Wayne Winsett


Lead DCS Engineer READ NOTES

Maxeys, GA

Wayne Winsett
284 Forest Circle
Maxeys, Georgia 30671
706 621 0140

DCS: Honeywell TDC 3000, Experion (Experion Server engineering and configuration)
Delta V latest configuration software Version 12 and PCSD module implementation.
Mark VI and VIe
Invensys Foxboro IA configuration and graphics
General Electric Factory Automation

PLC: Rockwell PLC 2, 3, and 5 series PLC
Compact and Control Logic PLC
Modicon 984 PLC
Honeywell IPC PLC
Siemens 7 PLC

HMI: Honeywell TDC3000 Native Windows, Experion HMI Display Builder
Invensys Wonderware
Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition (ME)
Allen-Bradley RS View
General Electric Proficy Cimplicity Machine Edition

Historian: OSI Soft PI
Honeywell Historian
Delta V Historian
Invensys Foxboro IA Historian

Protocols: Honeywell Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE)
Foundation Fieldbus
Serial (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485)
Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP
Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP
Ethernet TCP/IP

Programming: Visual Basic 6.0 in Delta V graphics
Mark VI and VIe
Invensys Foxboro IA High Level Batch Language
Honeywell C code

Systems: MSDOS
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008

Software: Microsoft Office Professional (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint)
Auto Cad version 2.6 to 2010

Education: Athens Area Vocation College Industrial Electronic

Project Experience:
June 2015 to present, Trans Global Energy Project for CPV Woodbridge, New Jersey
Lead DCS Engineer
Mark VIe DCS lead support for hardware for the entire job except for Gas and Steam turbines. This project was a 2 on 1 combine cycle plant with 2 FA7 gas turbines and 2 CMI HRSG with a GE steam turbine. Loop check and logic changes as necessary . I was responsible for the commissioning of the system. Historian configuration with trends. Build and debug Modbus configuration for Auxiliary Boiler, Duct burner and SCR units. Made configuration changes to the screens as required by the end customer.
May 2015 to June 2015, Trans Global Energy Project for CPV Woodbridge, New Jersey
DCS Engineer
I was on OJT to learn the GE Mark VIe system. This included hardware, software, cyber security, and tunneling software. My main role was to set up the Triangle MicroWorks software. I set up the time server as well. Finished configuring EGD points for the server.
September 2014-March 2015, Black & Veatch Project for Celanese, Narrows, Virginia
Lead DCS Engineer
Programming, BOP Commissioning, Tuning of Boiler Feed Pumps, Tuning Steam Controls for conversion of 7 Coal Fired Boilers and 2 Natural Gas Boilers to 5 Steam Package Boilers – Involved with all interface and commissioning from Delta V to Mark VI. This configuration was using PCSD modules. And Delta V safety software. Also Emerson “Boiler in a Box” modules were implemented.

November 2013-Septemeber 2014, Champion Technology Services, Inc., Houston, TX
Lead Engineer

Air Products, Freeport, Texas
Responsibilities included ladder logic Prologic 5000 programming, HMI screens and FAT writing and execution of testing. I wrote the conversion of a Siemens S5 PLC to Siemens S7 plc code for two HYCO turbine units. This required reading the STL code and converts it to Ladder.

Air Products, Corpus Christi, Texas
Troubleshoot Honeywell DCS Experion to Compac Logic PLC Modbus communications problem. Learning how to stop and start the communications was also written down for the plant maintenance personnel. To never have this problem again.

Merichem, Dongfang China Compact Logix
PLC control Vacuum Belt Filter system. Using Prosoft configuration Software created configuration file for 240 integer registers reads and writes. Prosoft MVI69-MCM module was installed into a compact logic rack. Created a new subroutine to write the necessary data in to the proper Modbus address to be pass to the DeltaV via RS485. Set up and debugged all the discrete and analog points. Made necessary Alarms limits changes according the MOC documentation. Vacuum Pump would not correctly trouble shot the pump failure logic to make it work and require rewriting a portion of the pump failure logic. There was a valve that was going on and off for not real reason I had to tag to the correct Controller tag to make work. I had to debugged the Level controller logic as well. Modification was also requested by customer to delay by 2 second on the last four step of the startup sequence. I also removed dead left over code that was not being executed. Delta V was using PCSD modules for the programming.

Petrologistics, Houston, Experion SCADA configuration project:
Setup Allen-Bradley RSlinx topic for Micrologix 1200 PLC and set up OPC SCADA configuration on Honeywell Experion side.

