W. Duke

W. Scott Duke
1110 Woodlawn Drive ¨ Dothan, AL 36301 ¨ (334) 400.2052 ¨ wsduke@graceba.net

Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering (BSME); GPA: 3.43/4.00

Six Sigma Blackbelt Training

Advanced PLCs I & II (Allen-Bradley), Motor Controls I & II; GPA: 4.00/4.00


Mechanical Engineer – Site Superintendent
TRANE (Contracted thru Aerotek) 2014-Present
Trane’s contracting division provides comprehensive services for its customers. Trane directly provides HVAC equipment, controls and service. All other work is subcontracted by Trane and managed by Trane.

• Supervised the installation of a 130-ton roof top unit (RTU), an Advantix system (provides pre-conditioned outside air to the RTU – dehumidification in the summer and pre-heated air in the winter), a Liebert computer room HVAC system, 99 VAV boxes (with electric heat), 6 VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems, refrigerant piping, ductwork, insulation, electrical power, controls, fire protection, ceiling grid & tiles, floor carpeting & tiles and LED lighting at the Houston County Administration Building. This work was performed as part of an energy conservation project.

• Supervised the installation of an underground redundancy chilled water piping system between the Houston County Corrections Building and the Houston County Courthouse. Each of these buildings has oversized chillers. If one of the chillers goes down, the other building’s chiller adjusts valves to provide chilled water to both buildings.

• Wireless laptop computers were provided for each Houston County technician so they can view, monitor and control building systems 24/7.

• Supervised the installation of a 250-ton Trane air cooled chiller at the Houston County Jail and the relocation of two existing100-ton chillers from the Administration Building roof to the Jail to serve as a back-up system.

• Supervised the conversion of 15 DX (direct expansion) air handlers to chilled water at the Houston County Jail.

• Supervised the installation of a new technology piping system manufactured by Aquatherm at the Houston County Courthouse and the Jail. This is a new plastic piping system that is assembled with hot irons. This new piping has a higher R-value (insulation value) and is much lighter than steel, it can be run at a much faster pace and it will not rust.

• Supervised the installation of a new air cooled chiller, a hot water boiler, pumps, insulation, lighting, a high R-value roofing system and the tuck-pointing & sealing of the exterior brick walls at the Pike County Courthouse. This work was performed as part of an energy conservation project.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager
EGS provides design (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil) and capital/construction project management services for the paper/pulp industry, mainly Georgia Pacific and Rock Tenn
• Wrote scope of work (SOW) for capital projects
• Walked down and revise P&ID’s (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams)
• Prepared ITPM (Inspection, Testing and Preventive Maintenance) and PSI (Process Safety Information) procedures
• Provided on-site construction/project support for capital projects
• Designed steam piping, condensate piping and controls for an outside air system at a Georgia Pacific paper mill
• Installed a computer Room HVAC and a fire protection system at a Georgia Pacific paper mill

Principal – Sr. Mechanical Engineer
ACA is a design-build mechanical contracting and engineering firm. Work mainly for the military (Eglin, Ft. Rucker, Tyndall), various municipalities and industrial facilities (Revenues approximately $5M/yr, 30-40 employees)
• Directly responsible for selecting and the installation of HVAC and piping systems, debugging HVAC system problems, taking off mechanical drawings, quoting, set-up and managing of engineering projects, reviewing cost and budget reports, reviewing and approving contracts with general contractors and municipalities
• Managed selection and installation of boilers, chillers, pumps, air handlers, DX systems, air compressors, piping, ductwork, insulation, controls
• Proficiently used Microsoft Office (Project to create Gant Charts)
• Directed and supervised office personnel, draftsmen, 30+ technicians as well as subcontractors; conducted employee performance reviews; interviewed for hiring of new personnel; reviewed profit/loss statements
• Coordinated with customers to review project status and project changes
• Reviewed equipment specifications and submittals to ensure consistency with customer requirements
• Oversaw installation and operation of building automation systems
• Worked closely with architects to reduce project costs (value engineering)

(Most projects listed below: I took off drawings, priced & quoted, approved contracts, managed the project, handled monthly progress reports & invoicing)

-Seminole County Middle School Project Amount: $ 990,000
Demolished and replaced the entire HVAC system (chiller, air handlers, VAV boxes, ductwork, piping, pumps) in the school. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Enterprise Medical Center Project Amount: $ 330,000
Installed the mechanical portion for a new MRI wing. Installed a hot water boiler, 40-ton packaged RTU, piping, ductwork, VAV boxes and pumps. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Enterprise Dialysis Clinic Project Amount: $ 130,000
Installed 7 split DX systems, ductwork and ventilation system for the chemical room. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Hyundai Plant, Enterprise, AL Project Amount: $ 110,000
Installed split DX system, ductwork, Mitsubishi PTAC, water heater, piping for a new office building; reducted an existing system in a warehouse to eliminate condensation problems. Subcontracted insulation.

-City of Dothan, Utilities Building Project Amount: $ 725,000
Prime contractor: Demolished and replaced the entire HVAC system (75-ton chiller, air handlers, VAV boxes, ductwork, piping, pumps) in the electrical utilities building. Subcontracted electrical, controls, test & balance, insulation and fire protection.

