Xiang Long

Xiang Long’s Resume
Xiang Long
5840 Gulfton St. APT#1737, Houston, TX, 77081 Tel: 626-226-7438 Email: XLong6644@gmail.com
09/2009- 05/2012 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Central Florida
09/2002-03/ 2005 Master of Engineering in Marine engineering
School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
09/1998-07/2002 Bachelor of Engineering in Power & energy engineering
School of Power and Energy Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
Working experience
Honghua America LLC. Houston, TX
Mechanical/R&D engineer 03/2013-01/2016
1. Designed 2D & 3D models of Hydraulic Catwalk and Pipe Racking system by using Solidworks
and AutoCAD according to the customers’ requirements
2. Performed engineering analysis, fatigue analysis for Drilling Machinery (Hydraulic Catwalk and
Pipe Racking System) with theoretical and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method using Ansys
and Solidworks, and provide load test report to customer.
3. Catwalk and Pipe Racking system Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) system installation, plan and
execute component, system and machine level tests to verify designs meet performance and
durability requirements.
4. Supervising drilling machinery manufacturing process, and provide technical support.
5. Create hydraulic piping and hose layout 2D & 3D drawing with Pro/E, and providing installation
guidance on field
6. Optimized design of existing products during manufacturing process based on customer
requirements. Executed analysis, design, test, and integration to define assigned components,
assemblies and systems
7. Working knowledge of DFMA, API, ISO, ASME, and other related specifications, materials,
welding, and manufacturing practices
8. Working on bill of material structures, technical bidding documents and contract specifications for
drilling rigs and equipment
Research experience
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida 04/2012– 10/2012
Team projects: Gas turbine rotating rig stress-strain & vibration analysis
• Structure 3D modeling with Hypermesh & Pro/E.
• Theoretical, analytical and numerical strength check for primarily design of rotating rig (Stress,
displacement and fracture analysis) with Abaqus
• Vibration Experiment structure analysis for the rotating rig and shaking table with case;
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida 01/2012 – 10/2012
Team projects: Plasticity & Fracture Characterization of MgAZ31B
• Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of AZ31B-H24 Magnesium Alloy Sheets under
Multi-Axial Loading Conditions
• Plastic FEA model calibration( general method, case study of method and further method research)
• All strain based fracture model(Modified-Mohr-Coulumb Model)
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida 01/2011 – 10/2012
Area: Metal elastic-plastic properties research; material fracture/failure mechanism study
Team projects: Theoretical, experimental and FEA simulation performs detailed analysis of specimen
structure (such as static/transient stress-strain and linear/non-linear deformation), composite material
properties and its reinforcement mechanism
• Pure copper mechanical properties(elasticity and plasticity) modeling with Hypermesh, Pro/E,
calibrating and simulating with LS-DYNA/ANSYS
Xiang Long’s Resume
• FEM/FEA performs detailed analysis of specimen structure, and result verification by theory &
experiment study
• Pure copper and Cu/CNT composite material fracture and failure FEA model development
(modeling with Hypermesh)
• Numerical study on reinforcement mechanism of Cu/CNT composite
• Mechanical properties of composite material study base on experimental stress-strain measurement,
and advanced stress-strain analysis with LS-DYNA/ANSYS
• Linear/non-linear static/dynamic simulation and analysis with LS-DYNA/ANSYS
• Experiment design, execution verification and result analysis
• Material sub-routine development to predict copper & Cu/CNT elastic-plastic properties
• FEA pre/post processing tools development with Matlab/C++
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida 9/2009 – 01/2011
Area: Thermo-Fluids, Fluid-structure interaction (FSI), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) application in biomedical research
Team projects: Researching fluid-structure interaction and deformation of human lobes employing finite
element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
• Segmentation, cleaning, and refining of complex 3D meshes of human trachea-bronchial tree and
lung lobes using Mimics, 3-Matic and Hypermesh software.
• Simulating fluid-structure interaction of the human tracheo-bronchial tree with ADINA
• Simulating the air flow through the porous medium model of human lobes and the deformation
which generated by the air flows
• Human lobe material properties space distribution modeling research with ADINA
• Simulation of air flows in different lung models with ADINA
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Central Florida 01/2011-08/2011
Course: Advanced Engineering Design Practice (Pro/E)
• Assist students operation/practice in the class
• Led laboratory practice and grading
CAD: Solidworks, AutoCAD, ProE
Complex 3D Meshes: Mimics, 3-Matic, Hypermesh
Programming: C++, matlab

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