Xuanxuan Gan

Xuanxuan Gan

Wellesley, MA 02482
Mobile: 781-591-1400

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Xuanxuan Gan
8 Edgemoor Circle, Unit 8, Wellesley, MA, 02482
Tel: 781-591-1400(cell) Email: ganxuanxuan@gmail.com
Dedicated and efficient Senior Test and Automation Specialist with in-depth knowledge and expertise in test automations systems (ATEs) software architect and development demonstrated by over 10 years of experience for a variety of applications in different industrial fields.

• LabVIEW, TestStand, LVOOP, NI LabWindows(CVI), LabVIEW Real-time, FPGA, C, C++ , Matlab, SQL, VBA, assembly language, UML.
• Full life cycle of test / automation control software design and development with LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-time, LabVIEW Object Oriented Programming (LVOOP), and Test Stand.
• National Instrument (NI) Certified for LabVIEW Architect and TestStand Developer Programming Skills.
• Experienced with National Instrument hardware and various communication protocols, such as RS232, RS485, CAN, TCP/IP, UART etc.
• Test Fixture and turn-key test system design with Schematic and integration with Microsoft Visio.
• Strong hands-on hardware troubleshooting and software debugging skills.
• Data acquisition and real time signal processing with LabVIEW, C, Matlab.
• Familiar with object oriented programming and design.
• Working knowledge of signal processing in time and frequency domains.
• Familiar with Source Safe Control Tools / SSC (Tortoise SVN, GIT), Jira etc.
• Maintenance, diagnosis, trouble shooting, calibrating, and testing electronic devices.
• Master various electronic instruments (oscilloscope, function generator, multi-meter, DMM, Power Meter, etc.).
• Statistical data analysis, presentation, and reporting with MS Office tools (Excel, Powerpoint, Word).
• Ability to prioritize and handle multi-tasking in a fast paced environment.
• Excellent communication (verbal and written), teamwork, and human relation skills.
• Fast and eager at learning and applying new technologies.

Software Test Engineer III, Bose, Framingham, MA 06/2014 – current
Architect, Implement, Maintain & Improve Test Automation Software & Software Tools for Universal Test Platform and Automatic Test Systems (ATEs) for Various BOSE Products.

Summary: Architect, design, implement, test, improve, and document Automation Test Software Universal test Platform, software tools, and various test systems for BOSE products test with Labview, TestStand, and LabWindows(CVI) to improve test development efficiency for test engineers, achieve high throughput for products tests, and improve test yields.

• Develop, improve, test, deploy, and maintain universal test platform with customized TestStand Parallel & Batch Process model, LaVIEW & CVI GUIs, and LabVIEW modules based on hardware abstraction layer to improve code reusability, easy maintenance and expandable for future addition, reduce test development time, improve test throughput and test yields.
• Design and develop RFID data programming Test Station with Microftware Visual Studio in C#, LabVIEW, and TestStand.
• Design and develop reflash verification tests and launch assurance tests with GUIs to perform tests on multiple UUTs in parallel with improved test efficiency.
• Manage new feature implementation, support and deployment across all test platforms for global manufacturers.
• Develop, benchmark, and code refactor LabVIEW and TestStand Code for test engineers to use to improve code re-usability, reduce test time, and increase test engineer productivity in test development.
• Meet with Product development engineer teams to design test plans, implement tests to meet test delivery target date on schedule.
• Participate product test meetings and code reviews.
• Support and train to global test engineers/technicians for test software setup and operations.
• Trouble-shoot and provide technical support for ATEs for global factories remotely via teamviewer/VNC.
• Utilize GIT, Microsoft Visual Source Safe tool, & Jira for software source control and bug tracking.

Project Engineer, Bloomy Controls Inc, Marlborough, MA 08/2008- 06/2014
Full Life Cycle Design of Test Automation Software & Turnkey System for Multiple Projects in Various Fields.

Summary: Architect. design, document, implement, test, and maintain turnkey or custom test systems using LabVIEW and TestStand to achieve consistently high product quality at high throughput rates for new/existing products for various customer’s projects in different industrial field, including energy, biomedical, semiconductor, manufacturing, etc.