-City of Dothan, Civic Center Project Amount: $ 1,600,000
Prime contractor: Installed a new 300-ton chiller, 16 chilled water air handlers, VAV boxes, ductwork, piping and a 15-ton Liebert computer room unit. Subcontracted electrical, controls, test & balance and insulation.

-City of Dothan, Opera House Project Amount: $ 125,000
Replaced the air handlers and chilled water pumps, modified existing ductwork, added VAV boxes and a 3-ton Mitsubishi wall unit (computer room) and added a Honeywell control system to correct humidity problems. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Tyndall Air Force Base Project Amount: $ 155,000
Installed underground piping for a new F-22 Raptor hangar.

-Ft. Rucker Army Aviation, Cairns Field Project Amount: $ 1,025,000
Demolished an entire two pipe HVAC system, installed 125 new water source Carrier PTAC units & all associated piping and one 2.5-ton Mitsubishi wall unit (approx. 1000’ black pipe, 22,000’ copper, including condensate drains). Subcontracted insulation.

-Ft. Rucker, Main Post – Simulator Building Project Amount: $ 190,000
Demolished existing HVAC systems. Modified one primary air handler and associated ductwork and installed a new 20-ton Liebert computer room unit & a 2-ton Mitsubishi wall unit. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Ft. Rucker, Main Post – Admin. Building Project Amount: $ 185,000
Utilized existing chilled water HVAC systems. Installed new ductwork, piping, VAV boxes, 2 2-ton Mitsubishi wall units. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Ft. Rucker, Main Post – Knox Field Project Amount: $ 225,000
Demolished HVAC & compressed air systems. Designed new HVAC and compressed air systems. Installed 5 new split heat pumps, ductwork, 40-HP Ingersoll Rand air compressor and piping. Subcontracted test & balance and insulation.

-Southeast Alabama Medical Center Project Amount: $ 130,000
Oncology Building: Demolished HVAC system. Installed new 25-ton Carrier RTU, ductwork and VAV boxes. Subcontracted controls, test & balance and insulation.

-Southeast Alabama Medical Center Project Amount: $ 120,000
5th Floor East Wing: Demolished HVAC system. Installed new 35-ton Carrier chilled water AHU, 25-PTACs, ductwork and piping. Subcontracted test & balance and insulation.

Facilities/Production Engineer
Swedish Match Cigars – North America (SMNA) is a manufacturer of market leading brands of smokeless tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco
• Consistently monitored and improved efficiency and yield of production lines
• Strategically troubleshot equipment problems
• Effectively enhanced building climate control through modifications to the HVAC & humidification systems, reduced energy usage with newer technologies and automation
• Efficiently handled issues between facilities and production
• Coordinated equipment modifications and new equipment installation
• Prepared and organized reports for management to evaluate project progress, utilized Microsoft Office (Project to create Gant Charts)
• Supervised maintenance technicians and contractors
• Established and executed PM program

-The tobacco conveying system was jamming and stopping production on a regular basis. SMNA had already budgeted for a new conveying system. I studied the system by collecting information on where the system was jamming and how long the production line was down to clear the jam. After two weeks of collecting information, I determined the problem was a lack of preventive maintenance (cleaning). Six man hours per week for cleaning eliminated the purchase of a new $100,000 system and increased production efficiency and yields.

-Specified and managed the installation of a FlexLink cigar conveying system to reduce operator requirements. This system eliminated the need to load carts, transport the carts and unload the carts. It reduced the need for two operators.

Facilities Maintenance Engineer/Project Manager 2000-2006
Facilities Maintenance & Plant Engineering
• Oversaw the installation, operation and maintenance of air compressors, boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, pumps, piping systems, heat exchangers, humidification and dehumidification systems
• Supervised office personnel, contractors and maintenance technicians; conducted performance reviews; interviewed for the hiring of new personnel
• Assisted with creating annual operating budgets
• Approved and oversaw construction and maintenance contracts
• Created specifications for new and replacement equipment
• Reviewed equipment specifications and submittals for consistency with requirements
• Coordinated new facility construction, renovations, equipment installations and modifications
• Maintained clean room criteria (class 1000 & humidity ranges) for coating processes
• Conducted annual contractor safety training
• Utilized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
• Programmed and Operated the Trane Building Automation System (BAS)
• Effectively reduced energy usage via the BAS
• Coordinated with production personnel to solve problems
• Reduced maintenance and operating costs with more advanced technologies

-Humidity problems in Chemical Mixing Plants Project Amount: $ 60,000
Sony had two chemical mixing plants. The plants were required to maintain relative humidity above 50% to eliminate the potential for static electricity. An incident occurred where a technician failed to attach the grounding strap on a tank while transferring a chemical and the relative humidity was around 35%. This resulted in an explosion causing serious burns to the technicians face and chest. I worked with Spirax Sarco to determine a solution for the low humidity problem. I had 4,500 and 6,000 lb/hr steam humidification systems installed in the plants, which eliminated the humidity problems.

