Timothy Ruggles

Timothy John Ruggles February 22, 2016
2127 Country Mile Lane
Richmond, TX 77406
Home Phone: 832-363-3987
Cell Phone: 832-520-7456 (Personal)
Email: rugriders@yahoo.com

Objective: Highly motivated and skilled mechanical engineer desires to utilize knowledge, training, skills, and experience to improve mechanical reliability of operating equipment and project designs.

Experience Summary:
• Twenty eight years as a mechanical engineer involved with equipment reliability; quality control; equipment inspection; shutdown planning; the design, maintenance and troubleshooting of fixed and rotating equipment; engineering standards and practices writing.
• Fifteen years’ experience with SAP.
• Seven years of coordinating the development of company Engineering Standards, Procedures, Specifications, Practices, Guidelines, Recommendations and Specifications and other company procedures.
• Two additional years as a water treatment specialist to industries located in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

Areas of Expertise:
• Design and field experience with industry codes such as ASME, ANSI, NACE, PIP, TEMA, API, and company procedures and standards.
• Technical document writing – coordinated the development of and authored various Standards, Practices, Guidelines, Recommendations and Specifications for engineers to design facilities in the oil and gas industry (Governance, Documentation and Data Management, Pressure Relief Devices, Pipelines, Facility Piping, Pressure Vessels, Rotating Equipment, Storage Tanks and Heat Transfer Equipment.
• Contractor/vendor bid solicitation, review and selection.
• Knowledgeable of corrosion mechanisms: polythionic stress cracking, pitting, chloride stress cracking, carbonic acid attack, galvanic corrosion, wet H2S cracking, caustic cracking, etc.
• Bolted joint tightening methodologies: torque, tensioning, induction heating, etc.
• Field knowledge and application of most alloys used in the oil and gas industry.
• Trained and used SAP for plant maintenance work and reporting.
• Knowledgeable of maintenance planning and execution.
• Successful at mentoring & training younger engineers.
• Bi-lingual: English & Spanish (read, write and speak).

Employment History
Nov 2015 to Present: Phillips 66, Sweeny Refinery, Sweeny, TX
Nov 18, 2015 to Present: Fixed Equipment Reliability Engineer
Facilitate the Sweeny Refinery Fixed Equipment Team in the effort to identify top fixed equipment reliability threats and report to management strategy to prevent equipment failures. Provide technical support to the Capital Projects team for the selection of fixed equipment for reliability improvement projects. Interface with other Phillips 66 facilities and professional groups on the review and development of engineering standards. Troubleshoot recurring problems with pressure vessels, fired heaters, piping systems and storage tanks. Prioritize and provide cost estimates for reliability projects. Perform root cause failure analysis on damaged equipment and developing repair recommendations to prevent repeat failures. Member of the Process Industry Practices (PIP) Piping Function Team.

January 2007 to October 2015: ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX

Nov 1, 2014 to October 8, 2015: Corporate Technical Authority, Fixed Equipment Reliability
Technical Authority for fixed equipment systems. Leading the development of Corporate Piping Material Specifications and Valve Data Sheets. Trouble shoot and provide solutions to failures of fixed equipment (i.e., storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping systems, heat exchangers). Leading Storage Tank and Piping Systems collaboration teams. Company representative on the Process Industry Practices (PIP) Steering Committee.

May 1, 2012 – Oct 31, 2014: Global Engineering Stds. & Practices Coordinator
Coordinate the development of global Engineering Standards and Practices for upstream business units by working with technical authorities from various engineering disciplines. Responsible for $1.9MM (2012) and $1.6MM (2013) document management budget. Company representative on the Process Industry Practices (PIP) Steering Committee, Function Team Lead for the Pipeline Systems Team and member of the Piping Function Team. 2013 Vice-Chair and 2014 Chair of PIP.

May 10, 2010 – Apr 30, 2012: Staff Standards Coordinator for Engineering
Coordinate the development of Engineering Standards and Practices. Worked with Technical Authorities from each engineering discipline. Manage a budget of $2.5 MM for the development of Engineering Standards and Practices. Serve as the Company representative on the Process Industry Practices (PIP) Steering Committee as well as a member of the PIP Piping Committee.

Aug. 2, 2007 – May 7, 2010: Staff A&OI Engineer – L48 Discipline Engineering
Coordinate the effort to develop and issue new Guidelines, Recommendations and Specifications for use in the design of oil & gas facilities in L48. Led the effort to develop a SAP process using “Dynamic Inspection Forms” to capture and analyze critical preventive maintenance inspection data performed on all equipment types.

Jan 29, 2007 – Aug 1, 2007: Sr. Facility Engineer – L48 Discipline Engineering
Promoted to Sr. Facility Engineer and re-located to Houston, TX. Assisted with a large turnaround effort at Gulf Coast Fractionators, developed inspection forms for testing relief devices.

