Tay-Chang Wu


Senior Software Engineer

W. Bloomfield, MI

Tay-Chang Wu
4212 Colorado Lane (734)717-3291
W. Bloomfield, MI 48322 tcwu8058@hotmail.com

Accomplished Senior Software Engineer & Vision Scientist/Metrology Specialist with a Ph.D. Degree in Mechanical Engineering and twenty five years of experience in software development in the field of Metrology, quality control and numerical analysis for engineering applications. Extensive experience in algorithm development, calibration of metrology equipment including CMM, analog probe, optical probe, wrist devices, robots and the combination. Solid programming skills in C/C++ on MFC, Win32, C#, and VB. Excellent skills in debugging computer controlled electrical/mechanical systems. Solved several critical technical issues making the delivery of high accuracy machine tool smooth and predictable to save the company millions of dollars.

Programming Languages: Fluent: C/C++ 12 years, C# 2 years, VB 2 years, FORTRAN 10 years
Operating Systems: Fluent: XP, W7, UNIX
Software Tools: Matrox Image Library, PRO/E, AutoCAD, MATLAB/Simulink.
Software Platforms: MFC, Win32 & Win64
Software Libraries: ATL, STL
Communications: English, Chinese
Metrology Software: PC-DMIS, LKDMIS/CMES/MODUS, Zeiss UMES/Calypso
Metrology Algorithm: Error Compensation, Calibration of metrology equipment including optical sensor and wrist devices. Least Square Best Fit of simple geometry and arbitrary shapes (Pattern Match).
Machine Interface: Deal with competitor’s machine communication protocol, listening into the TCPIP/Serial Port communication, develop interface to support it. Translating competitor’s programming language to standard language to help support customer’s legendary software.
Error compensation/Error Mapping: Calibration of equipment for dimensional metrology to improve its accuracy. It applies to CMM, wrist devices, analog probe, digital probe, optical probe, laser sensor, etc.


Robotic Vision Tech, Sterling Heights, MI 1/2012 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
• Developed and maintaining code for robot vision guidance. Image processing/Edge Detection/Pattern Recognition/Best Fitting algorithm with MFC C++
• Drafted proposal on Machine Vision Guidance for autonomous vehicle based on comparing pre-recorded images with live image – combination of edge identification, pattern recognition.
• Supporting Machine Vision Inspection project, using pattern recognition to count number of teeth, and measuring OD/ID of gears.

Caterpillar Corporation/Tech Center IL 6/2008 – 1/2012
Technical Specialist
• Developed Machine Accuracy Requirement Tool (MART) with MFC C++ and C#. This is a utility to correlate the machine tool errors to the achievable GD&T specification. Geometric error model of the Machine tool generate the cutting path error, pass it to PC-DMIS which calculate the GD&T, repeat the process numerous times and calculates the Cpk (Process capability).
• Implement Laser Projection replacing template used at heavy duty vehicle manufacturing process, identified a setup problem, and resurrected the project. Currently several business units have plan to use “Laser Projection” to replace templates. Patented the Laser Projection image steering
• Fiber probe CMM programming, resurrect CMM from junk status to successfully handle Diesel spray-hole inspection program.
• Writing with MFC C++ on geometry fitting and automation algorithm to support on-line inspection of high volume production part with white light measurement.
• Developed with MFC C++ calibration algorithm for Robot to support Off-Line Programming, Robotic drilling/tapping/machining and Robotic metrology.
• Develop automatic assembly fixture for Diesel Engine Rocker Arm/Screw/Button.
• Develop on Board Monitoring Display unit in more than 20 languages.
Senior Software Engineer

Wilcox Associates, Inc. Wixom, MI 6/2001 – 5/2008
(Hexagon Metrology/Software Branch)
• All software development in Wilcox were done in MFC C++.
• Implemented interface to competitor’s CMM controllers to make it accessible to PC-DMIS.
• Developed the universal CMM calibration program (error compensation) calibrating multiple brands of CMMs (Zeiss, LK, Metrology, and all Hexagon’s CMM), provided remote support for service engineers performing CMM calibration, and helped setup Universal Calibration Company to use the software. They eventually get GM’s blanket order on CMM calibration around Detroit area.
• Developed the calibration algorithm for The Linear Wrist (TLW), a wrist device similar to Renishaw’s Revo made by TESA.
• Supported the installation of PC-DMIS on non-core CMMs (Zeiss, LK, Sheffield, Mitsutoyo).
Senior Software Engineer

LK Metrology System, USA & UK 3/1992 – 5/2001
• Developed all geometry fitting algorithm for LK’s software and passed the PTB test ranked in the best accuracy category 8 years earlier than PC-DMIS obtained the certificate.
• In charge of CMM’s error compensation, CMM motion control, calibration of wrist and analog probe. Helped the company stream line the production process by removing the obstacle with not being able to achieve the targeted accuracy. Save company millions every year.
• First to develop Probe Head Mapping (PHMapping).
• Developed motion control scheme by using low cost controller to support high end “twin-drive” bridge CMM – the most competitive in market.
• Supported several customized software to support the CMM sales.
• Initiated project to retrofit Articulate Arm CMM with motor to transform the manual metrology tool to DCC.

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI 1987 – 1990
Mechanical Engineer
• Performed CFD analysis using FLUENT on car body and engine components
• Developed engine lubrication system analysis program
• Developed a 1D dynamic engine cycle simulation program
• Finite Element stress/strain analysis on forced fitting of water pump rotor

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
PhD/Mechanical Engineering, 1992

Taiwan University
Master’s Degree/Mechanical Engineering, 1981
Bachelor of Science/Mechanical Engineering, 1979

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