-Reduce steam usage requirement in Mixing Plants Project Amount: $ 8,000
The addition of the humidification systems in the above project solved a safety issue but increased steam usage tremendously. One mixing plant was receiving 120,000 cfm of outside air and the other plant was receiving 180,000 cfm of outside air. I investigated what safety procedures required for air changes per hour. I found that both mixing plants had excessive amounts of air changes per hour. I installed modulating louvers on the intake side of the fans to utilize return air; therefore reducing steam humidification and steam heating requirements. This project saved an estimated $200,000 per year in steam usage.

-Reduce requirement for purchasing nitrogen:
Sony had a nitrogen generator system, but also purchased additional nitrogen from Air Products to meet demand. I modified one of the air compressors to provide a higher pressure to the nitrogen generator, thus producing more nitrogen. This reduced the nitrogen required to be purchased by approximately 25%.

-Modify humidification/dehumidification systems for AME production:
Sony invented a new magnetic coating technology called Advanced Metal Evaporative (AME). The coating process was producing very poor yields. After months of research, the R&D department determined the coating process needed to be performed in a relative humidity (RH) range of 58-60% for best results. The Sony plant was built in the 1970’s and the equipment was very primitive when it came to humidification & dehumidification (+/- 20% RH) and controls. I had a test & balance firm set the outside air (OA) to the requirements for the areas to ensure not too much OA would need conditioning. I worked with Spirax Sarco to solve the humidification issue by installing new systems in all of the air handlers. I worked with Trane to change out the cooling coils in the air handlers for better dehumidification and to install additional controls for the valves. I reprogrammed the PID loops in the control system to level out swings in the humidity so the 58-60% RH could be maintained consistently. Also, due to the increased requirements for chilled water and steam, I managed the installation of 12,000’ of new pipe (black pipe 3”-12”) from the utilities building to the equipment rooms.

-Reduce chiller energy usage by staging chillers properly:
Sony had nine chillers (5,750 tons). The first chiller would come on when called for. The next chiller would come on if the first chiller reached 100% current, etc, etc. After reviewing Trane’s efficiency chart for Sony’s chillers, maximum efficiency was at 80-85% current…beyond that, efficiency dropped. I reprogrammed the controls system so the chillers would start when the prior chiller reached 85%.

Production Engineer 1998-2000
Digital Data Storage (DDS) – Assembly & Packaging
• Increased efficiency and yield of production lines; increased automation for personnel reductions
• Accountable for performing time studies, creating specifications for new equipment, troubleshooting equipment problems, and modifying existing equipment for new products
• Scheduled preventive maintenance and assisted with preparation of production reports
• Utilized Microsoft Office (PowerPoint for blackbelt projects); prepared basic drawings with AutoCAD Lite, oversaw PM program, conducted performance reviews
• Completed Six Sigma Black Belt training; completed one of two projects required for certification before being promoted to Mechanical Engineer-Facilities Maintenance/Plant Engineering

-Automated loading of DDS cassette trays:
Repetitive motion from tray loading had resulted in two workman’s compensation cases for carpal tunnel syndrome. I automated the loading/unloading of the trays. This not only eliminated the health issue, it eventually reduced operator headcount by two people.

-Reconfigured packaging line for reduced headcount:
In order to eliminate one of two technician requirements, I reconfigured the line in an S-shape and installed crossover steps on the line so one technician could manage the line.

-Modified packaging equipment:
Sony had a 5-pack packaging machine in storage that had previously been used on a Travan packaging line. I modified this machine for the DDS line to perform 10-pack packaging and a different size product for Hewlett Packard. This reduced headcount by two people.

-Installed automated taping & labeling machines:
Specified and installed automated case taping and labeling machines; this allowed Sony to eliminate one operator position.

-Corrected cassette overwrap film jamming problems
The cassette overwrap film machine had quality and yield problems…poor alignment and end sealing, which required the film to be hand removed and the cassette to be sent back through the overwrap process. Also, the film would get out of alignment enough to cause machine jams which would shut down the entire line. I determined this problem was occurring mostly in low humidity conditions, which was causing static electricity problems. I had additional steam humidification systems installed in the air handlers serving the area. This eliminated the majority of the overwrap film problems.


• Fundamentals of Engineering (FE – Previously EIT)
• Det Norske Veritas (Swedish Match) – QMS/EMS Internal Auditor
• Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison – HVAC for Industrial Facilities
• Flowserve – Pump and Seal Specialist Level 1
• Univ. Of Alabama – Industrial Ventilation
• Trane – Trane Air Conditioning Clinic
• Garratt Callahan – Boiler Water Fundamentals
• Environmental Support Solutions – Refrigerant Compliance
• Environmental Support Solutions – Indoor Air Quality
• Sony – 10 hour OSHA Training
• Trane – Tracer Summit Building Management Systems
• Trane – ICS Unit Controllers
• Wallace College – ISO 9000/14000 Internal Auditor
• Trane – CenTraVac Operation and Maintenance
• Industrial Risk Insurers – Implementing the Concepts of Industrial Fire Control

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