations

• Six months practical experience in PLC programming and mechatronics

• Four year experience in welding, grinding, milling and turning and one year in CNC programming

Team Leader, Vehicle Dynamics at University of Mumbai (Sardar Patel College of Engineering)
May 2012 – May 2014 (2 years 1 month)
• Successfully manufactured 3 vehicles using project management techniques such as Work
Breakdown, Process Flow Diagrams, Gantt Charts, Critical Path Diagrams, Resource Management
and Progress Reports

• Manufactured Automotive Knuckle and Propeller Shaft Coupling using CNC programming, G-
codes and M-codes

• Manufactured Carbon Fibre and Fibre Glass composites for Vehicle Panels and foam – tube
matrix for impact protection

• Manufactured 3 chassis using metal fabrication techniques like bending, cutting, grinding,

• Designed kinematics of the suspension systems using Lotus Suspension Analysis software after
considering all trade-offs, major constraints and rules listed by the competition.

• Modelled and tested the Suspension system along with the entire car in CarSim; on tracks
designed according to competition standards.

• Improved Design using CarSim results and finalized design after multiple iterations

• Designed and manufactured a custom Rack and Pinion Steering by co-ordinating with the CAD
and Manufacturing Team. Designed an aerodynamic tie rod for the Formula SAE Vehicle.

• Conducted Static Objective Testing by comparing the designed values with the performance
of the manufactured suspension system. Conducted Subjective Testing of All-terrain vehicle
by comparing feedback from 4 drivers on an obstacle course, figure of 8 course, acceleration,
braking course; and Formula SAE Vehicle by conducting Maneuverability, Acceleration, Braking,
Understeer and Oversteer Tests.

Self Driving NanoDegree, Deep Learning, 2017 – 2018
Clemson University
Master’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, 2014 – 2015
Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, 2010 – 2014
Activities and Societies: 5 year SAE Membership, College Band, Event Organiser in College Fest, 4
year IEEE Member.
Swapnil More
Greater Detroit Area
Professional Engineer striving to improve lifestyles through Deep Learning & AI Working for
an Automotive OEM


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