• Design, develop, test, and deploy LabVIEW, LabVIEW real-time, FPGA, and TestStand software for various customers’ turn key automation Test Systems (ATE) in different industrial field, including biomedical, semiconductor, manufacturing, etc for high test/production accuracy and throughput rates.
• Develop various software for product testing and automation, process control, instrument product drivers libraries for various customers in a wide range of fields with LabVIEW, LabVIEW real-time, FPGA, and TestStand.
• Support, improve, modify, and code refactor existing LabVIEW applications to support customers’ product development or test efforts.
• Participate in the company’s internal efforts to develop universal test system software platform/product to improve work efficiency and software reusability.
• Test fixture and turnkey system design, Integration, testing, and trouble-shooting.
• Works jointly with hardware engineers and technicians on implementing automated processes and automated data collection systems. Coordinates development of special Test fixtures and test Software.
• Provide thorough documentation for designed test system and software, and provide training to test technicians.
• Responsible for direct customer contact for requirement gathering and projects status/planning updates.
• Participate in full life cycle of test system projects meetings with customers, including project kick off, project preliminary review, project critical review, factory acceptance test, and customer site acceptance test.
• Utilize Tortoise SVN for software source control and Jira for software bug/issues tracking.

Research Engineer, Neural Engineering Lab, University of Massachusetts Medical School, MA 08/2005- 08/2008
Software Programs for Biomedical Signal Acquisition and Automated Analysis Development.

Summary: Design and implement a variety of research experiments and software programs to study the mechanisms underlying the neural control of autonomic functions, such as the breathing function, to reduce the apnea in premature infants

• Develop software programs in Matlab, C / C++, and VBA to conduct in-depth analysis on apnea related data.
• Develop LabVIEW programs for breathing signal acquisition and processing to real-time control the mechanic vibration stimulation of the premature infants to reduce apnea.
• Develop LabVIEW Real-time and Matlab programs to generate various electrical stimulation pattern to control neuron firing pattern with squid axon.
• Simulate Aplysia neuron R15 system with mathematics model and find the best stimulus to switch R15 between bursting and beating firing patterns with Matlab.
• Data logging equipment maintenance, diagnosis, trouble shooting, calibration, and testing.

Research Associate, Auditory Neurobiology Lab, University of Miami, FL 08/2004-08/2005
• Perform neurophysiological data analysis with Matlab & Excel VBA to understand mechanism in sound localization of live fish auditory system.
• Maintain and trouble-shooting lab instruments.

Research Assistant, Miami Project, Jackson Memorial Hospital, FL 08/2001-08/2004
Long-term Multi-channel Portable Data Logging System Development.

Summary: Develop a Motorola 68332 microprocessor based data logger for recording EMG signal to study Parkinsonian and long-term effect of spinal cord injury on skeletal muscle firing pattern, such as spasticity.
• Design EMG preprocessing circuit to differentially amplify and band-pass filter EMG signal.
• Develop EMG recording unit; A signal compression algorithm designed and implemented in C for massive data recording, which achieved compression ratio of 96.2%.
• Data logger maintenance, diagnosis, trouble shooting, calibration, and testing.

Research Assistant, Rehabilitation Engineering Lab, Univ. of Miami, FL 08/2001-08/2004
Programmable Functional Electrical Stimulator with EMG Feedback Development.

Summary: Utilize voluntary electromyography (vEMG) signals from wrist muscles as feedback control of electrical stimulation of paralyzed finger flexor muscles to restore grasping function.

• Circuit design to share a set of electrodes for delivering electrical stimulation and recording vEMG.
• Develop DSP algorithms to extract vEMG from highly contaminated signals with Matlab.
• Real time vEMG acquisition and processing to control electrical stimulation of muscle with LabVIEW.
• Test and analyze system reliability and performance.

R&D Engineer, Belling Microelectronic Co, Shanghai, China, 01/2001-08/2001
Design a high accuracy industry function generator, including circuit and PCB. The project went through full development life cycle by way of interaction with different corporation R&D functions.

Data Mining System implementation in C++, Artificial Neural Network for Pattern Recognition with Matlab, Differential operational amplifier design with Pspice, Chebyshev filter design and simulation with Matlab.

M.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Miami, FL 2004
B.E. Biomedical Engineering Southeast University, China 2001

• National Instrument ( NI ) Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) – 2010
• National Instrument ( NI ) Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) – 2012
• National Instrument ( NI ) Certified TestStand Developer (CTD) – 2012

• University of Miami Scholarship
• Awards of Academic Excellence from University of Miami
• Southeast University Scholarship

• Work Authorization: Permanent Resident


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