2013 April – November 2013 Control Southern, Johns Creek Suwanee, Georgia
Delta V Application Lead DCS – Electrical Engineer
IP Rincon, Georgia
Steam turbine controls from Provox/DeltaV Project was started and I came on board to do the discrete control as well as the data communication to Rockwell Control Logix processor.

Lead a team to development a Delta V Charm testing application for prefabricated cabinets from Emerson. It requires not pre configuration to be done sense the I/O modules and generated a predefine module which is down loaded in to the controller for testing purpose and ensure the module holder is configured correctly.

DSM Augusta Georgia
I assisted the development team to help them finish the project out I work on such things as Reset stations module as well as custom faceplates. Work with 8 different PLC and SIS systems in data communications into the Delta V. I configured all points in the plant historian This project was implanting PCSD modules.

2012-2013 Control Dynamics, Midlothian, Virginia
Delta V Application Engineer
Reverse engineer units 3 and 4 boilers and turbine controls from Provox to DeltaV. Project execution everything from I/O to engineering the system and cabinet design. The project created new HMI screens that match the existing screens. The new turbine controls used charms I/O to ensure cutover would go smoothly. The project used the standard Delta V PCSD templates for the bulk of the project.

2011-2012 Invensys Foxboro Massachusetts
Independent Verification and Validation Engineer
I have performed work on all four china nuclear projects. The tasks I preformed were writing SVVP, Contract Review, Engineering Specifications Reviews, SRS verification and SDD verification. I also help junior people with building their technical knowledge about various plant operations and equipment functions.

2011- 2010 NuScale Power Corvallis Oregon
Instrument and Control Engineer
Perform interdisciplinary reviews for Main Control Room (MCR) HVAC, Battery Room HVAC, Turbine Building Crane, and Closed Cooling Water System (CCW). I wrote the Function Specification for the Main Control Room and Human Factor for the control modules.

2006 2010 Mangan Incorporated Long Beach California Senior Control System Engineer

RSView graphics for Potlatch tree farms in Oregon were finished and new graphic were created to display the data from over 100 Allen Bradley PLCs.
For Amgen I collected all the existing validation documentation for a stem cell drug manufacturing line. The task was to bring all the data up to the current GMP standards which included a Design qualification (DQ). After having it reviewed and signed off I created a Component Qualification (CQ). Working with all departments I then created an Installation Qualification (IQ). After having a completed IQ the Operational Qualification (OQ) was performed by members from Mangan. I worked with Amgen and Mangan personnel to sign off on the test OQ. Amgen was responsible for the Process Qualification (PQ).

Worked on an Allen Bradley Panel View replacement project for Amgen. Due to lack of being able to get replacements it was necessary to find a replacement and have the screens converted over. I was given the task of documenting the screens for several units. Creation of the new graphics, created a written test to check the graphics to the existing units, and then executed the qualification test and had Amgen sign off on the replacement screens. Then the new Panel Views were installed on the machines.

Sunoco La Porte, Texas polypropylene pellet silo storage and rail car loading system. Screen generation for Foxboro IA DCS and then later programming the controls of three blower systems with six silos and one single railcar loading site.

Artesia, New Mexico Navajo Refinery I did several jobs such as markup P&IDs and created instrument specification sheets for the new instruments and purchased instruments and created a detail plan of installation of the equipment. Performed a walk down of the alky unit to insure the P&IDs are current. I took all the drawings of

2 existing heaters and a copy of the new corporate engineering specification to see what changes had to be implemented. This meant we had to add a Triconex triple modular redundant logic solver.

Created a Lyondell Chocolate Bayou Network diagram of the current hydrocarbon unit and added a new Triconex Logic solver to supervise 3 heaters and automatic startup, monitor the system, and shut down. I added a new gateway from the Fisher Provox to the Triconex and new controller. I also had to create a detail plan of how to do the cutover hot and not lose production time.

SGI in Freeport, Texas I did the detail engineering to add a vapor recovery system to the existing 6 tank farms, 3 rail loading spots, and 3 truck loading spots, I had to interface with a Controllogix PLC which controlled the burner management of the flare. I also added a new operator station in the utility station. I designed the fiber optic routes and created a function specification of the hardware to have proper redundancy of data communications. My team generated a detail written test, for powering up the cabinets, and checking for communications of the I/O.

2005-2005 ITS SCAPA, Burbank, California
Delta V Control System Engineer
I came on board to help finish the Delta V programming of 350 megawatt combine cycle plant. I interfaced with the GE LM 6000 gas turbine with a Mark V controller and programmed the HRSG controls. I designed the fiber optic runs for the networking of all the Delta V cabinets as well as to the IT department. Part of the balance of plant included the zero liquid discharge system. I designed a gateway from the Delta V to the Controllogix PLC. This allowed the operator in the control room to see what was going on with the system out in the field as if it was a seamless system.