Aug. 2002 – Jan. 2007: ConocoPhillips, Sweeny, Texas

Apr 1999 – Jan 2007: Heavy Craft Reliability Engineer – West End Heavy Crafts Team
Responsible for the reliability of all fixed equipment and piping systems in the Refinery. This included two Crude Units, ARDS Unit, Hydrogen Purification Unit, two Cat Cracker Units, Sulfur Unit, HF Unit, Amine Unit and Caustic Unit. Developed and scheduled SAP PM’s for critical equipment. Performed critical torque/tension calculations and issued procedures for tightening of high-pressure exchanger and reactor covers. Trained in API 579 “Fitness for Service”. Developed procedures to inspect integrity of internal threads on high-pressure heat exchangers, inspect/repair ring joint flanges. Performed vulnerability assessments of critical equipment and made recommendations for improvement.

Aug 1988 – Aug 2002: Phillips 66 Company, Sweeny, Texas

May 1994 – Apr 1999: Mechanical and Design Reliability Engineer, Feed Prep Team
Performed monitoring and troubleshooting expertise for rotating equipment, pressure vessels and piping systems. Coordinated the design and modification of new and existing equipment and piping systems. Knowledgeable about steam turbine and surface condenser operation. Proficient with CSI and Bentley Nevada vibration and monitoring systems. Trained in using SAP for plant maintenance work.

Mar 1992 – May 1994: Shutdown Planner
Planned and scheduled work force, tools and equipment to complete unit shutdowns in a budgeted amount of time and money. Shutdowns included the HF Alkylation, Ethylene, Reformer, Gas Concentration and Sulfur recovery units. Worked closely with contractor and Phillips employees to make sure material and personnel needs and schedules were being met, specified and purchased materials, evaluated bids, and selected contractors to do work.

Aug 1988 – Mar 1992: Design Engineer
Performed engineering calculations, designed and issued drawings and developed specifications and procedures for: boiler blowdown systems, steam and condensate systems, chemical injection systems, the repair and purchase of glass-lined equipment, pressure vessels and exchangers. Calculated capacity of and oversaw code compliance of pressure relief systems. Used appropriate refinery piping and pressure vessel codes (ANSI B31.3, ASME Section VIII Div I, API 510 and API 570).

Aug 1986 – Aug 1988: BETZ Industrial, Amarillo, Texas
Technical Service Specialist
Made technical sales calls on gas plants, potash mines, refineries, chemical plants and smelters located in west Texas and eastern New Mexico. Sampled, tested and made recommendations for improving operation and maintenance of steam, condensate and cooling water systems.

Leadership Experience

• October 2012 – October 2013: Vice Chairman of Process Industry Practices (PIP)

• October 2013 – October 2014: Chairman of Process Industry Practices (PIP)

Bachelor of Science Degree Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, April 1986

1987: Water Treatment Technology provided by BETZ Industrial
1989: Welding Technology and Inspection Seminar
1990: ASME Pressure Vessel Engineering Seminar
1991: Instruction in Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar
1991: ASME Piping Design and Analysis Seminar
1992: 16 hour Seminar in Metallurgy and Welding
1994: 5 day course in Vibration Analysis (presented by IRD)
1995: 4 day course in Vibration Analysis (presented by CSI)
1995: 5 day course in API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection (presented by Code West)
1999: 3 day course in Pipe Stress Analysis (Phillips Petroleum in-house training)
2000: Certified Master of Engineering Technology (Phillips Petroleum “in-house” certification)
2000: 3 day course in API 579 “Fitness for Service”
2001: 3 day course in Failure Analysis and Prevention (presented by Helmut Thielsch, P.E.)
2002: 3 day course in Tightness-Based Bolted Flange Gasket Constants and Design Rules (PVRC)
2005: 3 day course in Tightness-Based Bolted Flange Gasket Constants and Design Rules (PVRC)
2008: 5 day course in Corrosion and Materials Course in the Oil and Gas Production Industry
2012: 5 day Bolting Combo Course, ASME
2012: 2 day RAPTOR (RAM – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) Training

Personal Data: Excellent health, read, write and speak Spanish, trained on Caesar Pipe Stress Analysis, knowledgeable of CodeCalc and Compress, AutoSketch, MS Office products, trained to input and manipulate SAP (Systems Applications Products) data. Working knowledge of API, ANSI, NACE, PIP, TEMA and ASME codes as well as industry inspection techniques (i.e., radiography, ultrasonic Testing, eddy current, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, shear wave, time-of-flight, hardness, etc.). Knowledgeable of Infrared sampling and reporting procedures. Possess current Passport. Possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card.

Special Recognitions:
Process Industry Practices (PIP) Chairman’s Award 2012
Selected Outstanding Young Men of America
Oklahoma’s Boy State
Served two-year mission in Chile, South America for church
Spanish Teacher (4 years) at the Missionary Training Center (Affiliated with Brigham Young University)

Master of Engineering Technology – Phillips Petroleum Company – December 1999
Company recognition and certification for competency in technical and functional skills related to senior engineering related positions and tasks. Job models included discipline specific recognition. Personal certification was in Mechanical Engineering job model. Company process mirrored requirements for Texas Professional Engineering certificate, with peers and managers evaluating candidates based upon experience and performance.

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