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Wm. Courtney Thomas PO Box 1901 South San Francisco, CA Work Phone: 1-202-251-3818Home Phone: 1-650-588-8284

Wm. Courtney Thomas PO Box 1901 South San Francisco, CA Email: thomas2732@sbcglobal.net (cell phone) 202-251-3818 (voice phone) 650-588-8284 Date: December 28, 2004DISCIPLINES: Systems Engineer/Database Architect Clearances: U.S. Top Secret, SCI, TK and higher clearances;(issued by DSS, current and active). Have also held TS/B and TS/G clearances. College Education:(1) BA: (N.C. Wesleyan College)(2) Associate Degree Applied Science: (John Tyler CommunityCollege)Technical Education Summary: SAN/NAS networking courses, System Engineering courses CMM Courses. Oracle Corporation Education Degrees: Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)Oracle Distributed Database Masters Extension Oracle Designer 2000 System Analyst Oracle Designer 2000 Designer/Developer Oracle Web Manager General Summary:I have 25+ years of experience in all phases of the system life cycle (design to production) at many Fortune 500,Fortune 100 defense companies and intelligence agencies. This includes both management and technical roles. Apartial list includes writing requirements, designingdatabases and software, writing code in several languages,testing, and maintenance after delivery. I prepared andpresented marketing presentations to many intelligenceagencies. I wrote and expedited schedules, proposals, solesource efforts, RFP responses, etc.Technical Summary:Familiar with TCP/IP, SIGINT, SONET, TCP, SS7, CCS7, etc.protocols and signaling systems. Familiar with secureLANS/WANS: Sipernet, Genser, JWICS, etc. Familiar withInformation Analysis and Forensics, intrusion signatures andanalysis, etc. Sybase ASE 12.5.1 RDBMS; Oracle 8i, 9iRDBMS; Linux 3.0 Enterprise Edition; NCR Teradata, Sun UNIX- Solaris 8 and 9; Oracle Data Guard, Sybase Power Designer,ErWin, Embarcadero Rapid SQL; Perl, UNIX scripts, SQL,Transact SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, html; Disaster Recovery (COOP) Work History A1 Associates, Inc. November 2004 – PresentChief Financial OfficerA1 Associates, Inc. is a small, woman owned business, whichsells products and services to the Defense and IntelligenceCommunities. Presently my duties consist of marketing A1Associates, Inc. by creating technical presentations andpresenting them to potential customers, designing andwriting code (Perl and C/C++) to automate businessprocesses, designing databases to mine statistical data,etc. I am also responsible for researching, formulating andestablishing A1 Associates, Inc.’s HUBzone initiative.Applied Signal Technology, Inc. June 2004 – October 2004Senior Systems Engineer. Security Level: Top Secret/SCI/TKplus higher clearances Technical SummarySIGINT; SONET, TCP, SS7, CCS7, etc. protocols and signalingsystems familiarity. Sybase ASE 12.5.1 databases, TransactSQL, Perl, stored procedures and triggers, Linux 3.0Enterprise Edition, Sun UNIX – Solaris 9, Embarcadero RapidSQL IDE tool, Sybase Power Designer, ErWin (database designtools) Design EffortAssisted in requirements analysis, requirements capturing,design (data flows, ERDs, etc.) for several Sybase RDBMSdata warehouses of signal intelligence data. Responsiblefor reviewing the existing database architecture (ERDs,design documents, etc.) and providing suggestions. Createdschedules, design documents, etc. Updated the datadictionaries (in ErWin) on a daily basis and wrote a DataDictionary document. Responsible for understanding thegeneral design of SIGINT hardware and security associatedwith those devices. CodingResponsible for coding many complex stored procedures inTransact SQL running on Sybase ASE 12.5.1 databases.Responsible for debugging, writing new and using existingTransact SQL scripts and Perl programs to build the targetdatabase environment, migrating data from the sourcedatabases to target database environments, etc. Worked inboth SCIFs and cleared environments with TCP/IP, SONET, SS7,CCS7, etc. protocols data.Houston Associates, Inc. Ballston, VA July 2003 – May 2004Title: Program Manager/Senior Database Architect Technical Summary:Oracle 7, 8i,and 9i databases; Apache, OAS, 9iAS WebServers; Java, Perl, UNIX scripts, PL/SQL and C/C++ programsin Sun Solaris 8 and 9(UNIX) and MS Windows environments. DISA (security level: secret)(Design Tasks) Performed Enterprise-wide analysis of thisproject which consisted of a 1.5 million rows per hour rawdata feed to a data warehouse from a classified Departmentof Defense network. Tasks included interviewing all staff,reviewing and writing requirements, analyzing both thesoftware and database design, creating and presenting arecommendations white paper document. Responsible forselecting and briefing a DBA to implement my changerecommendations then monitoring progress. My Oracledatabase changes and recommendations resulted in a 50%performance increase. ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence (security level: top secret/SCI/TK)Databases TransitionResponsible (with 4 DBAs and one developer reporting to me)for taking possession of (from the previous ONI contractor),testing and maintaining over 20 Oracle databases withsensitive data on over 15 servers, and 4 networks(unclassified to top secret). Responsible for identifyingdatabase tasks, creating, presenting, tracking andmaintaining MS Project schedules for all databaseactivities, tasks, etc. Designed, wrote the schedule forand coded (PLSQL, Perl, C) a CMM automated tool to createthe baselines for the previous Oracle databases (estimatedprojected savings $500,000).COOP projectSuggested, obtained approval for and created a white paperand schedule for Disaster Site data warehouse implementation(projected estimated savings of $300,000). Attendedtechnical meetings to gather requirements, provide status,brief customer, etc. Wrote the Program Plan, FunctionalRequirements Document, Statement of Work and schedules.Reviewed the external storage devices and network design andmade recommendations. Architected, designed and coded anapplication to allow remote maintenance and monitoring ofthe DR site from the Primary site. (Oracle 8i databasebackend; approximately 1500 lines of perl, Java, UNIX shellscripts, etc.). Application also verifies networkconnectivity, primary and standby databases status, etc.Wrote intrusion detection/signature analysis software todetermine integrity of database access, etc.Security System ProjectPerformed design and requirements analysis for both Apolloand Quintron security system (embedded microprocessor badgereader and down stream systems). Acted as ONI’s customerliaison during technical interface meetings whiletransitioning systems. Prepared and presented presentationsto principles from both systems. Suggested (and obtainedapproval from the vendor) for an external interface to ONI’sproprietary security system resulting in an estimated$300,000 savings. Arranged meetings with securityprinciples and was responsible for creating and writing themanning requirements SOW for the new security system.Network Appliance, Inc., McLean VA, April 15, 2002 – July16, 2003Title: Senior Systems Engineer. Security Level: TopSecret/SCI/TK/B/G, etc.Design Duties: Responsible for analyzing existingarchitecture and architecting database/storage solutions in”real time” at many intelligence agencies and defensecontractor companies. Created and presented dozens ofmarketing presentations to U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army,Marines; Lockheed Martin, Census Bureau, etc.; NSA, ONI, andmany other intelligence agencies. Featured speaker atOracle’s Oratechs symposium, Stamford, CT. (topic: OracleSecurity on External Storage Devices)Coding Duties: Designed, architected, coded (Solaris UNIX,Oracle 9i, Perl, C, PLSQL), fabricated and helped market amobile data center. This product was responsible for aninitial sale of four million dollars to an intelligenceagency with 20 other sites to follow. Responsible foradvising and/or designing and architecting large databases,disaster recovery sites, (particularly involving massiveOracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases) data centralization, etc.on massive storage devices and networks for U.S. Navy, U.S.Air Force, U.S. Marines, U.S. Army; Lockheed Martin, CensusBureau, Grumman, etc.; ONI, NSA, other intelligenceagencies.Awards: Unsolicited letter of accommodation from anintelligence agency (customer) Program Manager thanking mefor outstanding database architecting COOP site/Databasesolution. Read by the President of our division to allfederal employees at our May 2003 annual sales convention. Battelle Memorial Institute, Arlington, VA, October 2001 toFebruary 2002Senior Database Analyst ConsultantManagement Tasks: Responsible for providing Enterprise levelsolutions to address customer relations, data management,legacy and target design issues, etc. Created the budgetsand work breakdown structures for several modules. Helpedcreate, track and maintain schedules.Technical Tasks: Requirements Analysis: wrote and reviewedrequirements for FDA’s, Voter News Service project.Database Design: verified databases’ logical and physicaldata models (ERDs) correctly incorporated the requirements.Data Migration Tasks: Assisted in designing the datamigration architecture. Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, Perl and C/C++programs to clean/parse the raw data into Oracle controlfiles for loading into Oracle.Epublications, LLC, Washington, DC, April 2001 to September2001Senior Practice Engineer/Team Lead ConsultantI was responsible for team lead activities involving writingan unsolicited proposal for the U.S. Navy. Designed,documented and coded a task tracking prototype in Perl,C/C++ and UNIX scripts for a Sun server running Solaris 8and Oracle 9i.PremierSchool.com, Tysons Corner, VA, January 2001 to April2001Chief Oracle Database Architect/Team Lead ConsultantTeam lead for a design team performing OO Java front end andOracle 8i back end design for a startup-education company.The project was to design and develop an on-line schoolbusiness to operate completely on the Internet. InstalledOracle 8i on Sun Solaris 8 servers. Wrote code in Perl,C/C++ to parse raw data to load into Oracle.Customer Liaison: Responsible for meeting with CEOs,subcontractors, vendors, etc. to verify requirementscompliance, progress, etc. Responsible for determining bothtechnical and cost effectiveness of COTS products to satisfyproject requirements.Epublications, LLC, Atlanta, GA, 1999 to 2000Senior Practice Engineer/Data ManagerPractice Engineer Responsibilities: Responsible forsupervising all aspects of the design, development anddeployment of an Internet storefront. Provided databasedesign, coding and data migration/disaster site creationservices on an as-needed basis.Data Manager Responsibilities: Met weekly with EpublicationsBoard of Directors to provide status, discuss issues, etc.Met with vendors to determine technical merits of COTSsoftware, cost effectiveness, data migration, dataarchitecture, etc.U.S. Coast Guard, USCG Financial Center, Washington, DC,1998 to 1999Senior Data Manager/Database ArchitectData Manager: Wrote stored procedures and triggers (PLSQL,Perl) to automate data migration from a Sun Solaris UNIXOracle 8i environment.Created significant portions of the Oracle DSS system (datawarehouse) design for both the logical and physical datamodels. Coded programs and scripts on an as needed basisto access the database, run reports, etc.Customer Liaison: reported to USCG Captain and USCG Admiralconcerning subcontractors’ status of world-wide re-engineering effort of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Oracle 8i and11i financial system. Determined outsourcing advantages,COTS/GOTS products selection, their technical and costeffectiveness in relation to the enterprise and system levelrequirements, etc.A-1 Technical Services, Englewood, FL, 1997 to 1998Database Architect ConsultantResponsible for capturing and writing functionalrequirements. Designed coded and maintained a proprietaryequity options (puts and calls) online (Internet) tradinganalysis system and DSS Oracle 8i data warehouse. Codedutilities to parse and load raw data into Oracle.Lockheed/Martin, Springfield, VA, 1996-1997Database Architect/Team Lead ConsultantDesigned, coded (Perl, C, PL/SQL) and implemented the datamigration and data loading effort for the U.S. Army’s world-wide data centralization effort (SBIS project: 4500 tables,5TB+ data, Oracle 7 databases, AIX UNIX).Held daily meetings with customer, Lockheed/Martinmanagement and CEOs to make strategy recommendations,determine requirements compliance, technical and costeffectiveness of COTS, GOTS products, etc.A-1 Technology, Inc., Englewood, FL, June 1995 – December1996Oracle DBA/UNIX SA ConsultantCoded utilities to parse, load and analyze raw data into anOracle 7.3 relational database. Responsible for dailymaintenance, backup, etc. of Oracle 7 RDBMS and SCO UNIXemail business. Also responsible for writing code to parseand load email text files into Oracle.MCI, Pentagon City, VA , January 1995 – May 1995Oracle DBA/Systems Analyst ConsultantResponsible