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Umar Riaz
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Working in software development and imaging processing industry since 1999. Strong Software Engineering and R&D background with BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Systems Engineering. Good understanding of Software development life cycle. Involved in numerous software releases of windows desktop, web and mobile applications. Numerous years of software development experience in C/C++, Visual C++, WPF and Silverlight with C#/.NET and XAML. Actively participated in design, development and management of very large and complex databases in Oracle and SQL server. Extensively worked in the field of image processing, OCR/OMR data capture, medical imaging & computed tomography. Awarded couples of patents by USPTO in field of image processing and medical imaging tomography. Agile software development experience with scrum teams and kanban. Designing, developing, publishing and maintaining mobile phone apps (Windows/Android/iOS) on app stores including some best sellers.
Programming Skills
Languages: C#/.NET, C/C++, Visual C++, WPF and Silverlight with C# & XAML, SQL, Java.
IDEs: Visual Studio Ultimate (2003-2015), Matlab. Xamarin Studio, Android Studio. Eclipse.
Version control: Team Foundation Server, Subversion. Git
Databases: SQL Server (2000-2014), Oracle 10g.
Unit/Performance Testing:
Unit and Performance testing of Web desktop and mobile applications with Visual Studio Ultimate/Test Professional, Red Gate ANTS profiler.

SDKs & Toolkits
Adobe Acrobat SDK, Leadtools Medical Imaging Suite, Summus Image Compression SDK, OpenGL, Libtiff / Libjpeg, VTK, Kakadu jpeg2000 library, Aurigma Graphic Mills, Infragistics, Mitek QuickStrokes (OCR/ICR), CGK RecoStar (OCR/OMR), Parascript CheckPlus and many more.

OCR/OMR data capture systems, 3D image tomography, DICOM, Image Processing Algorithms, Web and n-tier Business Applications, WPF with XAML & Silverlight, OOP, design patterns, Load/Performance testing, Windows Phone apps development. Android and iOS development with Xamarin Mono and MonoTouch. OOAD, OLAP.

Web services SOAP & REST APIs with XML & JSON
Misc Agile software development experience with scrum and kanban.

Professional Experience
Advion BioSciences Inc. (Nov 2015 – current)
Senior Software Engineer
Desiging developing and maintaining Windows desktop applications and device interface APIs/SDKs for Liquid Chromatography–Mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) machines used in clinical laboratories and BioScience research.
* The front-end desktop application for LC-MS was developed in Java 1.8 using Eclipse.
* Desktop application for newly designed ICP-MS is being developed in C#/.NET using Win forms and WPF.
* The machine interface APIs/SDK is being developed and maintained in C++ with C++ CLI and JNI wrappers.

