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Boqueron, PR 00622
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Wilmer O. Morales

ObjectiveMotivated to grow with a solid company and give my all toward our success.
Seeking a position where my experience, knowledge and skills can be used in order to achieve the company goals and increase my personal goals. Us citizen with no visa required to work at the USA.

EducationColorado Technical University
Masters Degree in Project Management & Business Management

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Graduate in 2004
BS in Electrical Engineering (Major in Power Engineering & Computer Engineering)


Team player and excellent prioritization skills.Electric System Design. Willingness to travel and/or relocate if required. Bilingual (Spanish &English). Windows 8, Windows Office, Mapics& Magic Programs Knowledge; P-Spice Design Lab., Validation 2000, MS windows Environment Applications, G Technology Software, (Security, Government &Infrastructure Software).Auto Cad.Analog.Board Level Design.BSEE.Budgeting.C/C++.Cartography.Cicuit Design. Consumer Electronics.Digital.Documentation.Energy Codes.Equipment. Generate Proposals And Design Specs. Lead Generation.Leadership.Manufacturing.PCB Design.PCBA.PLC.PMI.Power Conversion.Project Management.Schematic Capture.Sysytem Level Design.Technical Services.Troubleshooting.Electrical Engineer Background and Methodology. Low, Medium And High Voltage.project management skills and excellent communication skills.NEC electrical codes.Voltage power distribution.Photovoltaic systems skills.Every construction project in all the west side of Puerto Rico knowledge.Electrical Substation knowledge.Electric instruments knowledge. Personal initiative and ability to interact with personal, contractors, regulatory representatives, and town city officials in a positive, collaborative and team building manager. Routing Protocols : BGP, OSPF. Knowledge of SecureID, TACACS and radius. Strong network design. Routers : Cisco (CRS1, 12K, 10K, 750x, 380x), Juniper M Series routers. Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.

Work Experience

May, 2015 – December, 2015

United States Department of Defense
Department of the NAVY
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC

Electrical Engineer Public Works Dept.

• In charge of all Electrical Infrastructure existing and all upcoming projects of Maeine Corps Air Station entire base.
• Receive new upcoming electrical projects for Cherry Point Marine Base. And PW Work Order Detail Report.
• Review drawings and make suggestions to the contractors.

• Visit the Site of the projects and confirm that what is in the drawing is correct. If not it is returned to contractors to make the correspondent reviews and changes.
• Make electrical estimates for our own projects.
• Overhead and underground power line design and voltages.
• Design experience with power duct banks, manholes, hand holds, pad-mounted switch gear and transformers.
• Work with Specs & Intacs and attached Specs to the project package.
• Propose Scope of Work, Electrical Evaluations and Constructions Recommendations.
• Make presentations of my projects on The Staff Meetings.
• knowledge and background in avionics design, development, integration, testing, and leadership to support to a wide range of human space electronic system development projects.
• Interact with cross-functional teams including customers’ engineers to develop functional requirements, define product interfaces and create test plans.
• Implement system solutions, both in proof-of-concept and production phases.
• Assist with program planning, and execution.
• Support system architecture trades and development of flow-down requirements.
• EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) laboratory testing experience to comply with all national regulations and codes.

2004-2015 Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority (PREPA or AEE) Mayaguez, PR
Senior Electrical Engineer

• Work with 2.4kv, 4.16kv, 7.2kv, 13.2kv Distribution Voltages, and 115Kv and 230kv Transmission voltages.
• Overhead and underground power line design and voltages.
• Design experience with power duct banks, manholes, hand holds, pad-mounted switch gear and transformers.
• Creation of electrical schematics and wiring diagrams using AutoCAD
• Reporting directly to the Distribution Engineering Department Supervisor.
• Drawings to construct transmission towers and transmission lines of 115KV and 230KV
• Prepare design deliverables for underground Transmission lines including plan and profiles.
• Performs electrical studies including load flow, voltage drop, short-circuit coordination and arc flash.
• Project estimates and schedules, evaluate design options and criteria for technical merits, and conduct fields to verify routings conditions and parameters for Underground and air Transmission lines.
• Generation of bills of material, and modification of standard assemblies as required to suit the application Familiarity with Mudbugs and TCP/IP communications protocols, and RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces Interpreting customer specification requirements
• Interaction with corporate customers, Contractors, Electric Engineers Project Managers, Clients in the field and in the office.
• Preparing and maintaining training & Seminars documents.
• Working directly with the Project Managers in the field.
• Write, log and implement Electrical Infrastructure letters of Evaluation and Endorsement for point of Electrical Point of Connection.
• Responsible of receiving new equipment and drawings for review to be used in upcoming electrical construction projects and new voltage point of connection.
• Work collaboratively to develop electrical construction estimates.
• Recollect and digitalize new infraestructure data for the Electrical Power System of Puerto Rico.
• Design of ground fault protective schemes, including those involving multiple sources.
• Design and construction of substations, transmission lines.

