Yingda Tao


Embedded Engineer Intern

Irvine, CA

Yingda Tao
P: (949) 656-1283 E: yingdat1@gmail.com
Software Design Debugging Skills Shell Script Application Programming SQL Data Analysis Web Programming UI/UX

Object Oriented Programming Tensorflow Numpy Json Project Development Android Framework Communication Skill

Software Developer/ Data Analyst
• Experience in design, development, testing of real-time embedded applications using, Python and embedded development tools and cloud based client
and server applications.
• Good understanding of embedded software design to support initiative applications.
• Strong Knowledge in computer science fundamentals, such as object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, and complexity analysis.
• Good working knowledge in C, C++, software development, applications.
• Expert skills in developing Mobile app Server-side application and Database

University of California, Irvine
Sept 2019
• Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Specialization in Intelligent System

Technical Skills:

• Programming Python, C/C++, SQL, shell script, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, html
• Tools: GIT, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, MS Office
• Software & Libraries: Jupyter, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Spyder
• Operating Systems: Linux, Android and Windows
• Technologies & Protocols: SPI, TCP/IP

Internship Experience

Embedded Engineer Intern
May 2020 – Present
Ecotrons LLC
• Support Customers by refining and testing control strategies for Vehicle Control Units in the MATLAB/Simulink in a team of 4 members.
• Manipulate peripherals (e.g. camera, LiDAR) of Autonomous Control Units in Linux environment, and Yolo network for image recognition.
• Troubleshoot ethernet connection for Autonomous Control Unit and test triboard with TCP/UDP.
• Help improve Page Rank of the company website for certain keywords and managed to elevate the search result from 7th page to 1st page on
• Strong knowledge of Unix kernel internals (process scheduler, memory management, concurrency/synchronization, memory allocation, file systems)
and networking or storage subsystems architecture

Android developer Intern
Jan 2020 – April 2020
Redlands Conservatory of Music
• Cooperate with a team of 3 Computer Science interns
• Develop a Kotlin application on Android Studio to monitor user's schedule, class and progress
• Design each layout, implement spinner as a navigation bar, incorporat SQLite to manage user accounts
• Strong knowledge with bootloader(U-boot), Linux kernel and Android framework.
• Deep expertise on board bring up activity, BSP customization and porting for Embedded OS like Linux and Android.
Project Experience

Team member
Machine Learning & Data Mining – Stock Price Predictor
• Cooperated with a team of 3 CS students, and compared the prediction results of around 800 stock prices using linear regression and long short
term memory
• Performed 35% code in Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, tensorflow) and documented 40% of the final deliverable

Team member
Project in AI – Recreation of crossy road game in Minecraft
• Collaborated with a team of 3 CS students to design and train agent
• Agent based on reinforcement learning and computer vision so it learns to make the right choice at the right time for positive rewards
• Created demo video prototype and performed 30% code in Python

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Wumpus World game
• Knowledge-based Wumpus World AI agent
• Implemented breadth-first search for agent's optimal performance in randomly generated mazes (obstacles, target blocks and sizes).

Information Retrieval – Search Engine/Web Crawler
• TF-IDF based page ranking
• Extracted links by parsing json context over 70 MB links
• Filtered crawler traps and collected valid links

Language: English, Mandrin, Japanese.

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To contact this candidate email yingdat1@gmail.com

Contact using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

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