2003-2004 – National Engineering Resources Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Contract Control System Engineer
Emerson Process Austin, Texas Wyeth Pharmaceutical I programmed several phases of batch logic for a new plant which was built in Dublin Ireland to make Celebrex. I focused on the bio reactors the charging, growing, harvesting, and cleaning phases. There were over 300 Delta V programmers at seven different sites.

Magnolia Plant Burbank, CA – conversation to Frame 7 – Combined Cycle BOP all programming and commissioning drum leverl controls, steam level – Mark VI

KDC Engineering Baxter pharmaceutical Glendale, California I was brought in to help finish the Delta V batch programming on a blood fractionation facility so they could close out the job. I was brought back in through Valle Engineering to execute the FDA validation testing. I also was allowed to make changes to solve problems found while running the test.

2003 2003 Oxford Resources Cornerstone Controls Indianapolis, Indiana
Delta V Controls Engineer
Executed FDA validation testing on a new Humalog line for Ely Lilly.

1998 – 2003 General Electric Automation Services Houston, Texas
Control System Engineer –
Instrument Control System (ICS) was acquired with 3 other system integrators and GEAS was formed. I supervised the entire existing projects to successful ends.

Army depot in Corpus Christi, Texas I completed 3 helicopter test stands which were a combination of Foxboro IA hardware and Allen Bradley PLC controls. I implemented a General Electrical Aircraft test program for turbine engine. I finished a seven year project for the depot with wonderful results.

Shaw Bredero Price Houston, Texas the project was how to solve where the end of pipe was since they butted together. This was accomplished with an IR thermocouple.

I was given the task of developing a standard way to program Balance of Plants for General Electric Power systems plant division. I worked with 7 project engineers to devise a system that would work for their current jobs and all future jobs. This works for all GE Fanuc 90-30 PLCs and did not matter which graphic interface was used. It was used in 50 different power plants while I was there.

Six Sigma project was to identify the source for UPS system for single cycle power peaker plants to be design by General Electric Power Generation division. I programmed a GE Fanuc 90-30 for a static test stand for General Electric portable power units in Seabrook, Texas.

Knollton Specialty Paper Watertown, New York. This was a batch programming job using Delta V DCS. Because of Class 1 Division 1 classification of the area Fieldbus instrumentation was used.

1996-1998 Instrument Control System La Porte, Texas
Control System Engineer
Anheuser Busch Brewery Houston, Texas I programmed the Inlet water system filtration system. There was only one small change to the factory acceptance test after being installed.

Rhodia Houston, Texas Sulfuric Acid Regeneration Plant my job was to document the existing Toshiba DCS and replace it with Rosemont Delta V system. I had to walk down the entire plant and document all the junction boxes and current equipment on the P&IDs as well as change them to the new system. I had to create the step by step change plan over between systems and not lose production.

Rhodia Freeport, Texas I programmed the rare earth reactors in Foxboro IA using batch software so tracking the material from a lot number could be accomplished.

1994-1996 Honeywell Corporation Atlanta, Georgia
Electrical Engineer
Developed the COOP program for engineering with Georgia Tech.

I worked on car battery recycling plant in Columbus Georgia for Nation Battery. My main responsibilities were I & E portion of the job. This included electrical drawing, logic drawings and finalized P&IDs. I also authored the loop descriptions for the project book.

Procter and Gamble tissue machine 4 in Albany, Georgia. My primary task was to read the Foxboro HLBL code and convert it to Honeywell CL code for the new machine.

1992-1994 Instrument Control System Pensacola, Florida
Control System Engineer
Mead Paper Chillicothe Mill, in Chillicothe, Ohio. This project was an entire plant retrofit of controls from panel boards to Foxboro controls. My main task was all the data communications between the DCS and PLCs and other computers systems.

Trident Natural Gas Fractionation Mont Belvieu, Texas site rebuild after an explosion. My job was to run second shift, there were 75 craft hands and train several people on how to program Foxboro IA DCS. This was done in 9 months and we doubled the capacity of the facility.

1992-1993 Ahlstrom Recovery Roswell, Georgia
Control System Engineer
I worked on I&E for 3 soda ash plants such as instrument specifications, selection, and procurement. Designed Logic drawings for these and a lime kiln project. I also worked with a team to develop smart P&ID bubbles. I developed smart Rosemont spec sheets. All that was required was type in the model number and it filled in the entire check marks on the sheet and saves the drawing.

