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Embbeded Programmer and Product Development Delivering

Blaine, MN

2008 112th Court
Blaine, MN 55449
Wade W. Brown 763-498-3685 (cell)
E-mail: wade@dajanibrown.com

To obtain a stimulating and challenging position that exploits and leverages my experience ,
educational background, and ability to effective form and lead teams of technical professionals

Relevant Experience
Self Employed – January 2011 – Present
Embbeded Programmer and Product Development Delivering embedded solutions to a wide variety of
remote customers. Projects ranging from wind generation control systems to web-based control of
greenhouse and similar growing environments. In addition developing products for ballistic
instrumentation for the civilian and military shooting communities.

Lockheed Martin, Eagan, MN October 2004 December 2009
One Shot Technical Director, October 2008 – December 2009 One Shot is a DARPA-funded program
to design the algorithms and hardware to increase snipers success by remotely measuring the wind
profile and calculating the ballistics solution.

Desert Hawk Technical Director, Lockheed Martin, Eagan, MN. October 2004 – October 2008
Primary role is technical lead for the Desert Hawk product line. In addition to my work on the Desert
Hawk program my responsibilities include: optics and imaging support for air vehicles.

Tasks and accomplishments for this position include:
• Represented Lockheed Martin on the UK MoD’s UAS Engineering Planning Group, the group was
comprised of users within the MoD and representatives from UK UAS companies and me. Our
mandate was to develop plans and goals in UAS development for the next two epochs.
• Manage and direct the technical team to assure we are delivering a quality capable product that
meets the customer requirements within schedule and budget.
• Primary technical interface with subcontractors, negotiate and write statement of work, schedule,
and assure schedule and quality of the product is up to or exceeds customer requirements.
• Extensive customer contact during training, marketing demonstrations in this country and in theatre
of operations, and program reviews.
• Primary responsibility is imaging and optics support for unmanned vehicles.
• Design and testing imaging systems to meet challenging environmental and performance
• Advanced development work with both external and internally funded research and development.
• Supported USAF (CENTAF) with Desert Hawk I and the UK Army with Desert Hawk III in theater.
• Managed technical aspects with our subcontractors on four different air vehicle builds and two
contractor logistics support programs for the Desert Hawk product line.
• Developed and implemented optical models for the Lockheed Martin’s BAMS proposal
• Developed a comprehensive trade study model for large turreted EO/IR systems
• Did extensive modeling in NVTherm for PUMAS, a study contract performed by Lockheed for PMA
• Investigated adaptive optical systems for use in a 20 inch turret

Research Scientist, Signature Research, Inc., Blaine, Minnesota. August 2000 – February 2004.
Signature Research does research in imaging and image processing systems, primarily for the military.
My areas of responsibility include hyperspectral image analysis, natural scene generation and color
calibration of digital images.

Tasks and accomplishments for this position include:
• Worked with Software Engineers to upgrade color calibration package ViewVS to process and
display raw image files from high-end Nikon digital cameras.
• Developed a panoramic and at-range visible color imaging system. The panoramas captured by the
system are used as the global illumination field for our rendering system. The rendered results are
placed in the at-range image to produce a self-consistent composite image.
• Developed a physically realistic sea surface model for estimating the temperature of the sea surface
“seen” by an infrared imager when sun, sky and sea radiance are taken into account. This model
included sky and sun radiance calculated using MODTRAN4. Incorporated a physically realistic thermal
model of a wetsuit clad swimmer, to estimate detectability of troops approaching a beachhead at night
under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering, under Dr. Michael Roggeman,
Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan. May 1999-July 2000.

Area of research was optical effects of upper atmospheric turbulence. We designed and planned an
upper atmospheric balloon mission to estimate the parameters of turbulence-induced fluctuations in the
index of refraction of light.

Teacher, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Bay de Noc Community College, Escanaba,
Michigan. September 1992-June 1999
ŸTaught physics, mathematics, and computer science
ŸReceived tenure May, 1995

Teacher, Dutchess Community College, Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences,
Poughkeepsie, New York. September 1988-August 1992
ŸTaught physics, mathematics, and computer science

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Physics Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.
November 1985-June 1988

ŸMichigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan.
Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering
Area of concentration: Image and Signal Processing
Thesis Title: “A measurement and data processing approach for estimating the spatial statistics of
turbulence-induced index of refraction fluctuations in the upper atmosphere”
Graduated 2000
ŸMontana State University, Bozeman, Montana.
Masters of Science in Physics
Thesis Title: “Oxidation of NiAl(110)”
Graduated 1990
ŸUniversity of Wisconsin at River Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin.
Bachelors of Science with majors in Physics and Mathematics
Graduated 1985

Peer Reviewed Papers Published
J.T. Beyer, M.C. Roggemann, L.J. Otten, T.J. Schulz, T.C. Havens, and W.W. Brown
“Experimental estimation of the spatial statistics of turbulence-induced index of refraction
fluctuations in the upper atmosphere”, Applied Optics, Vol. 42, No. 6 (2003)

T. C. Havens, M.C. Roggemann, T.J. Schulz, W.W. Brown, J.T. Beyer, L.J. Otten “Measurement
and Data Processing Approach for Detecting Anisotropic Spatial Statistics of the Turbulence-
Induced Index of Refraction Fluctuations in the Upper Atmosphere” Applied Optics-LP, No. 41
Issue 15 (2002)
W.W. Brown, M.C. Roggemann, T.J. Schulz, T.C. Havens, J.T. Beyer, and L. John Otten. “A
measurement and data processing approach for estimating the spatial statistics of turbulence-
induced index of refraction fluctuations in the upper atmosphere”, Applied Optics, Vol. 40, No.
12 (2001)

“Calibration of digital color imagery”, W.W. Brown, W.R. Reynolds, and J.H. Hilgers, United
States Patent 7,362,357 granted April 22, 2008
“Pitot probe with water blockage prevention”, Colten; Todd M., Brown; Wade W. (Blaine, MN),
Nelson; Ryan L.
Patent Applications
Panoramic Imaging System With Detection and Identification Imagers, Networked Synthetic
Identify Friend or Foe Transponder, and Range Dependent Electronic Reticle

Computer Skills
Microcontrollers – ATMEL AVR programming in C

Security Clearance

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