Xerox Corporation, Webster NY (Sept 2011 – Oct 2015)
Performance Test Engineer (Consultant via Mindex Technologies)
Member of Xerox Managed Print Services Performance team. Primary responsibility is to setup and perform load/performance tests on all major Xerox web & desktop applications and SOAP & REST APIs.
* Record, parameterize and optimize web test and workflows using Visual Studio 2013 recorder and Fiddler.
* Build web test plugins and coded web and unit test when even necessary.
* Test, debug, analyze and profile all major Xerox web services and APIs.
* Write unit test methods to test SOAP and REST API calls.
* Build tools to automate performance test results reporting process using MS office interop APIs and web tools.
Advanced Document Imaging, LLC Rochester NY (2003 – Sept 2011)
Senior Software Engineer
Worked on a number US Census related projects including Paper Data Quality (PDQ) and Print Quality assessment system (aka QUISP2). Designed and developer of the AutoDTD system (patent pending) that automated the process of creating Digital Test Desks™. Also worked in parallel for another startup sister company TIES LLC.
Tomographic Image Enhancement System (TIES) LLC
Developed a prototype application and published a patents in the field of medical imaging and tomography. The invention relates to the methods of identifying, locating or analyzing objects of interest on tomographic images and tracking, segmenting objects of interest on the SPET or PET raw 3D tomographic DICOM datasets. Many segmentation algorithms were also developed. A application was build using Visual C++, Leadtools Medical Imaging SDK and Matlab Image processing toolkits.
Production Data Quality (PDQ): It is US Census system for assessing OCR/OMR system data quality for 2010 census. Took part in the design and development of a very complex relational database. Designed and build the keying modules of the system and admin tools. The project uses Oracle 10g as the primary database, XML for the I/O and used C# & .NET framework for application and window services development.
Quality Information for Successful Printing (QUISP II): A US Census system to assure print quality for 2010 US Census forms. The ‘PrintSample’ desktop app communicates with spectodenstometer, barcode scanner and barcode verifier and take color, density and barcode reading from a given printed forms and sends data to the web portal. The software is developed using C#/VB.NET, SQL server 2005, Aurigma Graphic Mills & Infragistics SDKs.
Automated Digital Test Deck ™ (US patent pending): Architect and developer of the AutoDTD system that builds Digital Test Desks for a number of clients including US Census. The system writes postscript code of the output DTD forms which later converted into PDF documents. The system build a number of DTDs for US Census, Lockheed Martin, Stats Canada, UK Census. The software is developed in C# and uses postscript to create new DTD forms.
FormView: A Visual Studio style GUI application was developed to create form templates on top of PDF documents and raster images. A number of I/O adapters were also build to support different OCR/OMR systems, AutoDTD and US Census related projects. The application was developed in Visual C++(MFC, CLI). Adobe Acrobat SDK & Aurigma Graphic Mills.
Image Quality and Usability Assurance for Check21: An R&D project for ViewPointe & FTSC for Check21. Published core requirements for image quality and usability, image inventory metrics and business specs for the financial institutions and technology vendors to minimize risk, cost and ensure strong adoption of image exchange. Test modules were developed in VC++ using Parascript CheckPlus SDK and the SQL server 2000 at the backend.
Facial Image Compression: An R&D project for Magtek Inc (the leaders in the magnetic card technologies). Configured Jpeg2000 compression to achieve hyper compression on color PhotoID images using aproiri knowledge of human faces. The goal was to fit recognizable quality photoID image on HD magnetic cards (i.e. about 500 bytes). A prototype application was built in VC++ using Summus Image Compression SDK.

RIT RESEARCH CORP. Rochester NY (2001 – 2003)
Software Engineer (on contract via AKSA Corporation)
US Census: Worked on US Census projects and build many software applications and modules for collecting and archiving handwritten field and character snippets.
WebSite Archiver: (US patent pending) An Internet browser style application was developed to archive webpages on microfilm. These images are used for archiving on microfilm using Kodak Document Archive Writer.

INFORMATICS COMPLEX – PAEC, Pakistan (1998 – 2001)
Software Engineer
Worked on contract on a number of projects in some leading software development companies in Pakistan.
Compression Server: Makabu (pvt) Ltd. (
Resource Management System. Elixir Technologies (
Worked on the development of an n-tier Business Enterprise Solution for maintaining the records of the financial institutions. Used Microsoft’s Enterprise technologies, COM/DCOM, MFC/ATL were used for development of the.
Paper Checking System: Developed a software to mark MCQ style examination papers by using desktop scanners. The software Won 2nd prize in the Professional Category of the 11th All Pakistan KRL Software Exhibition year 2000.

Owner of a mobile apps development business
Designing, developing, publishing and maintaining Windows Phone and Android applications as a hobby. There are a bunch of my apps available at Windows Phone Store including some best sellers. For details go to

Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Science, Islamabad, Pakistan
MS, Systems Engineering 1996 – 1998

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
BS Engg, Electrical (Communication) 1990 – 1995

Object identifying system for segmenting unreconstructed data in image tomography
United States Patent US7176916 (Issued February 13, 2007)
Inventors: Umar Riaz

Archiving method and apparatus for digital information from web pages
United States Patent Application US20040034647
Inventors: Umar Riaz, Dr Brad Paxton

Automating Creation of Digital Test Materials
United States Patent Application US 2008/0235263
Inventors: Umar Riaz, Dr. Peter Anderson

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