Mead Paper Chillicothe mill Chillicothe, Ohio 3 phase Black liquor processing train startup I was responsible for all the electrical and instrumentation on site. Red line drawings and checking after getting the drawings back from the office and checked for the corrections.

1991-1992 Orion Engineering Norcross, Georgia
Control System Engineer
Hired as a Foxboro IA batch programmer for Great Lakes Intermediates on their Splenda pilot plant. My main task was the reactors for charging and adding in the chlorine gas. Afterward I programmed the cooking process for the reactors.

P&ID walk downs for several paper mills to bring their P&ID drawings up to date. This was to comply with new OSHA requirements. I programmed PLCs for Ahlstrom Recovery for a lime kiln they were retrofitting in a paper mill.

1989-1990 / 300 Specialist Alpharetta, Georgia
Control System Engineer
Most of my projects were for JM Huber Corporation in Wrens, Georgia on Taylor Mod 300 DCS. This is a Kaolin Clay processing plant. I was implementing plant specified process changes to code and graphics.
I also gave 2 day presentation to Honeywell on comparing Foxboro IA and Taylor Mod 330. This was a in-depth discussion of hardwire and software implementation of the system. I programmed on demand program to take a snapshot of a recovery boiler and calculate the efficiency of the boiler. I helped with the design of an asphalt plant for Aztec manufacturing in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This project was a single 386 computer to run the graphic interface of the plant, maintain plant inventory, and to print weight scale tickets. I also worked on several other small projects for them as well such as single loop controllers and calibration of temperature controllers. I was given the job to take spare Foxboro IA parts and build system to control a high-speed centrifuge. This was accomplished using HLBL high level batch language coding.

1988-1989 CRS Sirrine Greenville, South Carolina
Control System Engineer
Worked on various Pulp and Paper projects. I was hired for Southeast Paper in Dublin, Georgia project. I was to produce 300 motor logic drawings in AutoCAD. Logic drawings contained interlocks and permissive for motor control as well as the Foxboro IA control system information. I also ended up programming Foxboro IA DCS for the paper machine headbox control and feed rates for the Power fluidized bed boiler. I also programmed the dewatering and sludge processing plant on site during startup. I was able to make the production requirements with 3 screw presses, there were 10 total. I was responsible for programming HRSG and interfacing with the GE mark VI turbo interface. This was a total 175 mw power plant set.

1988-1988 Fluor Daniel Engineering Greenville, South Carolina
Control System Engineer
I worked on several projects. First was Programmable Logic Controllers for General Motors in Doraville Georgia. I was pulling cycle data out of 300 PLCs and passed the information to a mainframe computer. I also worked with MAPP protocol on the plant floor for getting information to plant engineering.

Amgen Mantati, Puerto Rico was my second project in Greenville. My job was Instrument and Control development for the pharmaceutical plant. I helped with the engineering design, P&ID development, and Instrument index. I also wrote specifications for the equipment to be placed in the plant. I used ACAD to produce all the electrical drawings used in the panel layouts design, and wiring at a panel shop.

1985-1987 Duracell Batteries Norcross, Georgia
Junior Engineer
Hired as electrician and worked in that capacity for six weeks and then got a promotion to Computer technician for the battery life test department. I kept 5 systems running in 5 different sites along the eastern seaboard. I redesigned the system on my own time and money. I was then given the title of junior engineer and sent to Georgia Tech to take classes in electrical engineering. Graduated in 1987 and the research facili

1985 Electric Control Systems Chattanooga, Tennessee
Field Service Engineer
Working out of the Greenville office installed 2 non-woven textiles line for Powell plant in Spartanburg SC. I also worked several of the Milliken Plants in Georgia and the Carolinas.

1978-1985 CertainTeed Corporation Athens, Georgia
Senior Electrician
I was hired to do manual labor and worked my way in to the maintenance department. Where I used the craft skills I learned at Area Vocation School such as welding, grinding, pipefitting, instrumentation, and calibration. I attended classes for Allen Bradley programming for PLC 2 family PLCs. I attended analytical troubleshooting classes which spoke about how to identify the root causes of failures. CertainTeed corporate engineering installed Fisher Provox DCS to control the hot end of the plant. I learned how to program the graphics and make code changes to the DCS for better control after corporate engineering left the job. I also maintained the punch card machines and teletype devices.

1973-1978 Reliance Electric Company Athens, Georgia
Test Technician
First technical job started off in the 3 phase motor plant was trimming motor stators. Expansion to facility added a DC motor drive plant. I transferred to wiring and assembly line of 3 phase DC drives. I helped develop ways to speed up assembly of wiring harnesses and worked with research and development on the first AC variable frequency drives.

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