• Excellent ability to troubleshoot electrical control, ground fault, and zone interlocking schemes.
• Inspect that the new electrical construction projects are complaint with the national electric code.
• Lead the engineering, programming, and commissioning of Low voltage Switchgear systems typically used in the monitoring, control and distribution of electrical power
• Work in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Water Company plants endorsing the electrical power water pumps and waste water loads that they need.
• Make drawings for new electrical infrastructure construction of the Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority.
• Serve as the project manager and lead engineer for distribution automation projects.
• Maintain and give QC to electrical substations and lines (Distribution and Transmission).
• Develop and maintains construction specifications including overhead, underground and outdoor lighting.
• Prepare major electrical purchase specifications for equipment such as distribution transformers, underground cable, PM’S, and substation equipment.
• Stays abreast of the latest development in the fossil power industry.
• Develop and distribute overhead system designs and construction specification books to ensure that constructed lines will meet strength and clearance requirements and to minimize constructions costs, while meeting National Electrical Safety Code and national standards.
• Significant knowledge of process control equipment, flow measurement, power distribution, passion for new technology.
• Develop new conditions for Transmission lines construction estimates.
• Use GPS technology to localize the Transmission lines in the right place of site’s construction air and underground lines.
• Pulling calculations, material selection, duct bank design, and construction specifications in compliance with safety, environmental and clients standards and policies.
• Review and approve drawings and material lists developed by the designers.
• Receive new renewable energy projects(Distribution and Transmission) inspect the project, follow up and give the endorsement to operate the project.
• Operation of a large Wide Area/Local Area “IP” Network.
• Create as-built documentation at the end of project.
• Generate precise methods of procedure (MOPs) which will be implemented by the shift Operations team. Support complex changes if and when required by the Operations team.
• Submit method of procedures (MOPs) and change controls to resolve these issues.
• Responsible for the electrical design and LV layout within the substation scope, including the third party certification of the electrical, utility and mechanical systems.
• Support the electrical scope in connection with engineering, fabrication, construction and civil contractors for our offshore and onshore substations.
• Member a committed team of utility system and concept engineers working with electrical and mechanical installations on electrical substations.
• Responsible for follow up on quality and deliveries during fabrication and construction of substations.
• Participate in project team meetings and cross-discipline cooperation, support supervision and commissioning activities.
• Ability to interact and work effectively with individuals of a different cultural background located in a remote location.

2003- 2004 Caribe GE Fabrication (Pilot) Vega Alta, PR
Electrical Engineering Department Projects Leader.

• Reporting directly to the Technical Services Manager.
• Implement a system that saves $200,000 in material deficit for the current year.
• Implement new techniques for prevention of material lost in molding area.
• Change the BOM’S in specifics part numbers to improve the process production.
• Maintain open communication with production operators and set-ups to identified and solve any material lost issues that affect the company goals and/or profits.

2002-2003 Electrical System for Plasma Research Laboratory at PUPR San Juan, PR
Capstone Project Engineer Leader

• Design, implement and build the electrical system for the $2,000,000 laboratory Modified Missouri Magnetic Mirror Experiment Device making use of the available infrastructure.
• Provide the Modified Missouri Magnetic Mirror Experiment Device with the electrical system that will allow the formation of a magnetic field on its confinement chamber.
• Complementary systems to the functionally of the electrical system such as cooling for the magnetic field coils will be designed and implemented.
• Preparation of an operating guide for the M4X Plasma Mirror Machine.


• Available upon request.

Experience BACK TO TOP

Job Title Company Experience
Electrical Engineer USA GOV. DEPT. OF DEFENSE – Present

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Current Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Date of Availability: Negotiable

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

Active Security Clearance: None

US Military Service:

Citizenship: US citizen

Target Job: Target Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Desired Status: Full-Time

Target Company: Company Size:

Target Locations: Selected Locations: US

Relocate: Yes

Willingness to travel: Up to 75% travel

Languages: Languages Proficiency Level
Spanish Fluent

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