for designing and coding the front end of a DSSdata warehouse. This included installing and tuning Oracleand Solaris, data migration, building and loading Oracle 7.3databases on Sun/Solaris platforms, etc.Bureau Of National Affairs, Washington, DC , 1994 – 1995C/C++ Programmer/DBA/Systems AnalystProgrammer: wrote programs for parsing literally hundreds ofdata stores, data warehouses, etc. ranging from severalgigabytes to many terabytes on over a dozen platforms andoperating systems (VAX, Sun, NT, IBM, HP, etc.)DBA: Responsible for maintaining a Sybase database on HP/UX(UNIX) platforms.Systems Analyst: Responsible for interfacing with clientsand customers on a daily basis to gather data, clarify andidentify requirements, etc. for multiple projects.Praxis/Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, 1992 -1994Software Engineer/Database Administrator ConsultantDesigned and coded (Perl, PL/SQL) an automated requirementscapturing, tracking and gathering Oracle 7 databaseapplication for a U.S. Air Force. This application producesrequirements documents from a parent requirements raw dataset. The aim was to quickly provide a requirements documentto each engineer which contains only the requirements andmodifications which pertain to his software module. The milstandard required formatting and military style numberingare automatically accommodated by my code.MCI, Pentagon City, VA , 1991-1992Sr. Systems Analyst ConsultantResponsible for software testing activities in all phases ofintegration testing of MCI’s telecommunications networkmanagement system. Gathered and wrote business rules andtesting requirements. Wrote test cases, executed testscripts, helped track TDRs, attended QA configurationmeetings, etc. Maintained DB2 database tables of test data.Mitre, McLean, VA, July 1990 – December 1990Database Administrator ConsultantDesigned and developed both the front end and backend for aContracts Tracking relational database management systemapplication in FoxPro and C to process Mitre’s in-housefinancial contracts transactions.Stratcon, Reston, VA, January 1990 – June 1990Database Administrator/Systems Analyst ConsultantDesigned and coded (Foxpro and C) the front end and back endof a RDBMS estate planning application. At myrecommendation, saved Stratcon $200,000 as a technicalwitness against a sub contractor who breached the customer’scontract.Magnavox, Ashburn, VA, 1989Senior Software Test Engineer ConsultantResponsible for designing and coding data handling softwarein C and FoxPro which automated the process of analyzingdownlink telemetry raw test data from seven nationwide U.S.Army test sites.Gathered requirements, and wrote test cases for a softwaremodification of the Regency Net project (a high frequencyradio, frequency hopping system).Boeing Computer Services, Vienna, VA, 1988Senior Test Analyst Consultant Designed, wrote and executed test cases for two majormodules of the FTS2000 project. Also wrote Oracle PLSQL andPro*C utility programs to accomplish data migration from theNCR Teradata legacy system to various target systems. Designed and created Oracle an RDBMS to track TDRs, views oftest data, reports, upload/download data, etc. to verifyFTS2000 unit and system level tests.Magnavox, Ashburn VA, 1986 – 1987Senior Software Test Engineer Consultant Assisted in designing the Regency Network software tests andautomating the software test environment by writingapplications programs in dBase and C. Helped design and code(SQL, DDL, DML) an Oracle RDB data warehouse on the VAXmainframe to upload, download and format data from theclients to the VAX mainframe “server”.Contel Federal Systems, Fairfax, VA, 1985Senior Software Test Analyst Consultant Researched COTS/GOTS products from various vendors and theGovernment which most closely satisfied the contractualrequirements in the RFP for the Naval Academy’s Wide Area and Local Area networks refurbishment. Wrote large portionsof the proposal’s Technical Plan explaining why the COTSproducts selected were best practice. IBM, Manassas VA, 1985Systems Analyst/Proposal Writer ConsultantWrote a proposal for a U.S. Air Force solicitation. Wroteportions of the Work Breakdown Structure and the Technica P lan. Designed and created in Lotus Notes, an RFP requirements compliance matrix. Note: References and additional work history are availableupon request.

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